Free Lifelong Email Account

Graduates from the Class of 2018 and thereafter will now be able to keep your NTU email and network account automatically, without the need to apply for account retention. The domain will change from STUDENT to ASSOC after 1 January of the year following your graduation.

For Class of 2017’s and the preceding Classes’ graduates, you will be given two accounts: (1) Office365 email; (2) NTU ASSOC network account, which you can keep for life. 

Provision of the Office365 alumni email account will be implemented as an opt-in service only after 31 March 2022. To avoid your account being deactivated after 31 March 2022, you must have used this account at least once for a six-month period.

If you have used your email account in the past six months, please continue to log in regularly to keep it active. 


  • If you have graduated with more than two degrees from NTU/NIE, you can only keep one email account.
  • Office365 EDU (Office software) and NTU Zoom are not available for alumni email accounts. They are only valid for current NTU students.
  • Access to Microsoft Teams and OneDrive had been discontinued since 31 March 2022.

If you do not know your account username, click here to retrieve it.

If you already have an existing NTU alumni email and network account, you can continue using it.

If you have forgotten your Office365 or NTU ASSOC network account password, please click here (choose Office365 or Network Account accordingly).

If you wish to change your NTU ASSOC network account password (require current password), please click here.

To change your Office365 email password, please login to your email and change from the options.

If you need any assistance including NTU account creation, please email us at [email protected].