Safety is an integral part of all activities in the School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. We are committed to ensuring that our research, teaching, and other activities are performed in a safe and proper way. This includes conducting safety training before beginning work in any laboratory or facility, ensuring that everyone is well-prepared to respond to an emergency, and ensuring that safety rules and regulations are followed at all times.

All staff, students, visitors and contractors are strictly required to comply with the safety rules and regulations described on this page.

In Case of Emergency

  • Call NTU's 24H Emergency Hotline at 6790 5200
  • Do not call Campus Fault Report (6790 4777)

CCEB Safety Objectives 2023 - "Safety Talk" initiative


At CCEB, we take safety very seriously.

We firmly believe that regular safety communication not only enhances our safety awareness but also facilitates the sharing of knowledge and the reinforcement of good safety practices. That is why we are excited to introduce to you the new "Safety Talk" initiative, a regime which aligns with our continuous improvement efforts and adoption of the new Approved New Code of Practice. 

Our "Safety Talk" initiative aims to foster positive and open communication on safety and health matters among our community. By practicing and strengthening our safety communication, we can work together to enhance our safety culture and create a safer environment for everyone. 

We encourage you to conduct such talks regularly and register your activities on the CCEB Safety Talk page by clicking on the link below. 

Let's make safety a habit and work towards creating a sustainable safety culture together!