Our People

Prof Luke 0005 wa
Professor Luke Kang Kwong Kapathy
President's Chair in Linguistics
Chair, School of Social Sciences

Office: SHHK-06-15A
Tel: 6592 7570
Email: KKLUKE@ntu.edu.sg
Associate Professor Laura Wu
​Associate Chair (Academic)

Office: SHHK-04-77 / SHHK-06-15B
Tel: 6592 1553 / 6790 6271
Email: guiying.wu@ntu.edu.sg 

Associate Professor Wan Ching Catherine​
Associate Chair (Research)

Office: SHHK-04-10 / SHHK-06-15C
Tel: 6316 8945 / 6316 8733
Email: WanChing@ntu.edu.sg

Associate Professor Kamaludeen Mohamed Nasir
Associate Chair (Graduate and Continuing Education)

Office: SHHK-05-25 / SHHK-06-09
Tel: 6592 7535 / 6908 2283
Email: kamaludeen@ntu.edu.sg


Associate Professor Ho Moon-ho Ringo
Associate Chair (Faculty)

Office: SHHK-04-07/ SHHK-06-15E
Tel: 6316 8944 / 6904 7030
Email: HOmh@ntu.edu.sg

Xu Hong
Associate Professor Xu Hong

Associate Chair (Students)

Office: SHHK-04-06 / SHHK-06-15D
Tel: 6592 1571 / 6904 7050
Email: xuhong@ntu.edu.sg​

Associate Professor Jonathan Tan
Assistant Chair (Internship, Exchange, Alumni and Communication),

Office: SHHK-04-78 / SHHK-04-89
Telephone: 6790 4761

Dr Erin Lee
Head, Administration

Office: SHHK-06-09
Tel: 6908 2283
Email: exlee@ntu.edu.sg
Prof Luke 0005 wa our people
Professor Luke Kang Kwong Kapathy
President's Chair in Linguistics
Chair, School of Social Sciences

Office: SHHK-06-15A
Tel: 6592 7570
Email: KKLUKE@ntu.edu.sg
Associate Professor Laura Wu
​Associate Chair (Academic)

Office: SHHK-04-77 / SHHK-06-15B
Tel: 6592 1553 / 6790 6271
Email: guiying.wu@ntu.edu.sg 

Associate Professor Wan Ching Catherine
Associate Chair (Research)

Office: SHHK-04-10 / SHHK-06-15C
Tel: 6316 8945 / 6316 8733
Email: WanChing@ntu.edu.sg

Associate Professor Kamaludeen Mohamed Nasir
Associate Chair (Graduate and Continuing Education)

Office: SHHK-05-25 / SHHK-06-09
Tel: 6592 7535 / 6908 2283
Email: kamaludeen@ntu.edu.sg


Associate Professor Ho Moon-ho Ringo
Associate Chair (Faculty)

Office: SHHK-04-07/ SHHK-06-15E
Tel: 6316 8944 / 6904 7030
Email: HOmh@ntu.edu.sg

Xu Hong
Associate Professor Xu Hong

Associate Chair (Students)

Office: SHHK-04-06 / SHHK-06-15D
Tel: 6592 1571 / 6904 7050
Email: xuhong@ntu.edu.sg​


Associate Professor Jonathan Tan
Assistant Chair (Internship, Exchange, Alumni and Communication)

Office: SHHK-04-78 / SHHK-04-89
Telephone: 6790 4761

Joyce Pang
Associate Professor Joyce Pang Shu Min
​Head, Psychology

Office: HSS-04-90
Tel: 6790 6745
Email: JoycePang@ntu.edu.sg
Feng Qu
Associate Professor Feng Qu
Head, Economics
Office: SHHK-04-84
Tel: 6592 1543
Email: qfeng@ntu.edu.sg
Associate Professor Chou Meng-Hsuan
Provost's Chair in PPGA
Head, PPGA

Office: SHHK-06-10
Tel: 6592 3707 
Email: hsuan@ntu.edu.sg
Teo You Yenn
Associate Professor Teo You Yenn
Provost's Chair in Sociology
​Head, Sociology

Office: HSS-05-36
Tel: 6316 8933
Email: YYTEO@ntu.edu.sg
Chia Wai Mun
Associate Professor Chia Wai Mun
Director, Master of Science in Applied Economics
Office: SHHK-04-66
Tel: 6790 4290
Email: aswmchia@ntu.edu.sg
Associate Professor Premchand Dommaraju
Director, Master of Science in Applied Gerontology

Office: SHHK-05-39
Tel: 6592 1520
Email: premchand@ntu.edu.sg
Dr Erin Lee
Head, Administration

Office: SHHK-06-09
Tel: 6908 2283
Email: exlee@ntu.edu.sg
Joseph Dennis ALBA
Associate Professor

Office: SHHK-04-80
Telephone: 6790 6234
Research Areas: International Macroeconomics, Determinants of Exchange Rates, Monetary Policy Regimes in Developing Countries.
James ANG 
Associate Professor

Office: SHHK-04-42
Telephone: 6592 7534
Research Areas: Long-Run Comparative Development; Culture and Economics. 
Associate Professor
Office: SHHK-04-49
Telephone: 6592 1768
Research Areas: Experimental Economics, Behavioral Finance, Contract Theory.
Associate Professor
Director, Master of Science in Applied Economics
Office: SHHK-04-66
Telephone: 6790 4290
Research Areas: Macroeconomics, International Economics and Development Economics.

Associate Professor 
Head, Economics

Office: SHHK-04-84
Telephone: 6592 1543
Research Areas: Econometrics, Productivity Analysis and the Chinese Economy.
HE Tai-sen
Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-04-40
Telephone: 6592 2432
Research Areas: Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics.
HUANG Weihong 
Associate Professor

Office: SHHK-04-74
Telephone: 6790 5733
Research Areas: Microeconomics, Industrial Organisation, Financial Economics, Public Economics to Nonlinear Economic Dynamics.
LEONG Kaiwen 
Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-04-52
Telephone: 6790 6735
Research Areas: Econometrics, Statistics and Data Analysis for Economics, Introduction to Macroeconomics and The Great Recession: Causes, Consequences and Remedies.
LIM Chong Yah
Emeritus Professor

Office: SHHK-04-88
Research Areas: Development Economics, Stabilisation Economics, and Wage and Wage Policy.

Euston QUAH
Albert Winsemius Chair Professor in Economics

Office: SHHK-04-86
Telephone: 6790 6431
Research Areas: Environmental Economics, Resource Allocation and Cost-Benefit Analysis, Law and Economics and Household Economics. 
Yohanes Eko RIYANTO   
Affiliated member of Psychology
Associate Dean (Research)  

Office: SHHK-4-70 / SHHK-05-56E
Telephone: 6592 1578 / 6904 7276
Research Areas: Applied Microeconomics, Experimental and Behavioral Economics, Industrial Organization and Corporate Finance and Governance.
Associate Professor

Office: SHHK-04-64
Telephone: 6790 4809
Research Areas: Applied Microeconomics, Labour Economics, Economics of Education, Economics of Gender.

Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-04-38
Telephone: 6790 6736

Research Areas: Health economics; economics of aging; applied demography; non-communicable diseases; applied econometrics; impact evaluation; health sector reform, pensions and retirement. 
SNG Hui Ying
Senior Lecturer

Office: SHHK-04-60
Telephone: 6790 4348
Research Areas: Singapore Economy, ASEAN Economies, Development Economics. 

Jonathan TAN
Associate Professor
Assistant Chair (Internship, Exchange, Alumni and Communication),

Office: SHHK-04-78
Telephone: 6790 4761

Research Areas: Behavioral Game Theory, Experimental Economics, Public Economics, Health Economics.
TAN Kong Yam​

Office: SHHK-04-82
Telephone: 6316 8837 
Research Areas: China Economic Reform, Capital Account Liberalisation, China-ASEAN Linkages.

TANG Cheng Keat
Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-04-73 

Telephone:  67906798  
Email:  c.k.tang@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: Urban, Environmental, and Transportation Economics
Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-04-56
Telephone: 6790 6115
Research Areas: Growth and Development, Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics, Real Estate Economics, Computational Economics.
WANG Wei Siang 

Office: SHHK-04-55
Telephone: 6514 1092
Research Areas: Econometrics, Stochastic Frontier Analysis, and International Finance. 
YAN Jubo
​Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-04-68
Telephone: 6513 2249
Research Areas: Behavioural and Experimental Economics, Environmental and Energy Economics.
WU Guiying Laura 
Associate Professor
Associate Chair (Academic)

Office: SHHK-04-77 / SHHK-06-15B
Telephone: 6592 1553 / 6790 6271
Research Areas: Firm Investment, Corporate Finance, Structural Estimation, Chinese Economy.
WANG Wenjie
Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-04-65
Telephone: 63168 958
Research Areas: Econometric Theory, Applied Econometrics, Policy Evaluation, and Behavioral Economics
WorkPhoto (Jonathan Yeo)_web
Jonathan YEO 
Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-04-63
Telephone: 6790 4496
Email: jonathanyeo@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: Behavioural and Experimental Economics, especially in relation to Sociology and Culture​
YIP Sau Leung Paul 
Associate Professor

Office: SHHK-04-62
Telephone: 6790 4983
Research Areas: International Monetary Economics, Applied Econometrics, Exchange Rate Systems and Reforms in Singapore, Hong Kong and China, Asian Financial Crisis, and Capital Flight and Foreign Direct Investment in China.
Jansen ANG Chong Han
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Senior Principal Psychologist, 
Singapore Police Force 

Office:  SHHK-04-23
Telephone: 6592 1577
Research Areas: Community Resilience, Trauma Intervention.  
SH Annabel CHEN 

Office: SHHK-04-19
Telephone: 6316 8836
Research Areas: Clinical Neuropsychology, Higher Cognitive Functions in the Cerebellum and Neuropsychiatric Disorders, Aging Neuroscience,  Applications of Neuropsychology and Neuroimaging to Learning and Education. 
Choy, Olivia, Photo
Olivia CHOY
Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-04-08

Telephone: 6592 1522

Research AreasCriminal and antisocial behaviour, Biopsychosocial Criminology, Psychophysiology, Transcranial direct current stimuation.

Gerrit MAUS
Nanyang Assistant Professor

Office:  HSS-04-24 
Telephone: 6592 3533 
Research Areas: Visual Perception, Cognitive Neuroscience, Eye Movements, Multisensory Perception.
Adjunct Associate Professor 
Singapore Police Force  

Office: SHHK-04-22  
Telephone: 6592 1576
Research Areas: Forensic Psychology

Charles OR 
Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-04-16
Telephone: 6316 8934

Research AreasVisual Perception: Face Perception, Motion Perception, Object Recognition, Cultural Differences, Psychophysics, Electroencephalography (EEG), Eye Movements, Computational Modelling Systems Neuroscience, Cognitive Science

Joyce PANG 
Associate Professor
Head, Psychology

Office: SHHK-04-08
Telephone: 6790 6745


Research Areas: Human Motivation, Personality Assessment, Health Psychology, Adolescent Behaviors.
Associate Professor 

Office: SHHK-04-15 
Telephone: 6513 2250 
Research Areas: Social Psychology, Cultural Psychology, Computational Social Science.
Kitada RYO 
Nanyang Associate Professor

Office: SHHK-04-13  
Telephone: 6316 8935
Research Areas: Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuroimaging, Touch and Blind.
Associate Professor 

Office: SHHK-04-14 
Telephone: 6592 1573 
Research Areas: Comparative Physiology, Parenting across Cultures and Minds, Early Bio-Markers of Autism Spectrum Disorders. 
gumert (5)
Michael GUMERT
Associate Professor

Office: SHHK-04-05
Telephone: 6514 1094 
Research Areas: Macaque Behavior and Evolution, Cultural Primatology, Animal Tool-Use, Wildlife Conservation and Management.

Andy HO Hau Yan 
Associate Professor

Office:  SHHK-04-03
Telephone: 6316 8943

Research Areas: Psychosocial Gerontology, Public Health Palliative Care, Community Health Psychology, Mindfulness and Expressive Arts, Participatory Action Research.


Telephone:  6592 7834
Email: r.nichols@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: Memory Distortion, Eyewitness Testimony, Cognitive Biases, Innovation & Challenges in Higher Education
Kenichi ITO​
​Assistant Professor 

Office: SHHK-04-11 
Telephone: 6592 1700 
Research Areas: Cultural Psychology, Consumer Behavior, Social Psychology.
Albert LEE
Assistant Professor 

Office: SHHK-04-09
Telephone: 6592 1572
Research Areas: Culture and Cognition, Religious Cognition, Supernatural Beliefs, Anthropomorphism, Judgments and Decision-Making, Embodiment and Metaphorical Cognition, Temporal Reasoning, Self-regulatory Processes.

​Victoria LEONG Vik Ee
Assistant Professor 

Office: SHHK-04-04
Telephone: 6514 1052
Email: VictoriaLeong@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: Neural basis of parent-child social learning and communication, dual-EEG and interpersonal connectivity, early language learning and infant-directed speech, developmental dyslexia 
LIM Choon Guan
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Clinical Psychiatrist 
Institute of Mental Health 

Office: SHHK-04-23
Telephone: 6592 1577 
Research AreasChild and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Ringo HO Moon-Ho
Associate Professor
Associate Chair (Faculty)

SHHK-04-07 / 06-15E
Telephone: 6316 8944 / 6904 7030 
Email: homh@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: Quantitative Psychology, Neuroinformatics, Applied Statistics. 
SETOH Pei Pei 
Associate Professor 

Office: SHHK-04-12 
Telephone:  6316 8743
Research Areas: Developmental Psychology, Infant Cognition, Causal Reasoning. 

Assistant Professor 
Provost's Chair in Psychology

Office: SHHK-04-21
Telephone: 6316 8835
Email: suzy.styles@ntu.edu.sg 

Research Areas: Developmental Psycholinguistics, Crossmodal Perception, Bi-/Multilingualism, Cross-linguistic Differences. 
TAN Chin Hong
Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-04-27
Telephone: 6592 1581
Research Areas: Cognitive neuroscience of ageing and dementia, Cerebrovascular disease, Alzheimer’s polygenic risk.
Catherine WAN Ching  
Associate Professor
Associate Chair (Research)

Office: SHHK-04-10

Telephone: 6316 8945

Research Areas: Shared Representations of Culture, Cultural Identity, Multiculturalism, Social cognition, Intergroup processes.

XU Hong 
Associate Professor 

Associate Chair (Students)

Office: SHHK-04-06 / SHHK-06-15D
Tel: 6592 1571 / 6904 7050


Research Areas: Perception and Neuroscience. 
Benjamin Hill Detenber
Associate Professor (WKWSCI / Courtesy Appointment)

Office: SHHK 03-42
Telephone: 6790 5809
Research Areas: Media psychology, Computer-mediated communication, Public opinion, Political communication, Science communication

Ben Turner
Assistant Professor (WKWSCI / Courtesy Appointment)

Office: WKWSCI 02-13
Telephone: 6592 2590


Research Areas: Communication neuroscience, Message tailoring, Media effects, Quantitative methods

Gemma Anne Calvert 
Professor (Practice) (NBS / Courtesy Appointment)

Office: S4-B4B-ACI  
Telephone: 6592 1894
Research Areas: Consumer Neuroscience, Implicit Processing and How brands work in the brain. 
Krishna Savani
Associate Professor (NBS / Courtesy Appointment)

Office: S3-01C-81
Telephone: 6790 4628
Research Areas: Intersection of cultural psychology, decision making, and organizational behavior, with a special focus on how cross-cultural comparisons can reveal insights into basic psychological processes.
Vanessa Evers
Professor (SCSE / Courtesy Appointment)
Director, NTU Institute for Science and Technology for Humanity

Office: ADM-06-04

Yohanes Eko RIYANTO Yohanes Eko RIYANTO   
Affiliated member of Psychology
Associate Dean (Research)  

SHHK-4-70 / SHHK-05-56E
Telephone: 6592 1578 / 6904 7276Email: yeriyanto@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: Applied Microeconomics, Experimental and Behavioral Economics, Industrial Organization and Corporate Finance and Governance.

Ana Cristina Dias ALVES 
Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-05-04
Telephone: 6316 8741 
Email: anacristina@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: Foreign Policy, Development, Chinese Foreign Policy towards developing regions, China-Africa relations. 

Azusa Katagiri
Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-06-06
Telephone: 6904 7103
Research Areas : Interstate conflict, foreign policy, and statistical and computational methods including text analysis and machine learning

CHEN Chung-An
Associate Professor

Office: SHHK-05-15
Telephone: 6592 2499
Email: cchongan@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: Organisational Behaviour, Public Administration Theory, Policy Analysis.

CHOU Meng-Hsuan  
Associate Professor
Provost's Chair in PPGA
Head, PPGA

Office: SHHK-06-10
Telephone: 6592 3707
Email: hsuan@ntu.edu.sg 

Research Areas: Regionalism and Regional Integration (European Union, ASEAN), Institutional and Organisational Theory, Migration and Asylum Policy, Research and Higher Education Policy (Knowledge Policies)

Christopher HOLMAN  
Associate Professor

Telephone: 6592 3708
Email:  cholman@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: History of Political Thought, Contemporary Political Theory, Critical Theory, Democratic Theory, Political Anthropology, Psychoanalysis, and Politics. 
Felicity CHAN
Assistant Professor
Office: SHHK-04-93
Telephone:  6904 7115
Research Areas: Social Life in Cities, Planning/Design of Urban Built Environment, Spatial Ethnography, Urban Diversity.  

Assistant Professor

Telephone: 6592 3720
Email: kkei@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: International Relations Theory, International Institutions (ASEAN), Institutional Change, International Security, East-Asian Regional Security, Comparative Regionalism, US-Japan Relations. 
Assistant Professor
Office: SHHK-05-02
Telephone: 6513 8179
Research Areas: Public Budgeting and Finance, Financial Management and Performance, Contracting out of Public Services, Institutional Arrangements in Policy Choices. 
LIU Hong
Tan Lark Sye Chair Professor of Public Policy and Global Affairs
Director, Nanyang Centre for Public Administration

Office: SHHK-05-56 
Telephone: 6592 7570 
Research Areas: The Rise of China, Chinese International Migration, Nationalism, Transnationalism, Transnational Knowledge Transfer and Dynamic Governance in the Global South, Talent Strategies and Management in China and Singapore.

Loh Ming Hui Dylan
Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-06-07
Telephone: 65924308

Research Areas: Chinese foreign policy, ASEAN, diplomacy and international political sociology

Nilay Saiya
Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-06-03
Telephone: 65921717
Research Areas:  Religion and Global Politics, American Foreign Policy, Terrorism
Sabrina LUK 
Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-06-08
Telephone: 6904 7122 
Email: slukcy@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: Ageing and Healthcare Reforms, E-Government and Governance, Public Policy Analysis, China Studies.
 Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-06-05
Telephone: 6514 1721
Research Areas:  Religion and politics, political Islam, political parties and elections, and Southeast Asian politics, with a special focus on Singapore and Malaysia.

WANG Jue  
Associate Professor

Telephone: 6513 8130
Email:  wangjue@ntu.edu.sg 

Research Areas: Science and Technology Policy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Economic development 

WU Wei 
Associate Professor

Telephone: 6790 6793 
Email: wwu@ntu.edu.sg 

Research Areas: Political Communication, Organisational Communication, Evaluation of Public Service Quality.

ANG Jia Wei Shannon
Assistant Professor

Telephone: 6513 8141Email:  shannon.ang@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: Social Gerontology; Health and Demography; Social Connectedness; Sociology of the Life Course; Quantitative Methodology
Sulfikar AMIR
​Associate Professor 

Office: SHHK-05-31
Telephone: 6316 8839 
Email: sulfikar@ntu.edu.sg

Research AreasScience and Technology Studies, Risk and Disaster, Resilience, City and Infrastructure Studies. 

Stephen D. Campbell
Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-05-48 
Telephone: 6592 7883

Research Areas: Anthropology of state formation, political economy, labour migration, border studies, Myanmar, Thailand, workerist/autonomist theory       

Associate Professor

Office: SHHK-05-39
Telephone:  6592 1520
Email:  premchand@ntu.edu.sg 

Research Areas Social demography, Families and households, Marriage and Divorce, Ageing and Gerontology, Liveability in Cities.

Muhammad Saidul ISLAM 
Associate Professor

Office: SHHK-05-44
Telephone: 6592 1519  
Email: msaidul@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: Environmental Sociology, International Development, Global Aquaculture, Neoliberal Globalisation, Sustainability, Disaster Vulnerabilities, Social and Environmental Justice, Religion and Human Rights.

Jung Jong Hyun
Assistant Professor

Telephone: 6316 8744
Email: jhjung@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: Mental Health, Religion, and Aging and Life Course

Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-05-45
Telephone: 6316 8960 
Email:  laavanyak@ntu.edu.sg

Research AreasMigration within the Global South, Diversity and Multiculturalism; Urban Studies/Urban Sociology with a focus on Global Cities, Friendship and Affect, Race and Ethnicity, Ethnography and Visual Methods.  

Kamaludeen Mohamed Nasir
Associate Professor
Associate Chair (Graduate and Continuing Education)

Office: SHHK-05-25 / SHHK-06-09
Telephone: 6592 7535 / 6908 2283
Email: kamaludeen@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas Religion, Social Stratification, Popular Culture, Deviance & Social Control.

KWOK Kian Woon     
Associate Vice President (Wellbeing)
Office: SHHK-05-50
Telephone: 6592 1879
Email: kwkwok@ntu.edu.sg

Research AreasSocial Aspects of Underground Environments, Mental Health Epidemiology and Literacy in Singapore, War, Trauma and memories in Asia, Chinese Overseas, Culture and Cultural Policy (Arts and Heritage), Singapore and Asian modernity.

​Ian McGonigle
Nanyang Assistant Professor

Telephone: 65141722
Email: ianmcgonigle@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas:  Ethnopharmacology; Middle Eastern Societies; Philosophical Anthropology; Precision Medicine; Science, Technology, & Society 
Ian ROWEN    
Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-04-92
Telephone: 6904 2198
Email:  ian@ntu.edu.sg

Research AreasCultural and Political Geography, Social Movements, Tourism, Transitional Justice, Innovation.

Francis LIM Khek Gee  
Associate Professor

Office: SHHK-05-29
Telephone: 6316 873
Email: fkglim@ntu.edu.sg

Research AreasGlobalisation and Cultural Change, Tourism, Religion, Technology and Society, Anthropology of HIV and AIDS, South Asia (Nepal, Tibet), China, Singapore Studies.  

Lee Hyo Jung
Assistant Professor

Telephone: 6908 1778
Email:  hjlee@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: Aging and Health, Late-Life Social Relationships, Health Behaviour and Health Care Use among older adults, End-of-Life for Older Adults, Quality of Life and Death
Prof Luke 0005 wa our people
Luke Kang Kwong Kapathy
President’s Chair in Linguistics
Chair, School of Social Sciences

Office: SHHK-06-15A
Telephone: 6592 7570

Research Areas: Turn-construction and turn-taking in conversational interaction, Sequential analysis and membership categorization analysis, Doctor-patient interaction, Talk and interaction in family and workplace settings, Storytelling in conversation

Shirley SUN 
 Associate Professor

Office: SHHK-05-23
Telephone: 6316 8832 
Email:  hlsun@ntu.edu.sg

Research AreasMedical Sociology (Precision Medicine); Science, Technology and Society, Citizenship; Population Studies; Public and Social Policy; Sociology of Reproduction; Migration; Families; Social Inequalities (race, class, gender relations)​

  TAN Joo Ean

Senior Lecturer

Office: SHHK-05-40
Telephone: 6316 8833 
Email: JETan@ntu.edu.sg 

Research Areas: Marriage, Family, Social Change, Southeast Asia. 

TEO You Yenn​
​Associate Professor ​
Provost's Chair in Sociology
Head, Sociology 

Office: SHHK-05-46         
Telephone: 6316 8730 
Email:   yyteo@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: Class Inequalities and Poverty, Public Policy, Governance, Welfare Citizenship, State-Society Relations and Culture, Gender; Singapore. 
Associate Professor


Office: SHHK-05-41
Telephone: 6513 2713
Email:  patrick.williams@ntu.edu.sg


Research AreasMicro-Sociology and Social Psychology (Symbolic Interaction), Cultural Sociology, Self and Identity, Qualitative Research Methods, Subcultural Theory, Youth Subcultures, Digital Media Cultures, Games and Gaming.

YE Junjia (JIA)
Assistant Professor

Office: SHHK-04-91
Telephone: 6904 7159
Email: jjye@ntu.edu.sg

Research Areas: Urban diversity; migration; development; inequality and precarity in global cities; subjectivities; comparative urbanism; collaborative visual ethnographic methods (photography and film)

ZHAN Shaohua
Associate Professor

Office: SHHK-05-38
Telephone: 6790 4379
Email:  shzhan@ntu.edu.sg

Research AreasEconomic Sociology, International Development, China, Migration, Rural Sociology, Food Security, Labour and Labour Movements, Historical Sociology, World-Systems Analysis, Social Inequality, Poverty.

Chair's Office

Name  DesignationContact No.EmailLocation
Dr Erin LeeHead, Administration6908 2283exlee@ntu.edu.sgSHHK-06-09
Ms Judy Tan Siok HongSenior Executive6592 7571siokhong@ntu.edu.sgSHHK-06-15

Undergraduate Education Office

Name  DesignationContact No.EmailLocation
Ms Ng YanjiaSenior Assistant Manager
6790 5668YJNg@ntu.edu.sgSHHK-01-02
Ms Tina Koh​ Bee Lay
Senior Assistant Manager
(Economics and PPGA)
6592 2621

​6790 6201

-​SHHK-01-02 ​
Ms Eleanor Eng Pei LengAssistant Manager (Economics and Data Science)
6592 2488
Mr Samson Ee JinsenSenior Executive (Economics)​6513 8201samson.ee@ntu.edu.sg​SHHK-01-02 ​
​Ms Chan Bee AiSenior Executive​6316 8957bachan@ntu.edu.sgSHHK-06-15
​​Ms Rasidah Binte Baji ​(Shida)​​Executive
6790 6073RasidahBaji@ntu.edu.sg​​SHHK-01-02
​Mr Wong Khai Sian Victor​Senior Executive (PPGA)6904 7280khaisian.wong@ntu.edu.sgSHHK-01-02
Ms Tricia Tay Jia YunTemp Executive
6592 1580tricia.tayjy@ntu.edu.sgSHHK-01-02

Research Office

Name  DesignationContact No.EmailLocation
Ms Christina TeuManager6514 8364christinateu@ntu.edu.sgSHHK-06-15
Ms Yee Chun Nam (Rachel​)Senior Executive6513 8145cnyee@ntu.edu.sg​​SHHK-02-19
Ms Jennifer Goh Shu Min​Senior Executive6513 8181jsmgoh@ntu.edu.sgSHHK-02-19

Graduate and Continuing Education Office

Name  DesignationContact No.EmailLocation
Mdm Chua Bee Been EuniceSenior Assistant Manager6316 8740tgbchua@ntu.edu.sgSHHK-02-19
Ms Li SufeiSenior Executive6790 6134sufei@ntu.edu.sgSHHK-02-19
Ms Jennifer Goh Shu Min​Senior Executive6513 8181jsmgoh@ntu.edu.sgSHHK-02-19

Master of Science in Applied Economics

Name  DesignationContact No.EmailLocation
Mr Lim Tan San​​​​Manager6592 2433​TSLim@ntu.edu.sg​​SHHK-04-37
Ms Kum Wai HanSenior Assistant Manager6908 3467WHkum@ntu.edu.sg​SHHK-04-36
Ms Tay Hui ChingTemp Assistant Manager6908 3467huiching.tay@ntu.edu.sg​SHHK-04-36

Master of Science in Applied Gerontology

Name  DesignationContact No.EmailLocation
Mr David Lim Yew GheeAssistant Director6592 7833​david.limyg@ntu.edu.sg​SHHK-02-19
Ms Nadhira Binte Zulaimi​Senior Executive6904 7499nadhira.zulaimi@ntu.edu.sg​SHHK-02-19

Human Resources Office

Name  DesignationContact No.EmailLocation
​Mr Frank Lee Chin PingDeputy Director​6592 1639frank.lee@ntu.edu.sg​SHHK-06-15
​Ms Constance Yong Shiu Dian Manager (Faculty)​6592 3679constanceyong@ntu.edu.sg​SHHK-06-15

Finance Office

Name  DesignationContact No.EmailLocation
​Ms Goh Heng LengManager​6904 1037hengleng.goh@ntu.edu.sg​SHHK-06-15
​Ms Farhain Binte SulaimanSenior Executive​​6513 2395farhain@ntu.edu.sg​SHHK-06-15
Ms Alicia Mak Yoke Khuan Executive 6908 1169ykmak@ntu.edu.sg



Student Life, Outreach & Communications Office

Name  DesignationContact No.EmailLocation
​Ms Elsie Ann Low​Student Care Manager6514 8335 / 6316 8831elsie.low@ntu.edu.sg​SHHK-01-02C
​​Ms Lissa Johari ​Senior Assistant Manager​​6904 7205lissa.johari@ntu.edu.sg​SHHK-06-15
Ms Janice Goh Siew Lan​Assistant Manager6513 8131slgoh@ntu.edu.sgSHHK-06-15


Continuing Education, Alumni & External Relations 

Name  DesignationContact No.EmailLocation
Belinda Lim Ghim PhengManager6904 7485belinda.limgp@ntu.edu.sgSHHK-06-15


IT and Facilities Office

Name  DesignationContact No.EmailLocation
​Mr Wilson Chew Zhiyang​Senior Assistant Manager (Facilities)6316 8737wzychew@ntu.edu.sg​​​SHHK-01-01
​​Ms Magdalene Lim Chew Ling​Assistant Manager (IT)​​6790 5671acllim@ntu.edu.sg​SHHK-01-01
Mr Alex Cheong Chee Leong​Senior Executive (IT)6592 2619cheongcl@ntu.edu.sgSHHK-01-01
Mr Josh Tan Hwa MongSenior Executive (IT)6514 8363tanhm@ntu.edu.sgSHHK-01-01
Mr Steven Fong Yit ShinSenior Executive (IT)6513 7601ysfong@ntu.edu.sgSHHK-01-01