Published on 08 Oct 2022

Malaysia’s billion-ringgit vaping empire – and the anti-smoking bill that could curtail it

CNA Online, 8 Oct,Malaysia's%20billion%2Dringgit%20vaping%20empire%20%E2%80%94%20and%20the%20anti%2Dsmoking,sceptical%20of%20the%20industry's%20claims.

As a law to curb vape sales is proposed, Talking Point talks to a major player in Malaysia’s globe-spanning vaping industry. Singapore youths who vape said they get most of their supplies through Telegram groups; and Prof May Lwin of NTU said it is difficult for advertising regulations to keep up with social media.

“Unless you had an army of people who were able to police, or in some countries (be) decoy personnel who behave like individuals who are under 12, under 18 or an elderly person, to see what sorts of messaging you would get, it gets very difficult to police,” said Lwin, who specialises in strategic and health communication and is from NTU’s WKWSCI. Ads from other countries with freer rules could also reach their target audiences residing in stricter places, she said.