Research @ SSS

Research in the social sciences aims to understand the complex connections of individuals and society through empirical methods.  The primary disciplines in the School of Social Sciences (SSS)—Economics, Psychology, Public Policy and Global Affairs, and Sociology address questions concerning humans and society at multiple levels of analysis, with diverse research focus and methodology—from individuals’ physiological and neural processes, to individuals’ decisions and social behaviours, to interactions between individuals and institutions, to the functioning of macro social institutions.  In response to major challenges facing humanity, the School’s research addresses the social, political, psychological and economic implications of issues such as changing demographics, technological advancement, and sustainability.  Such effort not only contributes to nationally and internationally impactful research output, but also engages local communities and the nation at large to address major issues of social concern.

The School’s three strategic research clusters based on the school’s comparative research strength provide the platform for interdisciplinary research exchange among researchers with common research interests.  The Environment and Sustainability cluster seeks to create dialogue among researchers from different disciplines to develop strategies and techniques for managing social, political, economic, cultural and environmental challenges.  The Global Asia cluster focuses on research on Asia from an interconnected global-contextualist perspective, exploring global and local issues such as social change, economic development, ethnic and cultural identity, and multilingualism.  The Science, Society and Governance cluster brings together researchers in cognitive neuroscience, science and technology development, and science and policy. 

Economic Growth Centre

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The Economic Growth Centre (EGC) has been actively producing research output on East Asian economies, and offers a platform for academic exchange through various programmes, research networks and collaborations, as well as joint academic events. We aim to advance research in applied economics fundamental to economic policy, and to train the next generation of scholars, policy makers, and practitioners in related areas.

Research Publications

Our faculty publishes widely in high-impact discipline-specific and discipline-general journals. Our work is also featured in bestselling book publications from major publishers.