Work Study Scheme

Dear Students,
We have some part-time jobs available in our school’s Laboratories, outreach events and general office for those of you who have financial needs.

These jobs require basic skills like data entry, stock-checking, equipment maintenance and event management. Each job requires you to work maximum 16 hours per week during term time. During the school vacation, you are able to work maximum 44 hours per week. You can make some pocket money (range from S$9- S$15 per hour) while contributing to the efficient-running of our school.
Important Note:
A. Students who are on industrial attachment / professional attachment / professional internship / practicum are not allowed to work part time.
B. Students without scholarships are given top priority for the Work Study Scheme jobs.
C. If you hold two jobs, one from Peer Tutoring Scheme and another from Research Scheme; the total maximum combine number of hours per week you can work is 16. Each job maximum working hours per week is 8.

Click the link to view available jobs. 

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