The Dissertation component of the Master by Coursework degrees provides you with the opportunity to tackle a difficult problem and demonstrate an advanced grasp of difficult concepts and a good understanding of the issues associated with the project domain. The dissertation project is 6 AUs which is equivalent to two courses.


You are required to undertake and complete a large piece of work for the Dissertation component within the maximum candidature allowed; MSc Programmes (two academic years for full-time students and four academic years for part-time students).

  • Full-time students can pursue dissertation from second semester onwards.
  • Part-time students can pursue dissertation from third semester onwards.

    This project may be orientated towards research or towards production of a useful artefact of software, hardware, management process, etc. Projects should be to a standard that would merit publishing the work.

To attempt dissertation, students require a CGPA 4.00 and above (average grade B+ and above).

Only full-time WKWSCI faculty can supervise dissertation projects and students need to find their own supervisors. Students can propose their own dissertation topic or come up with a topic arising from discussions with supervisors.

Please view the NTU’s Research Integrity website for more information regarding dissertation statements, plagiarism and research integrity policies. For information on the format of dissertation, please click here.

Guideline for waiver of tuition fees for semester – Submission of soft bound copies of dissertation for examination

Target ActivitiesDeadline
  • Student must have completed the entire coursework of the programme of study (8 courses – 24 AUs)
Not later than the end of second week of any semester (January/August)
  • To submit the following documents:
    1. Two ring-bound (soft bound) copies of dissertation to the graduate team
    2. Dissertation Submission Form (endorsed by supervisor)


Guideline for final submission of dissertation – Meet Convocation deadline

Target ActivitiesDeadline
  • Submission of electronic copy via  DR‐NTU for conferment process
  • Forward the approval email from DR-NTU administrator to respective Dissertation administrator(s)
Latest by third week of May

With effect from AY2020/2021, students working on the dissertation project may seek reimbursement of up to S$200 for participant incentives. All claims to be submitted during the submission of dissertation for examination. Please refer to this link for more information on incentive guideline and procedures. This reimbursement is only applicable to MSc in Information Systems, MSc in Information Studies and MSc in Knowledge Management programmes.

Dissertation claims to be made via the GS Link and you are required to print the claim submission and to submit all receipts and documentary proof of payment to the dissertation coordinator at the WKWSCI Student Services Centre.


Should you have any other queries regarding dissertation, you can contact:

Ms Nithiyah d/o Muthukrishnan
Email: [email protected]