Seminars and Conferences

26 Apr
Using GPT for Market Research
By Assoc Prof Ayelet Israeli, Harvard Business School
5 Apr
Mispredicting the Compromisers' Decision Satisfaction in Joint Consumption
By Assoc Prof Shankha Basu, University of Leeds
15 Mar
To Imitate or To Innovate: A Tale of NFTs
By Prof Hui Li, The University of Hong Kong
8 Mar
The Physical Basis of Digital Lifestyles: Evidence from China’s COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown
By Assoc Prof Jayson Shi Jia, The University of Hong Kong
4 Mar
Empirical Studies on Emotion in Live Streaming Context  
By Prof Xingyu Chen (Celine), Shenzhen University
23 Feb
Residential Electricity Conservation, Climate Change, and Delivering Clean Energy to Consumers
By Prof Praveen Kopalle, Dartmouth College
19 Feb
Obesity, Responsiveness to Food Marketing, and Taste Perception Before and After Bariatric Surgery
By Assoc Prof Yann Cornil, University of British Columbia
8 Feb
Review-based Linguistic Matching
By Prof Oded Netzer, Columbia University
29 Jan
Disrespectful Promotions: The Negative Impact of Price Promotions on Products linked to Stigmatized Identities
By Prof Jennifer Argo, University of Alberta


3 Nov
Attention as New Currency: How should Advertising Markets Reward Consumers for their Attention?
By Prof Mengze Shi, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)
23 Oct
Boosting Strengths or Fixing Weaknesses? A Preference Mismatch Between Product Providers and Choosers in Product Improvement Decisions
By Assoc Prof Yanping Tu, Peking University
9 Oct
Rebranding and the Behaviors of Content Creators: A Study of Twitch Prime Becoming Prime Gaming
By Mr Rahul Suhag, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
28 Sept
Digital Platforms and Network Analysis in Marketing
By Mr Sriniketh Vijayaraghavan, University of Wisonsin-Madison
26 Sept
Effect of Subjective Knowledge on Improvement Perceptions of Product Upgrades
By Mr Wonsuk Jung, University of Wisconsin-Madison
25 Sept
To Profit or To Assist? How the Interplay between Product Recommendations and Relative Prices Impacts Consumers’ Inferences and Choice
By Ms Kyu Ree Kim, Indiana University
21 Sept
Let Me Show You What Your Tips Can Do! Materially Referenced Tip Recommendation Prompts Tipping
By Mr Ce Liang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
14 Sept
The Value of Content Inclusiveness: Evidence from a Social Media Platform
By Mr Weiqing Zhang, New York University
12 Sept
What Makes Consumption Experiences “Special”? A Multi-method Investigation
By Ms Jennifer Sun, Columbia University
7 Sept
Informing Branded Social Media Content with Multimodal Representation Learning
By Mr Jihyeon Ha, Emory University
23 Aug
A Structural Life Course Model of Dynamic Role Selection on an open Q&A Platform for Pregnancy and Childbirth
By Assoc Prof Masakazu Ishihara, New York University
14 July
Robot or Human? Consumer Responses to Humanoid Robots
By Prof Bernd Schmitt, Columbia University
27 Apr
The Impact of Nutrition Claims on Purchase Behavior for Food Products
By Prof Peter Verhoef, University of Groningen
6 Apr
An Aversion to Intervention: How the Protestant Work Ethic Influences Preferences for Natural Healthcare
By Dr Yimin Cheng, Monash University
20 Mar
Influence or Advertise: The Role of Social Learning in Influencer Marketing
By Asst Prof Ron Berman, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
10 MarIs Relevancy Everything? A Deep Learning Approach to Understand the Coupling of Image and Text 
By Asst Prof Xiaolin Li, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
27 FebThe Effects of Off-Price Stores on Customer Behavior: Evidence from a Multichannel Retailer 
By Prof Ram Janakiraman, University of South Carolina
2 Feb
Multisensory Experiences: Where the Senses Meet Technology
By Assoc Prof Carlos Velasco, BI Norwegian Business School
16 Jan
Helping Those That Hide: Anticipated Stigmatization Drives Concealment and a Destructive Cycle of Debt
By Prof June Cotte, Western University (Ivey Business School)
11 Jan
How Soon Should Consumers Receive a Mobile Coupon: The Role of Recency
By Asst Prof Arun Gopalakrishnan, Rice University


21 Nov
Digital Disclosure Effects on Physician Evaluations and Patient Welfare
By Prof Rama Jayanti, Cleveland State University
9 Nov
What is the Value of Knowing an Undesirable, Unavoidable Future?
By Prof Simona Botti, London Business School
31 Oct
L’Art pour l’Art: Experiencing Art Reduces the Desire for Luxury Goods
By Assoc Prof Alison Jing Xu, University of Minnesota
7 Oct
The Value of Platform Endorsement
By Ms Mimansa Bairathi, London Business School
26 Sept
Subscription Video-on-Demand Content Supply and Piracy: Evidence from Disney Market Entry in India
By Mr Khimendra Singh, Indiana University Bloomington
16 Sept
Leveraging Variety Preferences to Customize Bundles for Experiential Goods: An Application to Performing Arts Subscriptions
By Ms Gwen Ahn, University of Michigan
14 Sept
Health Insurance and the Dynamics of Patient Decision Making
By Mr Jong Yeob Kim, New York University
13 Sept
Shrinkflation: Evidence on Product Downsizing and Consumer Response
By Ms Youngeun Lee, Northwestern University
2 Sept
Economic Value of Visual Product Characteristics
By Mr Ankit Sisodia, Yale University
15 AugThe Role of Time-shifting in Serial Drama Viewing: Implications for Drama Producers and Advertisers
By Assoc Prof Masakazu Ishihara, New York University
1 Jun
The Mental Mapping of Magnitude: New Insights from Examining Response Biases
By Dr Ellie J. Kyung, University of Pennsylvania
25 May
On Phone and Self: How Smartphone use Influences Self-expressive Choice
By Assoc Prof Aner Sela, University of Florida
11 May
Rivals Disappeared and Returned to Shelves: Carryover and Spillover Impact of Conflict Delisting in Retail Stores
By Asst Prof Hongshuang (Alice) Li, Ohio State University
5 May
Complementing Human Effort in Online Reviews: A Deep Learning Approach to Automatic Content Generation and Review Synthesis
By Prof Praveen Kopalle, Dartmouth University
21 AprFundraising Design in a Competitive Market
By Prof Greg Allenby, Ohio State University
 5 AprFewer Clicks, More Purchases
By Prof Young-Hoon Park, Cornell University
31 Mar
BEAT Unintended Bias in Personalized Policies
By Assoc Prof Eva Ascarza, Harvard Business School


18 Nov How Political Ideology Shapes Preferences for Observably Inferior Products
by Assoc Prof Nailya Ordabayeva, Boston College
11 Nov Information Asymmetry in the Crowdfunding Markets: Entrepreneurial Disincentives, Home Bias and Cheap Talk
By Assoc Prof Jian Ni, Johns Hopkins University
23 Sept Growing Influence
By Mr Zheng Gong, University of Toronto
20 Sept When Influencers Create Content: The (Possibly) Conflicting Roles of Live Streamers
By Mr Wooyong Jo, Emory University
16 Sept The Effectiveness of Membership Free Shipping: An Empirical Investigation on Consumers’ Purchase Behaviors and Retailers’ Profits
By Ms Fangfei Guo, Texas A&M University
9 Sept Display Ad Measurement Using Observational Data: A Reinforcement Learning Approach
By Mr Srinivas Tunuguntla, University of Wisconsin - Madison 
3 Sept Implications of Revenue Models and Technology for Content Moderation Strategies
By Mr Yi Liu, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
20 Aug Seller-Initiated Consumer Financing and Consumer Sales-Finance Conflicts
By Ms Chenchen Di, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
19 May
Dynamic Coupon Targeting Using Batch Deep Reinforcement Learning: An Application to LiveStream Shopping
By Asst Prof Xiao Liu, Stern School of Business, New York University
16 Mar
Conversational Dynamics: When Does Employee Language Matter?
By Assoc Prof Yang LI, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB)


23 NovLook the Part? The Role of Profile Pictures in Online Labor Markets
By Assoc Prof Lan Luo, University of Southern California
5 OctStore Closed: How Consumers Respond to Retail Store Closures
By Ms Shi Qiaoni, University of Pittsburgh
1 OctHow Clustering Can Attenuate Hedonic Decline
By Mr Chen Jinjie, University of Minnesota
28 SepTough Crowd: How Observers Influence Compensatory Consumption
By Asst Prof Soo Kim, Cornell University
6 FebPackage Offers and Price Rate Calculations: How Price Rates Influence Price and Promotional Sensitivity
By Prof Rajesh Bagchi, Virginia Tech
20 JanThe Utility of Sadness: How Sadness Promotes Subjective Well-being
By Dr Jeff Rotman, Deakin University


21 NovYou Don’t Have to Compromise: Trade-off Decisions in a Hierarchical Process
By Associate Professor Jill Lei, University of Melbourne
6 NovThe Role of Memory and Theory of Mind in Children’s Happiness with Past Experiences
By Assoc Prof Lan Nguyen Chaplin, University of Illinois at Chicago
6 SepHow to Thwart Discounting of Discounts
By Asst Prof Yang Haiyang, Johns Hopkins University
29 AugQR Codes Make Location Matter Even More: The Mere Exposure Effect of QR Codes
By Assoc Prof Wang Wenbo, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
22 JulThe Ambassador Effect: How Inducing an Ambassador Role Increases Consumers’ Prosocial Marketplace Behavior and Patronage Intentions
Associate Professor Martin Mende, Florida State University
9 MayBenefiting from and Defending against Copycat Brands
By Prof David K Tse, University of Hong Kong
15 AprDynamic Resource Allocation on Multi-Category Two-Sided Platforms
By Prof Qiaowei Shen, Peking University
27 MarMindful Matching : Ordinal versus Nominal Attributes
By Prof Kelly L. Haws, Vanderbilt University
21 FebWhen Signaling Status Backfires: How Signals of Self-Interest Undermine Cooperation
By Professor Alixandra Barasch, New York University
19 FebMoral Intuitions Towards Market Exchange
By Prof Amit Bhattacharjee, Eramus University
21 JanHurts So Good: Luxury Products which incur Environmental Cost are Preferred by Status Seeking Consumers
By Prof Darren Dahl, University of Columbia
7 JanKey Values Driving Consumer Preferences in Asian Emerging Markets
By Prof Nancy Wong, University of Wisconsin-Madison


14 NovCustomer Learning and Revenue – Maximizing Trial Design
By Mr Takeaki Sunada, University of Pennsylvania
13 NovWhen Taking a Stand on Controversial Social Issues Hurts or Helps the Organization : Anticipatory Self-Threat and Dishonest Behaviour
By Prof Amna Kirmani, University of Maryland
5 NovCan Musicians and Fans Benefit When a Primary Ticket Platform Controls the Resales Market?  Theory and Evidence
By Mr Zou Tianxin, Washington University
31 OctSecrecy and Consumer Behavior
By Prof Yuwei Jiang, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
29 OctThe Informational Role of Sponsored Advertising on Online Retail Marketplaces
By Ms Long Fei, Columbia University
25 OctRetooling B2B Sales Force for Digital Leadscoring
By Mr Shashank (Sash) Vaid, Houston University
24 OctIn-Consumption Social Listening with Moment-to-Moment Unstructured Data : The Case of Movie Appreciation and Live Comments
By Mr Zhang Qiang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
22 OctWalking a Fine Line : Customer Retention in Mobile App Targeting
By Ms Hao Xinying, The University of Texas at Austin
19 OctGeographic Sub-Branding via Manufacture Location: How Does “Made in” Change Your Purchase?
By Ms Ding Ma, Stanford University
17 OctNew Contexts, Data and Methods: A Quick Overview. Presenting two studies
By Prof Kersi D. Antia, Western University
15 OctDynamics of Musical Success : A Bayesian Nonparametric Approach
By Mr Khaled Boughanmi, Columbia University
8 OctHow Does a Firm Learn in a Changing World?  The Case of Prosper Marketplace
By Mr Li Xinlong, University of Toronto
28 SepInformation Provision and Streamlined Medical Service: Evidence from a Mobile Appointment App
By Dr Yang Nan, National University of Singapore (NUS)
30 AugFriend Number Paradox
By Assoc Prof Dai Xianchi, Chinese University of Hong Kong
5 JulOn Angels and Demons: How to Encourage Good and Discourage Bad Behavior
By Assoc Prof Bram Van den Bergh, Erasmus University
30 MayLabeling Debt as Ordinary Increases Consumer Motivation to Repay Debt
By Assoc Prof Simon Blanchard, Georgetown University
9 MayHow Residential Mobility Influence Donation
By Asst Professor Wang Yajin, University of Maryland
26 AprAttribute Embedding: Learning Distributed Representations of Product Attributes from Consumer Reviews
By Asst Prof Shane Wang, Western University
4 AprFirm Expansion, Size Spillovers and Market Dominance in Retail Chain Dynamics
By Prof Ahmed Khwaja, Cambridge Judge Business School
21 MarNew Product Ideation and Creativity: The Role of End-User Incorporation through Visual Mental Imagery
By Assoc Prof Ravi Mehta, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
21 FebBelief Formation Under Signal Correlation
By Assoc Prof Tanjim Hossain, University of Toronto
24 JanChoice and Quantity in Food-Related Self-Control: Theory and Evidence from Lab and Field
By Prof Anirban Mukhopadhyay, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
10 JanThe Influence of Consumers’ Misbehavior on Responses to Service Failure
By Assoc Prof Zhang Meng, Chinese University of Hong Kong


9 NovMeet Me Halfway: The Value of Bargaining
By Ms Xu Zhang, University of Michigan
19 OctMedia Platforms’ Content Provision Strategy and Source of Profits
By Mr Jinzhao Du, Duke University
12 OctThe Seesaw Self: Possessions, Identity (De)Activation, and Task Performance
By Ms Jae (Jaeyeon) Chung, Columbia University
28 SepEnhancing Effectiveness of Referral Programs by Promoting Active Matching: Evidence from Field Experiments
By Mr Yupeng Chen, University of Pennsylvania
27 SepLacking a Resource or Being One: Money Scarcity versus Time Scarcity Differently Shape Self-Value and Product Judgments
By Ms Jane So, University of Washington
25 SepIn-Store Learning and Trial of New Brands: Implications for Retail Competition
By Mr Jialie Chen, Cornell University
22 SepVisual Listening In: Extracting Brand Image Portrayed on Social Media
By Ms Liu Liu, New York University
15 SepUnderstanding the Effect of Information Disclosure on Industry Payments to Physicians
By Ms Tong Guo, University of Michigan
11 SepPlanes, Trains, and Co-Opetition: Evidence from China
By Mr Marco Shaojun Qin, University of Minnesota
8 SepExploring the Role of Creative Engagement on Donation Behavior
By Ms Lidan Xu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
6 SepHow Well Do Consumer-Brand Relationships Drive Customer Brand Loyalty? Generalizations from a Meta-Analysis of Brand Relationship Elasticities
By Mr Mansur Khamitov, Western University
31 AugCompetition and the Impact of Online Reviews on Product Financial Performance: Evidence from the Hotel Industry
By Ms Hulya Karaman, Emory University
24 AugUnpacking Self-Control: When More Categories Lead to Lower Consumption Budgets
By Mr Miaolei (Liam) Jia, National University of Singapore
23 MarDouble-Edged Effects Of Customer Participation In New Product Development: The Moderating Roles Of Global Integration And Local Adaptation Mechanisms
By Asst Prof Caleb H. Tse, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul
8 FebThe Effect of Anthropomorphism On Consumer Decision Making
By Asst Prof Rocky Peng Chen, Hong Kong Baptist University


28 OctCompetition Among Retail Formats
By Ms Chaoqun Chen, Northwestern University
25 OctA Semantic Approach For Estimating Consumer Content Preferences from Online Search Queries
By Ms Jia Liu, Columbia University
13 OctWitnessing Moral Violations Increases Conformity In Consumption
By Ms Ping Dong, University of Toronto
6 OctModelling The Role Of Uncertainty In Cause-Based Crowdfunding: A Multiple Discrete Continuous Choice Approach
By Mr Prasad Vana, London Business School
20 SepSocial Versus Economic Factors In Network Formation: An Empirical Analysis Of The Multi-Level Marketing Industry
By Ms Eunsoo Kim, University of Michigan
9 SepMe-Too Or Exclusive? The Role Of Consumer Heterogeneity On Value-Enhancing Investments And It Impact On Product Differentiation In Conspicuous Goods Markets
By Asst Prof S. Sajeesh, City University of New York
29 AugWhen And How Does Market Share Drive Firm Profits?
By Mr Abhi Bhattacharya, Indiana University
24 AugModeling Dynamics in Crowdfunding
By Mr Chul Kim, University of Maryland
5 FebCross-Domain Effects of Guilt On Desire For Self-Improvement Products
By Mr Thomas Allard, University of British Columbia
2 FebExchange Attributes, Governance Mechanisms, And Opportunism In Buyer-Supplier Relationships: The Overlooked Role Of Institutional Forces
By Prof Julie Juan Li, City University of Hong Kong
28 JanInput Vs. Output: Social Comparison Perspective
By Asst Prof Elaine Chan, Tilburg University
26 JanThe Endowment Effect Of Experiences: The Role of Narrative Processing
By Ms Li Jiang, University of California, Los Angeles



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