The University’s academic structure for its undergraduate programmes is based on the Academic Unit System (AUS). Important information pertaining to Curricular Requirements, Registration of Courses as well as Examinations and Grades can be found in the online Academic Unit System (AUS).​

General Information:

1. Students are allowed to have unlimited attempts at the same course. They are, however, bound by a 6-year limit period of candidature in the Bachelor of Engineering (Materials Engineering) degree.

 Period of Candidature
Year 1 Intake3½ Years4 Years6 Years
Year 2 Poly Intake2½ Years3 Years5 Years
Engineering & Economics (Double Degree)4½ Years5 Years7 Years

2. To be awarded the Bachelor of Engineering (Materials Engineering) degree, students must fulfill the following minimum number of AUs from their Core Courses and Major Prescribed Electives (excluding GER-Core, GER-PE and GER-UE).

ProgrammeMin. Years of StudyMin. AU of Graded Courses & MPEs
Year 1 Intake3½ Academic Years58
Year 2 Poly Intake2½ Academic Years49

3. Regulations governing Academic Warning, Probation and Termination of students are given in detail in the online
Academic Unit System (AUS) ​.