Published on 26 Feb 2024

Prof. S.N. Piramanayagam Receives IEEE Magnetics Society's Distinguished Lecturers 2024 Award


Associate Professor S.N. (Prem) Piramanayagam, a distinguished faculty member from the Division of Physics and Applied Physics at the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore, has been honoured with the prestigious IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguished Lecturers 2024 award.

The IEEE Magnetics Society's Distinguished Lecturer (DL) Program selects four scholars annually from nominations by its membership. These DLs deliver a minimum of 20-40 lectures globally, upon invitation, covering local costs. The program aims to celebrate excellence in magnetics, recognize outstanding researchers, foster community outreach, and inspire young researchers in the field.
Associate Prof. Piramanayagam's lectures focused on "Brain-Inspired Computing Using Magnetic Domain Wall Devices." His expertise and contributions to magnetics research have been widely acknowledged. 
The School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences extends heartfelt congratulations to Prof. Piramanayagam for this remarkable achievement, reflecting his dedication to advancing knowledge in the field of magnetics.