Published on 02 Oct 2021

Commentary: Why do K-pop fandoms spend so much money?

CNA online, 2 Oct -,resources%20and%20express%20their%20devotion.&text=So%2C%20idols%20don't%20come%20across%20as%20unattainable%20celebrities

It is not uncommon to see big, splashy pictures of K-pop idols on New York City Times Square advertising billboards, the Nashville sign and even on the Urban Deca Towers in Metro Manilla crowdfunded by fans to celebrate their idols’ birthdays and milestones. This is because fans understand that the K-pop industry values commercial success - with intense and constant competition from new aspirants who may displace their beloved idols if their fans fall short, says Sun Meicheng, a PhD candidate at NTU’s WKWSCI. So they drop big bucks on multiple copies of albums, groupbuy imported merchandise and stream music videos on a loop.