A very warm welcome to the family of over 230,000 strong NTU alumni all over the world and over 5,000 NTU MSE Alumni. As the career prospects of MSE graduates are broad covering a spectrum of industries and fields, the strong NTU alumni network and the 91 alumni associations across the globe will be of extreme significance to you. Many excellent activities/programs are organized every year to promote career prospects through workshops, networking events, community engagement, etc. At any stage of your journey, you can also utilize $1600 worth of NTU alumni course credits to pursue different courses at the Center for Professional and Continuing Education to be prepared for economic and industrial changes.

MSEAA Executive Committee (2021 – 2023): 

NameMSEAA PositionWorking Organization
Elvin Liang Chongwen ​President​PPG Industries
​Elijah Ang Wei An​Vice-President & Financial Controller​Ministry of Trade and Industries
Wayne Chua Hao ZiHonorary General Secretary ​ICA Gruppen
Poh Kah Kiong​Marketing Director​Singtel
​Cheryl Lim Min QiProgramme Head​Google
​Gabriel Lim Jun Jee​Programme Head​Luno
Jonathan Lim Programme HeadEntrepreneur First
Luke Jau Teng ZhiAssistant Programme HeadBorgwarner Singapore
Tan Yun XuanAssistant Programme HeadASM
Lim Yu LinAssistant Programme HeadLTA
Terence HongAssistant Programme HeadPhD, NTU
Perry OngAssistant Programme HeadMurata Electronics
Lin JingAssistant Programme HeadNUS

For enquires, you may email to elvin@mseaa.org or weian@mseaa.org

Below are some example of other Organizations that MSE Alumni are currently working at:

 3M Singapore Pte Ltd ​Nestle
 ​Advanced Materials Engineering ​Procter & Gamble
 AMD Singapore ​REC
 ANR Singapore Rolls-Royce
 GlobalFoundries ​Shell
 ​Johnson & Johnson ST Kinetics
 ​Micron Unilever


Be part of the MSE Alumni

As an extremely close knit family, MSE has an excellent and welcoming Alumni Association (MSEAA). MSE Alumni Association aims to create an open and inclusive network of alumni, provide platforms for interaction and exploration of career opportunities through industrial networks, as well as social opportunities for personal enrichment and development. MSEAA members contribute their time and effort generously to organize various events and activities for alumni, MSE undergraduates and postgraduates.

Alumni Events

MSE Alumni

Celebrate MSE

This annual networking event brings together alumni for a panel discussion to share their educational journey in MSE, give insights on working life in various industries, and provide advice on jobs and postgraduate studies. The networking event provides opportunity for MSE undergraduates and postgraduate students to reconnect and learn more about alumni and their careers.

MSE Volunteering


The Social enterprises, Outreach and Philanthropy Network (SOPN) is an interest group that started out in 2012 with the vision to build a strong pool of community leaders within the MSE Alumni. In line with the interests and needs of the society in Singapore, MSEAA community leaders aim to support sustainable social strategies to build social collaborations and encourage a strong spirit of volunteerism amongst MSE graduates.

MSE Workshop


The Business, Investments & Entrepreneurship Network (BIEN) and Trade and Industry Network (TIN) promotes dialogue and collaboration among entrepreneurs, business leaders, start-ups, established companies and investors. We focus on generating ideas and inspiring initiatives across all industries, and we provide the right platform to promote economic innovation and attract private investment.

MSE Drinking Event


The Oktoberfest is an annual event attended by MSE Alumni from different graduating classes. This casual outing provides alumni an opportunity to reminisce the good old times and forge new connections.