Industry Outreach

The Division of Marketing at Nanyang Business School continually strives to promote thought leadership and education in marketing. Our faculty are often invited to share their marketing insights and perspectives at various marketing-related forums, conferences, and seminars. 

We also regularly contribute our views on current marketing issues in practitioner-oriented publications and the mass media. To nurture the next generation of marketing leaders, we frequently involve our students in projects with industry partners, mentoring our students and providing them with career guidance. 

Through our close collaborations with industry leaders and companies, we hope to deliver positive impact to the business community and to society.

Dean’s Distinguished Speaker Series – NBS alumnus Nicole Tan, President & CEO, Shiseido Asia Pacific

Nanyang Business School (NBS) welcomed Ms Nicole Tan, President & CEO, Shiseido Asia Pacific, as Dean’s Distinguished Speaker to give a talk on “Rising to the Challenge: Strategic Leadership at a Beauty Giant in Turbulent Times” on 30 September 2021. Ms Nicole is Shiseido’s first female and first Singaporean regional CEO. She is also an alumna of NBS (Bachelor of Business – Marketing specialisation). Ms Nicole shared her insights into the dynamics of the global beauty industry and leadership success factors in this time of change. The talk was organised as a hybrid event which was attended by more than 500 faculty, students, alumni, and staff.

Dean’s Distinguished Speaker Series - Mr François-Henry Bennahmias, CEO of Audemars Piguet

Nanyang Business School (NBS) welcomed Mr François-Henry Bennahmias, CEO of Audemars Piguet, as Dean’s Distinguished Speaker to give a talk on “Fostering Human Talents to Create the Extraordinary” on 8 October 2019. Mr Bennahmias, a strong advocate for education, shared his leadership experiences and invaluable advice with more than 80 NBS students, alumni, faculty and staff.


High Profile Speaker Series – Mr Kishore Parthasathy, Head of Marketing Science for South East Asia at Facebook

NBS Marketing Division spearheaded the “High Profile Speaker Series” – bringing high profile industry speakers to NBS – in order to strengthen school-industry linkages and raise NBS’ profile amongst key industry sectors.
The first speaker of the series was Mr Kishore Parthasathy, who is Head of Marketing Science for South East Asia at Facebook. Over 60 NBS faculty, staff and students attended his talk on 31 October 2019.

    Joy Delivers at #ForYou Summit: SEA - Dr Gemma Calvert

    •  Jointly organised by the NBS Alumni Office and NBS Marketing Division, Asst Prof Charlene Chen was the moderator for the NBS Alumni Leaders Dialogue, “The Future Role of Marketing: What you must know” held on 18 March 2022. The panel discussed on critical issues concerning the future role of marketing and how firms should engage in strategic thinking to tackle disruptions in the new-normal.

    NBS Alumni Leaders Dialogues(From left) Asst Prof Charlene Chen with Mr Kenneth Choo, Ms Foo Siew Ting, and Mr Stanley Toh during the dialogue

    • Assoc Prof Hooi Den Huan chaired the AMF ASEAN Caucus panel session during the 7th ASEAN Marketing Summit – “Post Normal ASEAN: The Rise of Entrepreneurial Marketing” hosted by Markplus, Inc. and Philip Kotler Center for ASEAN Marketing and the Asia Marketing Federation in November 2021. 

    Asian Marketing Summit - The Rise of Entrepreneurial Marketing

    • Prof Gemma Calvert, Asst Prof Mansur Khamitov and Asst Prof Irene Huang presented a webinar on "Wooing the Post-Covid Customer" hosted by Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry in June 2020.

    Wooing the post-Covid customer hosted by Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry


    • Asst Prof Charlene Chen, Assoc Prof Elison Lim, Assoc Prof Lewis Lim and Dr Lynda Wee shared their perspectives on business strategies for retailers beyond Covid-19 at a webinar organised by the Singapore Retailers Association in May 2020.

    Business strategies for retailers beyond Covid-19 at a webinar organised by the Singapore Retailers Association


    • Prof Gemma Calvert gave a keynote address at Indonesia’s first Neuromarketing conference “NEUROSUMMIT 2020” in February 2020.

    Neurosummit 2020

    • Dr Wong King Yin was invited to be a speaker in "Applied Learning Conference 2020" held in January 2020.


    Applied Learning Conference 2020

    • Prof Gemma Calvert was filmed and interviewed for the global Science & Vie documentary, Man 2.0 (December, 2019). This is a documentary series of six episodes entitled Man 2.0 that examines scenarios concerning how mankind and human society are evolving, follows the latest innovations in technology, genetics, informatics, and interviews some of the most prominent academic personalities from different scientific fields in Europe, Asia and America.
    • To view:
    Science & Vie documentary, Man 2.0

    Psychology of impulse buying


    • Asst Prof Charlene Chen was invited to give a talk on “The Rise of Millennial Consumers: Decoding the ‘Me Me Me’ Generation” to members of the Hong Kong Singapore Business Association and the Columbia University Club of Singapore in November 2019.

    The Rise of Millennial Consumers


    • Assoc Prof Lewis Lim, Asst Prof Charlene Chen and Dr Wong King Yin were invited to share the implications of changing expectations of healthcare consumers and the future of healthcare with senior management of the Raffles Medical Group in September 2019.

    Raffles Medical Group

    • Prof Gemma Calvert was speaker at the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Workshop on Creativity, Culture & Commerce held in September 2019.

    • Asst Prof Mansur Khamitov was a panelist in the Mumbrella Finance Marketing Summit held in August 2019.
    Mumbrella Finance Marketing Summit


    • Assoc Prof Lewis Lim moderated a panel discussion on “Aligning Pricing, Sales and Marketing to Achieve Commercial Excellence Synergies” at the 5th Asia Pricing & Revenue Management Summit in August 2019.
    Aligning Pricing, Sales and Marketing to Achieve Commercial Excellence Synergies

    5th Asia Pricing & Revenue Management Summit


    • Assoc Prof Lewis Lim, Prof Boh Wai Fong, Assoc Prof Hooi Den Huan and Dr Boey Yew Tung shared their expertise and insights on digitalisation and branding to more than 60 Singapore Food Manufacturing Association members and NBS alumni at the Digitalisation for the Food Manufacturing Industry workshop in May 2019.

    Digitalisation for the Food Manufacturing Industry workshop

    • Assoc Prof Hooi Den Huan spoke about Branding in Times of Rapid Changes during the inaugural Lunch & Learn organised by Singapore Prestige Brand Awards in April 2019.

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