Creative Writing at NTU

Creative Writing at NTU provides a range of offerings for undergraduate and graduate students, who benefit from innovative teaching, skilled mentorship and a stimulating environment of literary exchange. All courses are taught by practising and publishing writers, including the prominent local and international authors who regularly join the programme as guest teachers and Writers in Residence. Students can sample creative writing through individual undergraduate courses, pursue a Minor in Creative Writing​, undertake a creative Final Year Project and/or develop a major work through the graduate programme​.

Why study creative writing?

Creative writing develops the intellectual and aesthetic capacities of students, whether or not they aim to write professionally. Each piece of writing brings together the particular and the general and is both an invention and a "take" on the world. These inventions allow students to explore in a concrete way sociological, economic, historical, linguistic, and psychological verities embedded in everyday life practices, and to imagine new possibilities. In some respects, this parallels what philosophers call thought-experiments.

Students who write poems and stories of their own are generally more aware of, and sensitive to the finer points of how language operates. Creative writing encourages conceptual speculation. It makes legitimate the expression of emotions, reactions, opinions and intuitive judgments. These are discouraged by the protocols of academic writing but can play a huge role in the development of verbal, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and existentialist intelligence.