Health, Safety and Environment


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This overview outlines the general safety regulations which must be followed while using any facilities in the laboratories within the School's premises. In addition to these regulations, users must obey the requirements which are specific to each equipment.

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HSE Responsibilities
Safety is a line function in MSE. It involves commitment from the School Chair, School Management Committee, MSE HSE Committee, faculty members, staff, students and all stakeholders within MSE. The responsibilities are listed below:

School Chair
The School Chair shall provide HSE leadership and uphold the MSE HSE policy. The School Chair shall ensure that the appropriate personnel have well defined duties and responsibilities, and accorded the proper authority and resources to implement the MSE HSE Policy through standard operating procedures and programmes.

Supervisors (Reporting Officers such as Principal Investigators, Laboratory Managers and Administrative Managers)
Supervisors have the duty and responsibility of ensuring the occupational health and safety of staff under their care. They shall ensure that proper risk assessment(s) is carried out and practical measures are in place to control the risks. This includes the implementation of the MSE HSE policy, objectives, standard operating procedures, proper maintenance of equipment and facilities, and effective communication (including training and supervision) to all stakeholders.

MSE HSE Committee
The MSE HSE Committee is directly involved in the establishment and implementation of the School’s safety management system with due consultation and advice from the Office of Health, Safety and Emergency. The School’s OSHMS shall align to meet legal requirements. The committee members are key stakeholders who will drive the safety programmes, disseminate HSE information, and carry out enforcement, etc. They shall review safety performance, address safety issues, and update the School Management accordingly. The committee shall also maintain proper documentation and make continual improvement.

Employee and Student Responsibilities
It is the responsibility of all stakeholders to adhere to HSE regulations, especially in following safe work procedures and training. Unsafe conditions, equipment or practices should be reported to supervisors for remedial actions. Technical executives shall exercise due diligence to ensure all laboratory users or contractors conform to safety rules and requirements when working in the laboratories within the School's premises.