Peer Tutoring Scheme

The School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) finds its conviction in providing students with all the academic help they need in achieving their academic goals through the Peer Tutoring Scheme. This scheme is offered at no cost to all students and provides the opportunity for students to learn from one another, fostering a caring spirit among students which will ultimately create a conducive and youthful learning environment.

Applying as a Tutor:
Students who have obtained good grades are encouraged to apply as a Tutor. The School will be paying Tutors S$20 per hour and each session lasts 2 hours. In addition, Tutors will be offered the Certificate of Appreciation at the end of the semester. All tutoring sessions will take place in school during weekday evenings (usually after 5.30pm). Chosen Tutors will be notified via NTU email once application has been reviewed.

Point of Contact:

Vanness Valentino
[email protected]