MSE Colloquium
MSE-Colloquium@NTU is a forum where distinguished scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, and publishing editors are invited to give presentations to MSE staff and students.



Past Seminars in 2022 / 2023

1 Mar 2023Prof Michael K C TamInnovation in Sustainable Nanomaterials for Advanced Engineering Applications
18 Jan 2023Prof Stuart S P ParkinBeyond Charge Currents: Spin and Ion Currents for Future Data Storage and Computing Technologies 
9 Dec 2022
Prof Chad A. Mirkin
Northwestern University
Exploring the "Matterverse" with Nanomaterial Megalibraries
24 Nov 2022
Prof Harm-Anton Klok
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Mechanochemistry of Solvent-Swollen Surface-Grafted Polymer Brushes, and Polymer Networks
18 Nov 2022
Dr Siah Soh Yun 
Beyond CMOS Scaling: Semiconductor Materials and Applications
14 Nov 2022
Prof Andrey L. Rogach
City University of Hong Kong
Carbon Dot Luminophores
13 Oct 2022
Prof Raffaele Mezzenga
ETH Zürich
Rethinking Food Protein Waste
8 Jun 2022
Professor Rajarshi Banerjee
University of North Texas
Exploiting In situ Chemical Reactions During Laser Additive Manufacturing for Developing Hierarchical Metal-Ceramic Composites
19 Apr 2022
Prof Pulickel Ajayan
Rice University
Promises of Nanotechnology: A Review
4 Feb 2022
Prof Christopher A. Schuh
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Supersonic collisions of microparticles on metal: In-situ studies at the nanosecond and micrometer scales
6 Jan 2022
Prof Alejandro Marangoni
University of Guelph
Nanoscale Structure and Rheology of Edible Fats

23 Sep 2021Prof Karsten ReuterData-Enhanced Multiscale Theory of Operando Energy Conversion Systems
31 Aug 2021Prof Arokia NathanUltralow Power Flexible Electronics
28 Jul 2021

Prof Simon Redfern

What Have Minerals Done for Us? Environmental Materials as Societal & Intellectual Resources

11 Nov 2020Prof Neil CameronPolymer-based Nanomaterials from Supramolecular Processes​
26 Oct 2020Prof Alvaro Mata
University of Nottingham
Dynamic Supramolecular Engineering of Biomaterials: Nanoscale Design, Hierarchical Organization, and Macroscale Functionality
17 March 2020Prof David Srolovitz
City University of Hong Kong​

​10 February 2020Prof Philip Demokritou 
T. H. Chan School of Public Health Harvard University, United States
Sustainable Nanotechnology: Bio-inspired, Nature-derived and Non-toxic Nanomaterials for Agri-food Applications​

20 January 2020​Professor Chen Hsin-Lung
National Tsing Hua University
How Chemistry Brings in New Physics Problems: Stabilizing OBDD Structure of Block Copolymers by Configurational Regularity​

​6 December 2019Professor Francoise M. Winnik
Professor in Department of Chemistry
University of Helsinki, Finland
The Assembly of Amphiphilic Polymers in Water: Can Weak Forces Oppose Amphiphilic Segregation?

9 September 2019​​Prof Ray Fernando
California Polytechnic State University​
Rheological and Colloidal Aspects of Waterborne Paints​

15 August 2019​Prof Jang Wook Choi
Seoul National University
Novel Approaches in Emerging Rechargeable Batteries

​13 June 2019​Prof Jwa-Min Nam
Seoul National University
Chemical Nanoplasmonics for Surface Enhanced Spectroscopy and Nanobiotechnology
22 May 2019Dr Seh Zhi Wei
Scientist III, NRF Fellow
Institute of Materials Research
Designing Advanced Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion

​6 March 2019Dr Sergi Tretiak
Theoretical Division Center for Nonlinear Studies and Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies Los Alamos National Laboratory
​Machine Learning for Molecular Properties and Chemistry

01 February 2019Professor He Jun
​Professor of Laboratory for Nanodevices, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology
Two-Dimensional Metal Chalcogenides And Device Applications​

15 January 2019Professor G. Jeffrey Snyder
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University​

7 January 2019​​Professor Andrey Rogach
Chair Professor
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
City University of Hong Kong
Light-Emitting Colloidal Nanostructures: Material- and Application-Related Aspects​

10 December 2018Professor Matthew Tirrell
Dean and Founding Pritzker Director, The Institute for Molecular Engineering,
The University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory
Polyelectrolytes in Multivalent Ionic Media: New Physics and New Materials

27 Nov 2018Professor Herbert Waite
Distinguished Professor
University of California, Santa Barbara
Phase-Separated Compartments Control Chemical Reactivity: Lessons from Mussels & Bloodworms

03 Oct 2018Professor Zou Bo
Chang Jiang Scholar & National Distinguished, Young Scholar
State Key Laboratory of Superhard Materials College of Physics Jilin University

Pressure Induced Emission Enhancement

25 September 2018Dr Amos Matsiko
Senior Editor, Nature Materials

An Editor’s Perspective to Publishing at Nature Journals

16 August 2018Professor Park Nam-Gyu
School of Chemical Engineering
Sungkyunkwan University,
South Korea
Towards Large-Area, Stable, High Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells

10 August 2018Professor Chen Xiaoming
School of Chemistry
Sun Yat-Sen University, China

Professor Su Chengyong
School of Chemistry
Sun Yat-Sen University, China
Porous Metal-Azolate Frameworks for Olefin Separation

Coordination Assembly of Metal-Organic Materials: Metal-Organic Containers (MOCs) and Applications

19 July 2018Professor Zhao DongyuanOriented Assembly of Functional Mesoporous Materials with Multi-Level Architectures
20 June 2018Professor Katsushi Fujii
(Centre for Advanced Photonics, RIKEN)
Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation using n-type GaN Single Crystal with/without NiO Loading

3 May 2018Professor Peter H.L. Notten
(Eindhoven University of Technology Honorary Professor, University of TechnologyEindhoven University of Technology Honorary Professor, University of Technology Sydney, International Adjunct Faculty, Amrita University)
Electrochemical Energy Storage: From Materials Research to Battery Modelling

19 April 2018Professor Liu Xiaogang
Department of Chemistry
National University of Singapore
The Search for High Efficiency Energy Conversion Nanocrystals: A Personal Account.

7 March 2018Professor Zeng Hua Chun (Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering National University of Singapore)

Synthetic Architectures of Multiphasic Functional Nanocomposites

8 February 2018Professor Ko Seung Hwan,
(Applied Nano and Thermal Science Lab, Department of Mechanical Engineering Seoul National University)
Transparent and Flexible/Stretchable Electronics Fabrication by Laser Based Nanomaterials Processing

11 January 2018Associate Professor Kimberly Hamad-Schifferli,
(Department of Engineering,
University of Massachusetts Boston)
Engineering the Nano-Bio Interface for Applications in Nanomedicine

3 November 2017Assistant Professor Hisatomi Takashi, Department of Chemical System Engineering, The University of Tokyo, JapanParticulate Photocatalyst Systems for Water Splitting
​20 October 2017Professor Liu Bin
(Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering National University of Singapore)
Aggregation-Induced Emission: Materials and Biomedical Applications

​17 October 2017Professor Jian Lu
Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Vice-President
(Research & Technology), Dean of Graduate Study,
City University of Hong Kong (CityU)
Recent Development of Nanomaterials for Advanced Mechanical and Energy Systems
14 September 2017Professor Motoko Kotani
(Director, Professor and Principal Investigator
WPI Advanced Institute for Materials Research
Tohoku University, Japan)
Structure Understanding of Materials by Discrete Geometric Analysis

​30 August 2017Assoc. Prof. Colby Shad Thaxton
(Feinberg School of Medicine,
Northwestern University)
Spontaneous Assembly of Bio-Nanoparticles for Next Generation Cardiovascular Disease Diagnostics
​4 August 2017​Professor Christoph Josef Brabec, Chair (i-MEET) 
(Materials for electronics and energy technology , Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen Nürnberg)
Molecular Acceptors for Organic Solar Cells: Photophysics, Performance and Lifetime in Comparison to Fullerences

​14 June 2017​Dr. Wolfgang Knoll
(Scientific Managing Director
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology,Vienna, Austria)
Elements of Molecular Sensory Engineering

​3 May 2017Dr. Wladek Walukiewicz
Adjunct Professor
(Department of Materials Science and Engineering
University of California at Berkeley, USA)
New Materials for Solar Power Conversion Applications
​10 April 2017Dr. Gregory JerkiewicPlatinum Electrochemistry and Electrocatalysis: Unravelling the Origins of Its Unique Behavior

5 April 2017Dr. Peter GregoryLiving in an (Advanced) Materials World

22 March 2017Dr. Somchai Tancharakorn
Dr. Sarayut Tunmee
Dr. Pinit Kidkhunthod
Introduction to Synchrotron Radiation and Its Applications

19 January 2017Professor Michael Graetzel
(Physical Chemistry at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. Head of Laboratory of Photonics and Interfaces)
Mesoscopic Photosystems for the Generation of Electricity and Fuels from Sunlight

11 January 2017Professor Lee Chuen Neng
Chairman, University Surgical Cluster, National University Health System (NUHS), Singapore
How Can Material Engineers and Scientists Save Lives , Relieve Human Suffering and Improve Health?

14 December 2016Professor Alexander M. Korsunsky
(The Multi-Beam Laboratory for Engineering Microscopy (MBLEM)
Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford)
Understanding Stresses and Strains Across the Scales - Mechanical Microscopy Studies at the Oxford MBLEM lab

9 November 2016Professor Günther G. Scherer (TUM CREATE, Singapore Energy Research Institute @ NTU)NAFION® - What is it? A tutorial approach

19 October 2016Professor William C. Wimley
(Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Tulane University School of Medicine)
Synthetic Molecular Evolution of Membrane-Active Peptides
​26 September 2016​Professor Wayne D. Kaplan
(Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology)
Interfacial States and Thermodynamic Transitions at Interfaces

14 September 2016​Professor Atul N. Parikh
(Biomedical Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering)
Catching in the Act: Active, Dynamic, and Programmable Behaviours of Far From Equilibrium membrane Biointerfaces
​31 August 2016​Dr Lim Jui
(CEO of NTU Innovation)
Passive Income from Brain Juice

10 August 2016Professor Jay T. Groves
(Department of Chemistry
University of California, Berkeley)
Signal Transduction on Membrane Surfaces: the Roles of Space, Force, and Time

​11 May 2016Professor Reinhold H. Dauskardt
(Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering and Surgery, Stanford University and the Stanford School of Medicine)
A Journey from Hybrid Films to Human Skin:
Understanding Relationships between Structure, Processing and Function

27 April 2016​Professor Jeffrey Glenn
Stanford University
Translating Molecular Virology into Novel Antiviral Strategies

13 April 2016Dr C. Shad ThaxtonBiomimetic Nanoparticles for Cardiovascular Disease

​23 March 2016Professor Robert SinclairIn Situ and Environmental Electron Microscopy Studies of Material Reactions, at the Atomic Level

16 March 2016Professor Paul Braun
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
3D Mesostructured Electrode Concepts for High Energy and Power Density Rechargeable Batteries​

​24 February 2016Professor Samuel Stupp
Northwestern University
Supramolecular Materials in Energy and Medicine
20 January 2016Professor Katsuhiko Ariga
International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics
Hand-Operating Nanotechnology: Can We Control Molecular Machines By Our Hands? YES WE CAN!​​

16 December 2015Professor John Wang
National University of Singapore
Polymeric Micelle/Silica Nanocapsules for Bioimaging: Best Hybrid and Beyond

18 November 2015Professor Zhenan Bao
Stanford University
Morphology by Design: Large-Scale Solution Coating of Organic Semiconductors Thin Film Electronics and Solar Cells
​21 October 2015Professor Subbu Venkatraman
Nanyang Technological University
Nanomaterials in Medicine - A Report Card in 2015

​16 September 2015Professor Connie Chang-Hasnain
University of California, Berkeley
​III-V Nanopillar-Based Devices on a Silicon Substrate

19 August 2015​Professor Shlomo MagdassiNanomaterials for Functional and 3D Printing: From Basic Science to Applications

4 August 2015​Professor Zhao Dongyuan
(Department of Chemistry and Laboratory of Advanced Materials, Fudan University)
Spherical Mesoporous Architectures: Interfacial Assembly from Single- to Multi-Level and their Applications
1 July 2015Professor Yury Gogotsi
Drexel University
MXenes: Expanding the World of Two-Dimensional Materials
10 June 2015Professor Chan Chi-Ming
(Chair Professor, Division of Environment, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST))
Surface Characterization of Polymer Thin Films and Graphene Surfaces

​22 April 2015Professor Joel Ager
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Materials for Solar Fuel Production​

11 March 2015​Dr. Jose Oliveira
Publishing in Wiley Materials Science Journals: The Pre-Screening and Peer Review Process

​5 February 2015Professor Anthony K. Cheetham
(Cambridge MSE and Secretary of the Royal Society)
Flexibility and Phase Transitions in Metal-Organic Frameworks

21 January 2015Professor G. Julius Vancso
(MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, University of Twente, the Netherlands; And Nanyang University of Technology MSE)
Metal nanoparticle foundry: Smart hydrogels as platforms for direct synthesis and support

10 December 2014Professor Junqiao Wu 
0D imperfections in 2D and 3D semiconductors

12 November 2014Professor Paul Weiss
Cooperative Function in Atomically Precise Nanoscale Assemblies
20 October 2014Professor Andrew Wee
National University of Singapore
2D Materials and Beyond: Progress and Prospects

29 September 2014Professor Freddy Boey
Nanyang Technological University
The Golden Age of Materials Science Innovation – some lessons on Innovation and Start Up Companies