Our Team

Prof BOH Wai Fong
Programme Instructor

Wai Fong is a Professor of Information Technology and Operations Management at NBS. Her research is anchored in the domains of innovation, entrepreneurship, and knowledge management. Her articles have been published in leading journals and she has won multiple research awards. A regular speaker at industry conferences, her talks centre on research and training for entrepreneurs, managers, and employees on innovation and entrepreneurship. She is also highly sought after by private organisation and government agencies to conduct training programmes.

Prof Marilyn ANG UY
Programme Instructor

Marilyn is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship in the Division of Strategy, International Business and entrepreneurship at NBS. She specialises in research on entrepreneurship and organisational behaviour issues. Her articles have been published in top-ranked management and entrepreneurship journals. She teaches entrepreneurship and innovation related courses in NTU. 

Mr Jose YONG   
Programme Co-Director

Jose holds positions as Research Fellow at NTU and Copy Editor for World Scientific Publishing. His multidisciplinary research spans social cognition, evolutionary psychology, mating and relationships, culture, organisational dynamics, negotiation, and well-being. He has published in premium journals, such as American Psychologist, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, and Health Psychology, and regularly applies psychological insights and evidence-based approaches to various areas of consulting outside of academia. 

Dr FU Yingzhu
Programme Co-Director

Yingzhu is a Research Fellow in NBS. He holds a PhD in Entrepreneurship from IE Business School and a global MBA from Zhejiang University. His research focuses on the decision-making of entrepreneurs and venture investors.

Liu Qi Quinn
Ms LIU Qi Quintessence

Quintessence is a research assistant in the Division of Information Technology and Operations Management at NBS. She graduated with a Bachelor's in Social Sciences (Hons) from the National University of Singapore. Her research involves applied psychology in the areas of entrepreneurship and human-computer interaction.