Course Exemption


GCE ‘A’ Level, IB & NUSHS Qualifications

Students with outstanding Singapore GCE ‘A’ Level, International Baccalaureate (IB) and NUS High School Diploma (NUSHS) results may be eligible for exemptions for up to 3 selected first year courses in Table 1 below.

  • GCE 'A' Level: Grade ‘A’ for a H2 subject relevant to the course to be exempted.
  • IB: Grade ‘7’ for a HL subject relevant to the course to be exempted.
  • NUSHS Diploma: Major Cap of 4.7 for a subject relevant to the course to be exempted. 

Table 1: Courses Available for Exemption & Relevant A Level / IB / NUSHS Subject

CourseRelevant ‘A’ Level / IB / NUSHS Subject
MH1810 Mathematics IMathematics
MS1008 Intro to Computational Thinking

Computer / Computer Science / Computing Studies (Students who plan to take Materials and AI specialization are strongly encouraged to take MS1008 to lay a strong foundation for the specialization)

MS1013 Materials Chemistry IChemistry
PH1011 Physics

Poly Qualifications
Course exemption for top local polytechnic students may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the diploma and courses that students have taken in their respective polytechnic institutions, and if they have satisfy the requirements/conditions set by the School of Materials Science and Engineering. Generally, students with an Advanced Certificate, Diploma Plus certificate and/or Certificate of Merit or Distinction may be considered for exemption of up to 4 courses or 12 AU for Year 2 students; up to 2 courses or 6 AU for Year 1 students , depending on the relevance of the polytechnic courses taken and the grades obtained

MSE Modules Eligible for ExemptionEligibility Criteria
  • MH1810 Mathematics I
Student must have obtained at least Grade ‘B+’ or above for all relevant Engineering Mathematics diploma modules

  • MS1008 Intro to Computational Thinking *
  • MS1016 Thermodynamics of Materials
  • MS1017 Introduction to Materials Science 
  • MS2012 Intro to Manufacturing Processes
  • MS2013 Introduction to Polymer Science
Student must have obtained at least Grade ‘A’ or above for the relevant diploma modules

* : Students who plan to take Materials and AI specialization are strongly encouraged to take MS1008 to lay a strong foundation for the specialization

AY2023-24 Course Exemption Timeline:

Application Period: 07 Jul – 14 Jul 2023

Review of Applications: 17 Jul – 28 Jul 203

Release of Application Outcome: 01 Aug  – 03 Aug 2023

Submit your Course Exemption application at:

Important Notes:
a) Course exemption is only applicable to Freshmen admitted in that particular Academic Year. The exercise will only be conducted in Semester 1.

b) Course exemption is not compulsory. Students have a choice if they wish to participate in the course exemption exercise.

c) Students are strongly encouraged to visit the School’s website to understand the course content coverage for the courses which they wish to apply for exemption. The MSE Course Summary is available here.

d) Students who are granted course exemptions are considered to have earned the credits awarded to the course. However, the exempted courses do not carry grades and hence would not be included in the computation of students’ GPA. Since a student who qualifies for exemption in a particular course is likely to get a good grade for the course if he/she is to read it, being exempted from it would mean that more efforts are required to obtain a good GPA based on higher level courses. On the other hand, exemptions enable students to proceed to advance courses sooner, which in turn may allow them to graduate in a shorter time.

e) Students who are considering course exemptions must ensure that they are truly proficient in those courses, and there are no serious gaps in their knowledge that might affect their learning in other courses. In other words, course exemptions should not come at the expense of the students’ performance to tackle more advance courses during their candidature.

f) In granting exemption of courses on the basis of the students’ relevant certificate/diploma (e.g. A Level or polytechnic diploma), students may wish to take note of the following conditions for the award of the Bachelor of Engineering (Materials Engineering) degree:

1. Minimum AU of Graded Courses obtained from NTU and Minimum Years of Study at NTU

ProgrammeMinimum Years of Study in NTUMinimum AU of Graded Courses* obtained from NTU

3-year programmes:

2  academic years                             52 AU

4-year programmes: For students admitted to Year 1

3 academic years69 AU

4-year programmes: For students admitted directly to Year 2

2 ½ academic years69 AU
* Cover all courses i.e. Core, Major Prescribed Electives, Broadening and Deepening Electives (BDE), Interdisciplinary Collaborative Core (ICC) and General Education Requirements (GER) courses. The balance AU required for the degree may consist of AU earned from courses with Pass (P), Exempted (EX), and Satisfactory (S) notations.


2. In addition to the above, students in the Bachelor of Engineering programmes must also ensure that the following minimum number of AU from their Core Courses and Major Prescribed Electives (excluding ICC and BDE) are graded, as set out in the table below:

ProgrammeMin. AU of Graded Core Courses & Major Prescribed Elective Courses

For Students Admitted to Year 1
For Students Admitted to Year 2
Materials Engineering5254

Engineering students admitted prior to AY2022-23 are to refer to the Academic Structure Handbook based on their intake here.

3. Period of Candidature:

ProgrammePeriod of Candidature
Year 1 Intake3½ Years4 Years6 Years
Year 2 Direct Intake2½ Years3 Years5 Years
Double Degree4½ Years5 Years7 Years

Contact Details:

Academic (Undergraduate) Coordinator

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Dr. Ratih Oktarini[email protected]--

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