Gifts from our alumni, community, and industry partners provide great life-changing and learning opportunities for our students, encourage academic excellence and contribution back to the community.

We encourage our alumni to participate in giving that will contribute to the success of the next generation of students, to inspire them to reach their potential and also to contribute to the continuous development of NTU SSS.

There are 3 types of funds in SSS that you can render your financial support to.

SSS Advancement Fund

At the School of Social Sciences, our programmes are created with the needs, both present and future, of our students and society in mind. We offer a stimulating and multidisciplinary education, both undergraduate and graduate, and research in the social sciences - particularly in Economics, Psychology, Public Policy and Global Affairs, and Sociology. Your contribution to the SSS Advancement Fund, big or small, will help significantly in developing our students to their full potential, cultivating future public servants, teachers, counsellors, financial consultants, market researchers, media practitioners, psychologists, sociologists, and the like.

Jek Yeun Thong Community Development Fund

The late Mr Jek Yeun Thong left behind a legacy that reminded many Singaporeans of the sacrifices our pioneer political leaders made to build a harmonious multi-cultural society we enjoy today. Whether as an activist, journalist, diplomat or politician, Mr Jek’s life was marked by qualities of humility, sincerity, dignity, honesty, and compassion for the disadvantaged and vulnerable. To cherish the legacy of Mr Jek Yeun Thong, NTU established the Jek Yeun Thong Community Development Fund at the School of Social Sciences at NTU to honour the late pioneer leader Mr Jek Yeun Thong for his contribution to the disadvantaged and marginalised, with a generous donation from his widow, Madam Huang Kek Chee. This Fund will enable undergraduates to conduct field research into critical social issues our community faces, and to experience working with the less fortunate through internships with social service organisations in the non-profit sector. It will also support discourse of critical social issues through public seminars by faculty at NTU.

More information on the Jek Yeun Thong Community Development Fund can be found here.


Sociology Community Fund

The Sociology Community Fund provides financial support to educational and learning activities that promote advancement of education in NTU Sociology. The fund may also be used for emergency financial support to help financially needy students.

Support other outlet

Apart from these 3 SSS funds, there are four key areas you can support at NTU. They are 1) Financial Support for Students, 2) School and Centre Advancement, 3) Education and 4) Student Life and Faculty and Research. You may make a gift to these areas here: