Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship

We conduct research in technology and innovation management. We examine innovation management in both start-ups/SMEs as well as large organisations.

For entrepreneurs of start-ups/SMEs, we examine the challenges they face, and what entrepreneurial strategies, approaches, and best practices can help them to overcome any obstacles effectively.

For large organisations, we examine the importance of research in innovation. We also look at creative and cognitive profiles of employees, and how they can help drive innovation.

In addition, we explore innovative business models and the use of iterative approaches, such as design thinking. 


Selected Publications

X.Shi, Y.D. Wong, C. Chai and M.Z.F. Li (2020) “An automated machine learning (AutoML) method of risk prediction for decision-making of autonomous vehicles" IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems (forthcoming) 

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Karimikia, Hadi; Singh, Harminder; Joseph, Damien. Negative Outcomes of ICT Use at Work: Meta-Analytic Evidence and the Role of Job Autonomy, Forthcoming at Internet Research.

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