What is Materials Engineering?

Materials Science and Engineering is a confluence of chemistry, physics, biology and engineering mathematics. Here, you will master the basic structure and properties of various materials and understand how they can be designed, processed and modified to enhance their performance to suit specific industry needs. You will be engineering revolutionary materials that push the frontiers of science!


Why Materials Engineering?

The School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is a world leader in Materials Engineering, having offered the degree programme since 1991. It is consistently ranked top 3 in world rankings for Materials Science in QS World Universities Ranking by subject and U.S. News Best Global Universities Ranking. 

With an integrated science-driven and application-oriented engineering education in advanced materials, we firmly believe that your journey in MSE will enrich you beyond the boundaries of specialised knowledge, equipping you with skills that accelerate the learning curve in your future career. Come and experience a fulfilling and enriching journey with us!


Ready to make a difference in diverse industry sectors

MSE students will be ready to build their careers across a broad spectrum of industries. With an innovative spirit, some MSE graduates have become successful entrepreneurs, helming businesses that are making an impact in Singapore and beyond. 
Aerospace / Defense

Biotechnology /

Consumer Business

Energy & Chemicals

Electronics / Electronics Manufacturing

Industrial Engineering

Public Service

Oil & Gas

Renewables & Sustainability

Research & Development


A snapshot of your undergraduate journey

Road map of the life of a MSE student. For more information, refer to MSE Curriculum page.


Unique learning experiences to boost your career prospects

Interact and learn from industry experts 

Students can attend seminars by guest lecturers, work on Final Year Projects which are co-supervised by external companies or work in corporate research labs located on campus.
Hands-on learning to prepare for future job roles

Our curriculum incorporates laboratory components to enhance your learning experience. Students use industry-relevant equipment to learn and perform experiments in a lab setting that are relevant to the future workplace.
Discover through industry visits

Students gain perspective on business operations, latest industry developments, challenges and outlook, and job roles through industrial visits. 
Design and innovation opportunities

The Ian Ferguson Innovation Challenge, Sportmaster Competition and MS3015 Industrial Design are some of the platforms to hone students’ innovative and entrepreneurial mindset and problem-solving skills to tackle real-world challenges. Read more about innovation projects here.
Research Opportunities

Students could participate in Undergraduate Research on Campus (URECA) or Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP). All students will undertake a Final Year Project which may include a research component.
Work-Study Degree Programme

Acquire work-relevant skills through the Work-Study Degree Programme by fulfilling work terms and Industry-Sponsored Final Year Project with up to two companies. Students could potentially be offered full-time employment upon graduation.

MSE Specialisations

MSE offers six niche specialisations. These specialisations allow students to pursue greater depth in a chosen area that value add to their degree.
Please refer to this page for more information.



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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Prospective Students

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