As a lifelong member of the NTU community, you can enjoy exclusive perks and privileges, and access tools to help you stay connected. You may refer to your alumni privileges and benefits below.

NTU Alumni Course Credits:

All NTU/NIE alumni will each receive $1,600 course credits which they may use to co-pay up to 50% of the nett fee payable for the courses offered by NTU’s Continuing Education and Training (NTU CET) units. Admin fee will also be waived.

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Bonus Alumni Course Credits:

To support undergraduates entering a tight job market amid the pandemic, all undergraduate alumni from NTU’s Class of 2020 and Class of 2021 will receive an additional S$1,600 in Bonus Alumni Course Credits. They are able to utilise the bonus credits together with their existing S$1,600 Alumni Course Credits (total sum of S$3,200 credits) to offset the full course fees payable for courses offered by NTU's Continuing Education and Training (NTU-CET) units.

Expiry dates for Bonus Alumni Course Credits:

· Class of 2020: 30 June 2022

· Class of 2021: 30 June 2023

All unused Bonus Alumni Course Credits will be forfeited.

You may refer to FAQs for more information on Alumni Course Credits.

NTU Alumni Portal:

Through this one-stop portal, you may find opportunities for personal and professional development and network with fellow alumni.

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NTU Alumni Card:

The NTU Alumni Card offers discounts and exclusive benefits from participating merchants

Free Lifelong Email Account:

You can retain your NTU email even after you graduate by logging in at least once a year. 

Alumni House:

Exclusively for NTU alumni, faculty and staff, the NTU Alumni House at our one-north campus offers facilities for leisure and networking, including a café, bar, gym and wellness centre, outdoor play area for children and function hall. You may access these facilities and services with your NTU Alumni card. Please visit this website for booking information.

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Academic Services:

At times, you may need academic services such as request for additional transcript, replacement of degree certificate, mailing of degree certificates (for fresh graduates), Opencerts digital certificates and transcripts, certified true copies of degree certificates, request for certification letter or degree verification (for employers/educational institutions). You may request for such services here. 

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Library Services:

You may enjoy a number of complimentary e-resources from the NTU library such as Fitch Connect, MarketLine Advantage, Emerald Insight, Project Muse with your NTU Alumni Network Account. 

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Professional Development:

You may upskill or reskill with NTU’s professional development and learning resources to help you gain a competitive advantage. 

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