Career Prospects for Chemists

Knowledge of chemistry principles and methods is valuable in many areas of science and industry. Our Chemistry and Biological Chemistry degree programmes equip students with the latest laboratory techniques, mastery of modern scientific instruments, research experience at the scientific frontier, and internship opportunities at local chemistry-related companies. Our graduates have been able to enter a wide range of fulfilling jobs including research, technical, and managerial positions.

As a forensic scientist with the Health Sciences Authority, I perform laboratory-based analyses of trace evidence and assist law-enforcement officers at crime scenes. The Chemistry and Biological Chemistry programme imparted me with a foundation in the natural sciences, a prerequisite for analysts working in forensic science.”

Louis Koh
BSc (Hons) in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, Class of 2013
Forensic Scientist at the Health Sciences Authority

The various career options found by our recent graduates include:


Science is more than just understanding the theoretical and technical concepts. It encompasses creative thinking, logical and analytical reasoning, and sensitivity to details. These skills have been very useful as I pursued a career outside of the chemicals industry.”

Cheryl Ong
BSc (Hons) in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, Class of 2016
Governance & Strategy Manager, Business Governance Markets,
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ)