Work Study Scheme

Dear Students,
We have some part-time jobs available in our school’s Laboratories and general office for those of you who have financial needs.

These jobs require basic skills like data entry, stock-checking, equipment maintenance and the like. Each job requires you to work maximum 10 hours per week during term time. During the school vacation, you are able to work maximum 16 hours per week. You can make some pocket money (range from S$7-10 per hour) while contributing to the efficient-running of our school.

Important Note:
A. Students who are on industrial attachment / professional attachment / professional internship / practicum are not allowed to work part time.
B. Students without scholarships are given top priority for the Work Study Scheme jobs.
C. If you hold two jobs, one from Peer Tutoring Scheme and another from Research Scheme; the total maximum combine number of hours per week you can work is 16. Each job maximum working hours per week is 8.

Feedbacks from Work Study Scheme’s students

Tee Chong Yen
MSE Alumni from Malaysia

“I have been working for MSE under the work study scheme for a year. This program benefits me tremendously by giving me the extra money to support my daily living. As I am not under any scholarship from any organization, the extra cash from work study scheme helps me to make ends meet. Without the work study scheme, I might need to travel a few hours out of school to give tuition to earn some pocket money. Besides, work and study scheme allows me to assist professors in their research projects which I think the experience is what money cannot buy. Furthermore, the people around who I work with are very friendly and helpful. They help to create a harmonious and pleasant environment for me to work in. I really appreciate their effort and kindness. Thus I hope that I will still be able to work under the work and study scheme for the coming semester.” 
Thye Yok Yin
MSE Alumni from Malaysia

"It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing. Other than helping my parents ease the burden on the financial cost of my tertiary education, I have taken with me some invaluable insights and experience. I have met people, regardless of age, who not only share the same interest in Material Science, but are very enthusiastic about the school and the club. Personally, besides the monetary rewards, the best thing I have gained through this scheme is a wonderful sense of belonging to the school and club. Also, I have picked up useful interpersonal skills through interaction with the staff and club committee, which I feel are important lessons in university, other than just academic performance. I hope this scheme will continue to benefit more students.”
Ricolas Wongso
MSE Alumni from Indonesia

“The work study scheme really benefits me financially. It helps me to cover the hostel fees, phone bills and schools stuffs such as printing, buying lecture notes, etc. As I am taking tuition fee loan and NTU study loan, I feel more secure to have an extra income which I earn myself. Thus, I am able to concentrate with my study. Besides financial support, the work study scheme benefits me in other areas as well. For example, improving my communication skills and build my confidence to be able to work and interact with Professors, staffs and seniors at MSE. I am also trained to scheduled and utilize my time wisely and efficiently, be more disciplined and responsible.

I strongly feel that the work study scheme is a good program to help students with financial problems and it should be continued. I hope that my fellow classmates who need helps can be benefited from this scheme also.”