Aging, Inclusion and Healthcare

This cluster draws on the expertise in ageing research across all the four programmes within the School of Social Sciences including Economics, Psychology, Policy & Global Affairs, and Sociology to address critical ageing issues in Singapore and Greater Asia. The cluster will foster an exciting and dynamic intellectual environment for interdisciplinary research, contributing to innovative ways in addressing the challenges posed and harnessing the opportunities presented by a rapidly ageing demographic across the region and around the world. The focus will be on multifaceted aspects of ageing from examining public policy and financing concerns, age friendly cities and supportive communities, to gaining deeper understanding of enhancing individual, familial and social capacities across the later lifespan marked by health, illness and mortality. The cluster will promote collaborative research by exploring synergies for grant applications and publications. It will have an active seminar and workshop series as well as outreach programmes and social media presence to promote intellectual exchanges across different disciplines and stakeholder groups on ageing. The cluster will also work closely with the Master of Sciences in Applied Gerontology programme to nurture interest, engagement, and participation from learners, researchers, and practitioners from all walks of life to work towards innovations and sustainable solutions that enhance and advance healthy, creative and inclusive ageing.


Cluster Coordinator
Assoc. Prof Ho Hau Yan Andy (Psychology) Andy specializes in psychosocial gerontology, thanatology, public health palliative care and community empowerment. As a health psychologist and clinical researcher, he has pioneered a number of acclaimed psycho-socio-spiritual interventions for wellbeing promotion, some of which include Mindful-Compassion Art-based Therapy (MCAT) for burnout prevention and resilience building among caregivers; Family Dignity Intervention (FDI) for advancing holistic palliative care; and Aspiration and Resilience Through Intergenerational Storytelling and Art-based Narratives (ARTISAN) for citizen empowerment and loneliness alleviation
Assoc. Prof Premchand Dommaraju (Sociology) Premchand is a social demographer whose research focuses on socio-demographic issues related to ageing, families, and households in Southeast and South Asia. He has particular interest on non-economic aspects of productive ageing and on grandparenting in diverse societies in the two regions.
Cluster Members
Asst. Prof. Akshar Saxena (Economics) Akshar Saxena is a health economist who works on the interaction between individual’s health and labor decisions, and government’s policies on sin-taxes, healthcare financing, and social security.
Asst. Prof. Luk Ching Yuen Sabrina (PPGA) Sabrina’s research areas include healthy ageing, health financing reforms, e-government and smart cities, crisis leadership and management, and public policy analysis. Sabrina has published five monographs. Her recent publications include Ageing, Long-term Care Insurance and Healthcare Finance in Asia (Abingdon, Oxon; New York, NY: Routledge) and Singapore after Lee Kuan Yew (Abingdon, Oxon; New York, NY: Routledge).
Asst. Prof. Tan Chin Hong (Psychology)

Tan Chin Hong is an interdisciplinary cognitive neuroscientist whose research interest lies broadly in using neuroimaging techniques (MRI, PET, DOT), genetics, and psychosocial factors to understand the earliest risk markers of neurodegenerative diseases and cognitive decline.