Lightsheet Microscope


EMB L4 Zebrafish Facility

Muti-view, dual-side illumination Lightsheet Z.1 with pivot scan (for 3D sample imaging)

• Detection zoom: 0.36x – 2.5x, continuous

• Field of view: 60um to 2.8mm based on 5x detection optics, 0.7x zoom. For sample positioning, zoom at 0.36x, FOV > 5mm.

• 4-axis movement: x, y, z and rot.

• IR chamber camera for transmission sample positioning

• Detection optics: 20x/1.0

• Illumination optics (dual side): 10x/0.2 (2 pcs)

• Detection optics: 5x/0.16

• Illumination optics (dual side): 5x/0.1 (2 pcs)

• Laser lines: 445nm, 25mW, 488nm, 30mW, 515nm, 20mW, 561nm, 20mW

• Emission filters (for single/dual channel): CFP-YFP, CFP-mCherry, GFP-mCherry, YFP-mCherry

• Detection module “PCO.Edge” (with Cooling) – 3.7 megapixels, 30fps at 1000x1000pixels (2 pcs)

• Temperature and CO2 control for incubation during live sample imaging

Developmental Biology – Embryogenesis and morphogenesis (e.g. zebrafish, Drosophila, C-elegans)

Organogenesis and Cell Dynamics

3D cell culture

Structural features of large (mm-sized) specimen (early mouse-embryo)

Items User Prices
Lightsheet Microscope Others Rate Others 75/hour
Lightsheet Microscope NTU Rate NTU 60/hour