Programme Details

The entire programme (including regular interviews and surveys) takes place over a three-month period. Given the COVID-19 situation, it involves four 3-hour online sessions, with regular touch points with the research team.

We ensure a high level of interactivity by providing many opportunities for online discussions. In addition, class sizes were kept small, to about 30 per online class.


In times of uncertainty, businesses need to remain resilient. By finding new opportunities and innovating, Entrepreneurs can thrive rather than merely survive.

Our Opportunity Identification Training Programme can help you and your organisation do just that by identifying areas for innovation and transformation.

The content covers: 

  • Problem analysis: We will teach you to apply lean concepts that will allow your organisation to implement ideas with minimal waste, making full use of their limited resources. We will also highlight the need to examine the root causes of problems, in order to focus organisations on understanding the situations and problems. 
  • Design Thinking, a tool and approach towards innovation: Design thinking, including human-centered design and empathy-driven solutions, has become increasingly popular in the world of business. It is now a must-know tool for companies keen to grow and flourish through continuous innovation.
  • Creativity tools and framework that help with problem solving and ideas brainstorming: Creativity refers to the use of imagination or original ideas to generate something novel. We teach participants to engage in divergent thinking, which refers to the deliberate attempt to generate multiple, novel, and original ideas using a series of exercises and frameworks.
  • Resource ManagementWhat makes entrepreneurs ‘entrepreneurial’? We showed how effectual principles govern how successful entrepreneurs think and act. To achieve their own entrepreneurial goals, attendees created personal development plans: addressing core values, assessing strengths and weaknesses, and developing realistic game plans. 
  • Business Model Innovation  the concepts of incremental and radical business innovation will be introduced to help participants think through how they might be able to change their business models gradually or fundamentally.
  • Discover potential digitalisation strategies: Participants will be informed on various technologies that may be adopted by their organisations, which do not require intensive technological capabilities.
  • Persuasion and Business Negotiation: Essential skills that participants can use in their implementation plans to have their ideas be well-received by key decision-makers

Here’s what a few attendees said about our programme:

It is an interesting way to assist novices to understand business opportunity identification!
-          L.L.

The sessions have been fruitful and provided a lot of insights into seeking new ideas and opportunities. In fact, some existing or past old problems encountered were surfaced and new ideas came along to provide solutions to them with the renewed ways of understanding the problems.
-          W.O.

A well-focused and planned training program, enlightened my thoughts and ideas, enabling me to restructure my business plans in a more effective and efficient way which is most needed in the current fast evolving and challenging market. Thanks.
-          D.O.

Very good and insightful lectures for any entrepreneur who wish to review their operations or business directions. Thanks
-          J.L.