Our Opportunity Identification Training Programme

In times of uncertainty, businesses need to remain resilient. By finding new opportunities and innovating, entrepreneurs can thrive rather than merely survive.
Our Opportunity Identification Training Programme helped managers and organisations do just that by identifying areas for innovation and transformation.

Watch our webinar videos to learn more about how training and skill development can impact opportunity identification for individuals.

Our research/training programme was designed to help participants identify opportunities for innovation by: 

  • Focusing on business problems and opportunities
  • Engaging in design thinking as an innovation approach
  • Reflecting on new business models
  • Identifying digitalisation opportunities 

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Programme fees and data usage
This business training programme was free of charge. 
It was developed as part of a study funded by the Ministry of Education Social Science Research Thematic Grant (MOE-SSRTG). Providing critical insights for academic research, the study examines how training programmes change behaviours and skill development relevant to opportunity identification.
Data collected as part of this study will be used only for research purposes and informing policymakers. Confidentiality of all responses will be strictly protected. No identifiable company or individual data will be used in reports or publications, or provided to any government agency.
All assessments are approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of NTU (IRB-2019-02-011). Should you have any questions on the participants' rights in this study, please contact the NTU’s IRB (Tel: 6592 2495; Email:t[email protected]).