The Marketing PhD programme at Nanyang Business School is curated for intellectually curious scholars who are motivated to pursue an academic career in marketing. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself among researchers whose expertise include purchasing behaviour, consumer culture theory and empirical modelling. 

Most of our faculty members have been trained at top research schools such as Columbia University, INSEAD, University of Minnesota, University of British Columbia, Chinese University of Hong Kong, to name a few. Their research findings have been published in leading academic journals. Many of our faculty members also sit on the editorial boards of top journals in their field.

Successful candidates will undergo a programme delivered by faculty members who are active researchers experienced in supervising graduate research. Over the course of their PhD journey, candidates will be closely mentored by faculty members with domain expertise in their research area(s) of interest.

You will be equipped with the conceptual, analytical, and communication skills needed to conceptualise, conduct, and deliver independent research. Graduates from our PhD programme have been successfully placed in schools in US, UK, Netherlands, Australia, China, Hong Kong, and India.

Our Students

Our PhD scholars come from Singapore and overseas. All of them have been awarded the NTU Research Scholarship to undertake their PhD studies in marketing. They are at different stages of the PhD programme, with some doing the required coursework while others are at the PhD candidacy stage. Every PhD student has to complete a minimum of 8 courses during the programme.

The PhD scholars are also given the opportunity to perform some research assistant and teaching responsibilities. These experiences combined with their PhD qualifications will make them more marketable when they apply for academic positions in Singapore or overseas.

Currently, we have seven PhD students in the programme and they are:

Our Graduates

1 BAE So Hyun (2015) (Graduated 2015; placement: Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong) Dr Sharon Ng
2 MUKHOPADHYAY Soumya (2015) (Graduated 2015; placement: Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India) Dr Tuck Siong Chung
3 PATHAK Abhishek (2015) (Graduated 2015; placement: University of Dundee, Scotland) Dr Gemma Calvert
4 LIU Jenny Xiao Yan (2016) (Graduated 2016; placement: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China) Dr Sharon Ng
5 BASU Shankha (2017) (Graduated 2017; placement: University of Leeds, UK) Dr Sharon Ng
6 ZHU Liang Benjamin (2017) (Graduated 2017; placement: Shenzhen University, China) Dr Christine Lim
7 KUO Tzu-Yin, Vicky (2018) (Graduated 2018; placement: Singapore University of Social Sciences) Dr Elison Lim & Dr Kuangjie Zhang
8 MADAN Shilpa (2018) (Graduated 2018; research fellow at Columbia Business School) Dr Elison Lim & Dr Sharon Ng
9 LI Shaobo (2019) (Graduated 2019; placement: Southern University of Science and Technology, China) Dr Kuangjie Zhang & Dr Sharon Ng
10 BHARTI Mehak (2020) (Graduated 2020; placement: University of Groningen, Netherlands) Dr Sharon Ng
11 GUPTA Priyanka (2020) (Graduated 2020; research fellow at National University of Singapore) Dr Sadat Reza
12 ZHANG Xueli (2021) (Graduated 2021; research fellow at National University of Singapore) Dr Sadat Reza & Dr Chen Yupeng
13ZHANG Lijun (2022) (Graduated 2022; placement: University of Leeds, UK)Dr Elaine Chan
14TANG Qing (2023) (Graduated 2023; placement: Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong)Dr Xun (Irene) Huang & Dr Kuangjie Zhang
15WANG Ruoding (2023) (Graduated 2023)Dr Eunsoo Kim & Dr Xinlong Li

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