Our SSS@NTU Identity

Intellectual Curiosity, Empathy and Compassion, and Social Consciousness are all intrinsic qualities that align closely with the ethos of social sciences and serve as defining aspects of SSS@NTU students' identities.

  • Intellectual Curiosity (Open-mindedness): SSS students are always asking questions and seeking answers to how social scientific phenomenon. It is vital for SSS students to challenge conventional views, including those held by themselves, and listen to as many different perspectives as possible. It is through a deep and through questioning of pre-existing beliefs that one is able to reach the best intellectual outcome.
  • Empathy and Compassion: Empathy and Compassion are qualities at the heart of social sciences, and they are what make a SSS student. SSS students develop empathy by studying diverse perspectives, learning about different cultures, and examining the social determinants of health, well-being, and inequality. The compassionate nature is a driving force that compels SSS@NTU social justice and work towards creating more equitable and inclusive societies. 
  • Social Consciousness: SSS students care about more than just themselves. We are interested in the betterment of society and other humans. We have a keen awareness of social issues, such as poverty, inequality, discrimination, and environmental sustainability, and recognize the interconnectedness of these issues on a global scale. As agents of social change, SSS@NTU students embrace Social Consciousness as a central aspect of their identity, actively engaging in advocacy and community organizing to address pressing societal challenges and promote positive social transformation.

The SSS@NTU Identity reflects the values and principles of the social sciences and empowers students to become informed, engaged, and proactive contributors to a more just, equitable, and sustainable society.