Our Programmes

We are responsible for the core courses in Information Systems and operations as part of the NBS undergraduate programme.

We also offer a Business Analytics specialisation to undergraduates, distinguished by our strong, balanced focus on business issues, data management, and data modelling.

Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, our programme develops students through well-balanced training in quantitative analytical skills, as well as qualitative business acumen.

You will also be given opportunities to gain firsthand knowledge from real-life projects, and be exposed to business cases with our case-approach teaching.

We also offer core and elective MBA courses in information technology operations and analytics. They form part of our premier cross-disciplinary programmes with the Colleges of Engineering and Science from the NTU.

These programmes include the double degree in Business and Computer Engineering/Computer Science, the MSc in Technology Management for the Renaissance Engineering Programme, and the MSc in Financial Engineering.

We also offer PhD courses in Operations Management and in Information Systems. Both follow a rigorous, structured programme with experienced mentors from our research faculty setting you well on the way to a leading academic career.