Published on 01 Mar 2023

Breaking New Ground Ep 9

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Women in Science@LKCMedicine Podcast

Breaking New Ground Episode 9: Professor Carmen Wong

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Women in Science @ LKCMedicine Podcast
Professor Carmen Wong: Breaking New Ground Ep 9
Host: Anne Loh

Synopsis: In this episode, we interviewed Professor Carmen Wong, Associate Professor, Department of Pathology and the State Key Laboratory of Liver Research at the University of Hong Kong.

Professor Wong spoke at the Frontiers of Cancer Science 2022 conference about how cancer evades immune surveillance for better immune therapies for liver cancer patients.

Highlights of conversation:

00:47 When did your interest in science begin?

01:17 Why is it great to be a woman in science?

02:32 Why cancer science? How did you decide that this was the direction (you'd like to go)?

03:09 Can you tell us about any interesting breakthroughs you've had recently?

04:22 If you could have better funding or more talented colleagues, which one would you pick?

04:56 Are you in any collaboration right now in your research?

05:18 How can we get more women in science?

05:50 Professionally if you were to go back and meet your younger self as an Assistant Professor, what would you tell yourself?

06:37 What do you do to refresh yourself?