Our Opportunity Identification Training Programme

In times of uncertainty, businesses need to remain resilient. By finding new opportunities and innovating, entrepreneurs can thrive rather than merely survive.

Our Opportunity Identification Training Programme can help you and your organisation do just that by identifying areas for innovation and transformation.

About our programme

Our research/training programme is designed to help you identify opportunities for innovation within your organisation and to make your Job easier.

Together, we will help you to:

  • Focus on your business problems and opportunities
  • Engage in design thinking as an innovation approach
  • Reflect on new business models that are applicable to your company
  • Identify digitalisation opportunities for your organisation
What will we cover?

Over a three-month period, you will receive four half-day online training sessions for free, which will teach you:

  • Problem analysis and discovering new opportunities
  • Design thinking, a tool and approach towards innovation
  • Creativity tools and frameworks for problem solving and brainstorming
  • Business model innovation, including how to incrementally or drastically change your business model
  • Potential digitalisation strategies, without the need for intensive technological capabilities
  • Persuasion and business negotiation techniques

    As part of your course, you will be given a few questionnaires to complete and two short interviews for which you will be paid for your time and effort. 

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    As well as learning opportunity identification skills from our leading entrepreneurship professors, you will receive:

    • Four half-day online training sessions, for free
    • An NTU Certificate of Completion
    • Opportunities to network with other attendees and our facilitators
    Monetary Incentives

    As an added incentive, if you attend all the classes, sit two interviews, and complete all the questionnaires, you will be given S$100. For graduates from Malaysia, the sum is 300MYR. Otherwise, the money you receive can vary. 

    Is this programme for you?

    If you are in a managerial or supervisory role and are keen to find opportunities for innovation in your company, then this programme is for you. Managers or supervisors from the same organisation can attend the same programme.

    Attendee Requirements:
    • At least 21 years old
    • A manager/supervisor of a unit, team, or department
    • Employer is registered in Singapore
    • Proficient in English

    Please note that you will be required to attend an initial interview and commit to the assigned training dates.

    Programme fees and data usage

    This business training programme, worth $1500 per individual, is free of charge. 

    It is developed as part of a study funded by the Ministry of Education Social Science Research Thematic Grant (MOE-SSRTG). Providing critical insights for academic research, the study examines how training programmes change behaviours and skill development relevant to opportunity identification.

    Data collected as part of this study will be used only for research purposes and informing policymakers. Confidentiality of all responses will be strictly protected. No identifiable company or individual data will be used in reports or publications, or provided to any government agency.

    All assessments are approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of NTU (IRB-2019-02-011). Should you have any questions on the participants' rights in this study, please contact the NTU’s IRB (Tel: 6592 2495; Email:tirb@ntu.edu.sg).