Advanced Optical Bio-Imaging-Platform

The Advanced Optical Bio-Imaging Platform, a part of NTU Optical Bio-Imaging Centre (NOBIC), provides an array of microscopes as well as related optical imaging expertise that caters to the imaging needs of LKCMedicine researchers and the NTU Community. Our imaging expertise ranges from simple preparation, fluorescent labelling, advanced microscropy and micro-spectroscopy techniques to microscopy image processing and analysis. 

The microscopes are currently located at LKCMedicine's Clinical Sciences Building @ Novena Campus, Experimental Medicine Building @ NTU Main Campus and Academia on SGH Campus. 

Their capabilities include: 
  • Imaging live/fixed cells and tissue sections with diffraction-limited resolution using wide-field and confocal microscopes
  • Resolving a few tens of nanometres in live/fixed cells with the N-STORM microscope
  • Performing calcium imaging in islet and islet cells in perifusion  
  • Volume-imaging of zebrafish embryo for developmental biological studies using a lightsheet microscope 
  • High-throughput screening/scanning using a HCS microscope/slide scanner 
  • Neuroimaging in animal models using optogenetics and in vivo deep-tissue imaging for metabolic studies using two-photon microscopes