Inverted Fluorescence Microscope - TiE


EMB #03-02Y

Nikon Ti-E Motorised Inverted Microscope with PFS; manual XY Stage

Transmitted light Imaging, long-working distance condenser N.A. 0.52 W.D. 30 mm, phase contrast optics

Widefield fluorescence Imaging using XCite 120LED lamp

DAPI, GFP, mCherry, Cy5 filter sets

Objective Lenses: CFI Plan Fluor 4x/0.13, 10x/0.30, ELWD 20x/0.45, ELWD 40x/0.60, ELWD 60x/0.70

Orca Flash 4.0 V2 sCMOS camera, Nikon colour camera

MetaMorph software for image acquisition and analysis

Brightfield and phase-contrast imaging on live cells, fixed cells; fluorescence imaging on live cells, fixed cells

Items User Prices
Inverted Fluorescence Microscope - TiE NTU NTU 15/hour
Inverted Fluorescence Microscope - TiE Others Rate Others 20/hour