Office of Research

Office of Research
Prof LIM Kah Leong 

Vice-Dean, Research
President’s Chair in Translational Neuroscience
Research Director (Biomedical and Life Sciences)

​Ms Harpreet Kaur​Secretary, Vice-Dean's (Research) Office
6592 2456​
Assoc Prof TAN Cher Heng​Assistant Dean, Clinical Research​

​Assoc Prof Kevin PETHE​

​​Associate Professor of Infectious Disease and Assistant Dean, Research
Provost’s Chair in Infectious Disease

Assoc Prof ​Fabi​an LIM​​Programme Director, Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine
Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology
6592 3931
Prof Balazs GULYAS​​Professor of Translational Neuroscience
President's Chair in Translational Neuroscience
6478 9059
​Prof Helen SMITH​​Director, Centre for Primary Healthcare Research & Innovation
Professor of Family Medicine and Primary Care
6592 3926
Prof WANG Yulan​​Director, Singapore Phenome Centre​
Professor of Metabolomics
6904 1106
Prof Josi​p CAR​​Director, Health Services Outcomes Research Programme
Director, Centre for Population Health Sciences
Associate Professor of Health Services Outcomes Research
6904 7005


Research Administration & Support Services
Dr Andrew ANG​Director​
6592 3971
​Dr NG Sean Pin​Deputy Director
6592 3167
​Mr Darren YEONG​Senior Assistant Director​
6904 7143
​​​Mr Ken W​ONG​Assistant Director, Research Operations​
6592 3975​
​Mr Sufian SUDERMANAssistant
6592 3980
Centre for Global Health
Dr NG Ee LingAssistant ​Director​
6592 3938
Centre For Primary Health Care Research & Innovation
Mr Darren YEONGSenior Assistant ​Director​
6904 7143
GAmes For HeaLth InnoVations CEntre (ALIVE)
Dr NG Kian BeeCo-director​
6904 1244
Centre For Population Health Sciences (CePHaS)
Ms Elaine TANAssistant ​Director​
6904 7008
Cognitive Neuroimaging Centre (CONIC)
Dr Parasuraman PADMANABHAN Deputy
6904 1186
Singapore Brain Bank
Dr Joan
6592 6952
The Academic Respiratory Initiative For Pulmonary Health (TARIPH)
Ms Eileen CHEWSenior Assistant ​
6904 7109
 Good Research Practice Office
Ms Celine
6592 3982
Research Faculty
Prof George AUGUSTINEIrene Tan Liang Kheng Chair Professor in Neuroscience 
​​Professor of Neuroscience and Mental Health
​Prof David BECKER​Professor of Tissue Repair and Regeneration​
Prof Bernhard BOEHM
​​Scientific Director of Metabolic Disorders Research Programme
Professor of Metabolic Medicine
Prof John CHAMBERS​Professor of Cardiovascular Epidemiology​
​​Prof Balazs Gulyas​Scientific Director of Neuroscience & Mental Health Research Programme
Professor of Translational Neuroscience
Prof Philip INGHAM FRS​Toh Kian Chui Distinguished Professor 
Professor of Developmental Biology
​Prof Helen SMITHDirector, Centre for Primary Healthcare Research & Innovation​
Professor of Family Medicine & Primary Care
Prof Maurice van STEENSEL​Professor of Dermatology and Skin​​
Prof WANG Yulan​​Professor of Metabolomics
Director of Singapore Phenome Centre
Prof Laurent RéniaProfessor of Infectious DiseasesProfessor of Infectious Diseases
​Assoc Prof Josip CAR​Director, Health Services Outcomes Research Programme
Director, Centre for Population Health Sciences
Associate Professor of Health Services Outcomes Research
Assoc Prof Yen CHOO​​Associate Professor of Stem Cell Science and Regenerative Medicine ​
Assoc Prof Norris Ray DUNN​​Associate Professor of Regenerative Medicine ​
​​Assoc Prof Konstadina GRIVA ​​​Associate Professor of Health Psychology / Behavioural Medicine​
Assoc Prof Suresh JESUTHASAN​Associate Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience​
Assoc Prof Fabian LIM​​Programme Director, Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine
Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology
Assoc Prof LUO Dahai​​Associate Professor of Infection and Immunity​​
Assoc Prof Joanne NGEOW​Associate Professor of Genomic Medicine​​​​​
Assoc Prof Andrew TAN​

​Vice-Dean, Faculty Affairs
Associate Professor of Metabolic Disorders

Provost’s Chair in Metabolic Disorder

Assoc Prof Sunny WONGAssociate Professor of Nutrition, Digestion and
Assoc Prof Eric YAP​Associate Professor of Human and Microbial Genetics​​
​Assoc Prof YEO Tsin Wen​Associate Professor of Infectious Disease
PhD Programme Lead for Global Health Awareness Attachment
Assoc Prof Yusuf ALI​Associate Professor of Metabolic Disease​​
​Asst Prof Anna BARRON​Nanyang Assistant Professor​
Asst Prof Lorainne Tudor CAR​Assistant Professor of Evidence Based Medicine​
Asst Prof Tom CARNEY​Assistant Professor of Developmental Biology​
Asst Prof CH'NG Toh Hean​Nanyang Assistant Professor​
Asst Prof Christine CHEUNG​Nanyang Assistant Professor​
Asst Prof Sanjay CHOTIRMALL​Assistant Professor of Molecular Medicine​
Asst Prof GUAN Xue Li​Nanyang Assistant Professor​
​Asst Prof Franklin ZHONG Lei​​Nanyang Assistant Professor (NRF)​
​Asst Prof FOO Jia Nee​Nanyang Assistant Professor​
Asst Prof Wilson GOHAssistant Professor of Biomedical
​Asst Prof Tsukasa KAMIGAKI​​​Assistant Professor of Systems Neuroscience ​
​Asst Prof Sarah LANGLEY​​Nanyang Assistant Professor​
Asst Prof Bernett LeeAssistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics and Director, Centre for Biomedical
​Asst Prof Marie Loh​​​Assistant Professor of Molecular Epidemiology​ ​
​Asst Prof Hiroshi MAKINO​​Nanyang Assistant Professor​
​Asst Prof Reddy MOGALI​Assistant Professor
Head of Anatomy
Asst Prof Yasunori SAHEKI​Nanyang Assistant Professor​
Asst Prof Navin VERMA​Assistant Professor of Immunology and Cell Biology​
​Asst Prof Christine WONG​​Nanyang Assistant Professor​
Asst Prof XIA Yun​

​Nanyang Assistant Professor
Provost’s Chair in Stem Cell Biology

Lo Chih Hung
Dean's Postdoctoral