Published on 30 Jul 2021

Study on Singlish translation strategies awarded Tier 1 (April 2021) grant

Arista Kuo's (Chinese) research project titled Singlish Transfer on Screen: An Audience Reception Study was awarded a grant from the MOE TRF Tier 1 (April 2021) call.


This proposed project aims to understand viewer preferences for translation strategies used in the subtitles of Singlish dialogues, to explore viewers’ attitudes and expectations for the translations of linguistic variations, and to propose a set of good subtitling practice for the Singaporean context. This project will help enrich the existing literature on subtitling linguistic variations in general and, Singlish dialogues, in particular, as well as on the audience reception of subtitled Singaporean films. Drawing from the findings, it will shed light on how translated subtitles can cater to the needs of a wider audience and help promote Singaporean films globally, and it will address the societal challenges of language proficiency and identity issues in Singapore.