Faculty and Joint Faculty
​Prof Joseph SUNG​​​​Dean
Distinguished University Professor
Senior Vice President (Health and Life Sciences)
[email protected]
Assoc Prof Sanjay CHOTIRMALL

Vice Dean, Research
Associate Professor of Molecular Medicine Provost’s Chair in Molecular Medicine
Scientist Module Lead, Cardiorespiratory

Prof LIM Kah Leong​​​President's Chair in Translational Neuroscience
Associate Vice President (Biomedical & Life Sciences)
[email protected]
Prof Jennifer CLELAND​Vice-Dean, Education
Professor of Medical Education Research
Director of Medical Education Research & Scholarship Unit
President's Chair in Medical Education
[email protected]
Prof KWEK Tong KiatVice-Dean, Clinical Affairs
Clinical Module Lead (Cardiorespiratory System)
[email protected]
​Assoc Prof Andrew TAN​​Vice-Dean, Faculty Affairs
Associate Professor of Metabolic Disorders
Provost's Chair in Metabolic Disorder
[email protected]
Prof Ernst KUIPERS

Distinguished University Professor
Vice President (Research)

[email protected]
Emeritus Prof Lionel LEE​​​​Emeritus Professor[email protected]
Prof David BECKER​Professor of Tissue Repair &
[email protected]
Prof Pablo BIFANIProfessor[email protected]

Toh Kian Chui Distinguished Professor in Cardiovascular Epidemiology
Professor of Cardiovascular Epidemiology
Director of Health Screening Centre
Programme Director of Population/Global Health

[email protected]
Prof CHEN Yu Hai EricProfessor[email protected]
Prof CHEW Sing Yian​​Professor[email protected]
Prof Jon Townley HEAVERSEDGEProfessor[email protected]
Prof Laurent RENIAPresident’s Chair in Infectious Diseases,  Professor of Infectious Diseases
Programme Director of Respiratory & Infectious Diseases
[email protected]
Prof LEO Yee SinProfessor[email protected]
Prof Melvin LEOWProfessor[email protected]
Prof LIM Tock HanProfessor [email protected]
Prof David LYEProfessor [email protected]
Prof PANG Weng Sun

Vertical Theme Lead (Professionalism, Ethics, Law and Leadership)
Dean, Healthcare Leadership College, MOHH

[email protected]
Prof Shyam PRABHAKARProfessor


[email protected]

Prof Kristijan RAMADAN

Toh Kian Chui Distinguished Professor in Cancer and Stem Cell Biology
Professor of Cancer and Stem Cell Biology

[email protected]
Prof Maurice van STEENSEL​​​Professor of Dermatology and Skin Biology
Programme Director of Skin Diseases & Wound Repair
Co-Deputy Executive Director of NTU Institute for Health Technologies (HealthTech NTU)
Scientist Module Lead, Skin 
[email protected]
Prof THAM Kum YingProfessor
Assistant Dean, Year 5
[email protected]
Prof Peter TOROKProfessor[email protected] 
Prof WANG Yulan​​Professor of Metabolomics
Director of Singapore Phenome Centre (SPC)
[email protected]
Assoc Prof Rupesh AGRAWALAssociate Professor [email protected] 
Assoc Prof Yusuf ALI

Assistant Dean, External Affairs 
Associate Professor of Metabolic Disease
Programme Director of Nutrition, Metabolism & Health
Scientist Module Lead, Endocrine System

[email protected]
Assoc Prof Yen CHOO​Associate Professor of Stem Cell Science and Regenerative Medicine
Co-Executive Director of NTU Institute for Health Technologies (HealthTech NTU)
Longitudinal Course Lead, Innovations in Medicine
[email protected]
Assoc Prof CHONG Chin TedAssociate Professor
Longitudinal Course Lead (Pharmacology)
[email protected]
Assoc Prof Angela CHOW​Associate Professor [email protected]
Assoc Prof Christine CHEUNG
Associate Professor of Vascular Biomedicine
Provost's Chair in Medicine
Scientist Module Lead, Child Development and Health
[email protected]
Assoc Prof Karen CHUAAssociate Professor [email protected]
Assoc Prof Rinkoo DALANAssociate Professor [email protected]
​​Assoc Prof Konstadina GRIVA​Associate Professor, Health Psychology / Behavioural Medicine
[email protected]
Assoc Prof Andy HOAssociate Professor[email protected]
Assoc Prof HOU Han WeiAssociate Professor[email protected]
Assoc Prof Suresh JESUTHASAN​Associate Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience
[email protected]
Assoc Prof Nagaendran KANDIAH​Associate Professor of Neuroscience [email protected]
Assoc Prof Andy KHONGAssociate Professor[email protected]
​Assoc Prof KONG Keng HeAssociate Professor[email protected]
Assoc Prof Jimmy LEE​Associate Professor [email protected]
Assoc Prof Richard LEE Meng KamAssociate Professor
Principal Lead (Family Medicine)
SBA Lead (Year 4)
[email protected]
Assoc Prof LIM Su ChiAssociate Professor [email protected]
Assoc Prof LIM Wee ShiongAssociate Professor [email protected]
​Assoc Prof LUO Dahai​​Associate Professor of Infection and Immunity
Provost’s Chair in Medicine
​​​[email protected]
Assoc Prof Jo-Anne MANSKI-NANKERVISAssociate Professor of Primary Care[email protected]
Assoc Prof Reddy MOGALIAssociate Professor (Teaching)
Assoc Prof NG Oon Tek​Associate Professor [email protected]
Assoc Prof NG Yih YngAssociate Professor[email protected]
Assoc Prof Joanne NGEOW
​​Associate Professor of Genomic Medicine​​[email protected]
​Assoc Prof Kevin PETHE​Assistant Dean, Innovation and Enterprise
Associate Professor of Infectious Disease
Provost's Chair in Infectious Disease
Scientist Module Lead, Infection
[email protected]
Assoc Prof PHUA Dong HaurAssociate Professor
Assistant Dean, Assessment
[email protected]
Assoc Prof Yasunori SAHEKIAssistant Dean, Faculty Affairs
Associate Professor of Cell Biology and Neuroscience
Scientist Module Lead, Ageing 
​​[email protected]
Assoc Prof Sheila SRINIVASANAssociate Professor
Clinical Module Lead (Nervous System)
[email protected]
Assoc Prof Mythily SUBRAMANIAMAssociate Professor [email protected]
Assoc Prof TAN Boon HuanAssociate Professor [email protected]
Assoc Prof TAN Cher HengAssociate Professor[email protected]
Assoc Prof Gerald TANAssociate Professor
Longitudinal Course Lead (Radiology)
[email protected]
Assoc Prof Collin TANAssociate Professor[email protected]
Assoc Prof TAN Ern YuAssociate Professor[email protected]
Assoc Prof TEY Hong Liang​Associate Professor [email protected]
Assoc Prof Navin Kumar VERMA

Associate Professor of Immunology & Cell Biology
Scientist Module Lead, Blood and Lymphatic System

[email protected]
Assoc Prof Sunny WONGAssociate Professor of Nutrition, Digestion and Metabolism,
Programme Director of Microbiome Medicine and Assistant Dean, Academic Medicine
Scientist Module Lead, Gastrointestinal System
[email protected]
Assoc Prof WONG Teck YeeAssociate Professor
Longitudinal Course Lead (Early Patient Contact)
Lead for Continuing and Community Care
[email protected]
Assoc Prof Torsten WUESTEFELDAssociate Professor of Molecular Metabolism[email protected]
Assoc Prof Jie XIONGNanyang Associate Professor[email protected]
​Assoc Prof Eric YAP​Associate Professor of Human and Microbial Genetics[email protected]
Assoc Prof YEO Tsin WenAssociate Professor of Infectious Disease[email protected]
Assoc Prof Steve YIMAssociate Professor[email protected]
Assoc Prof Barnaby YOUNGAssociate Professor [email protected]
Asst Prof Anna BARRON​​Nanyang Assistant Professor
Scientist Module Lead, Mental Health
[email protected]
Asst Prof Tom CARNEY​Assistant Professor of Developmental Biology
Scientist Module Lead, Foundations of Medicine
[email protected]
Asst Prof Alvin CHANAssistant Professor[email protected]
Asst Prof CH'NG Toh Hean​​Nanyang Assistant Professor
Scientist Module Lead, Nervous System
[email protected]
Asst Prof CHIA Po YingAssistant Professor[email protected]
Asst Prof Keisuke EJIMAAssistant Professor of Infectious Disease Modelling[email protected]
Asst Prof FAN XiuyiAssistant Professor of Digital Health[email protected]
​​Asst Prof FOO Jia Nee​Nanyang Assistant Professor (NRF)​​[email protected]
Asst Prof GUAN Xue LiAssistant Professorxueli​[email protected]
Asst Prof Wilson GOHAssistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics[email protected]
Asst Prof HUANG Hen-WeiAssistant Professor[email protected]
Asst Prof Baptiste JANELAAssistant Professor of Skin Immunology[email protected]
Asst Prof Tsukasa KAMIGAKI​​Assistant Professor of Systems Neuroscience [email protected]
Asst Prof Kazuyuki KASAHARAAssistant Professor of Metabolic, Nutrition, Microbiome Medicine[email protected]
Asst Prof Rajeswari KATHIRVELAssistant Professor
Assistant Clinical Module Lead (Female Reproductive System)
Principal Lead (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)
[email protected]
Asst Prof Bernett LEEAssistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics
Director, Centre for Biomedical Informatics
Programme Director of Data Science
[email protected]
Asst Prof Lee Eng SingAssistant Professor [email protected]
Asst Prof Lawrence LEEAssistant Professor [email protected]
Asst Prof Jue Tao LimAssistant Professor, Infectious Disease Modelling[email protected]
Asst Prof Allen LIUAssistant Professor [email protected]
​Asst Prof Marie LOH​Assistant Professor of Molecular Epidemiology​ 
Scientist Course Lead, Scientific Enquiry and Evidence Based Medicine (SEEM)
[email protected]
​​Asst Prof Hiroshi MAKINO​Nanyang Assistant Professor
Scientist Module Lead, Visual System
[email protected]
Asst Prof Adeline NGAssistant Professor [email protected]
Asst Prof Sapna SADARANGANIAssistant Professor [email protected]
Asst Prof Jens SAMOLAssistant Professor [email protected]
Asst Prof SHEN XiaotaoAssistant Professor of Microbiome Medicine[email protected]
Asst Prof Michael STANLEY-BAKER​Assistant Professor[email protected]
Asst Prof Bryan TAN Assistant Professor[email protected]
Asst Prof TIEW Pei YeeAssistant Professor[email protected]
Asst Prof TOR Phern ChernAssistant Professor [email protected]
Asst Prof Etienne WANG Cho EeAssistant Professor[email protected]
​Asst Prof Christine WONG​​Nanyang Assistant Professor 
Lead for Science Practicals
[email protected]
Asst Prof Sabrina WONG Kay WyeAssistant Professor[email protected]
Asst Prof XIA Yun​Nanyang Assistant Professor​
Provost's Chair in Stem Cell Biology
Scientist Module Lead, Renal and Urinary System
[email protected]
Asst Prof YEO TianrongAssistant Professor [email protected]
Asst Prof YEO Si YongAssistant Professor of Digital Health[email protected]
Asst Prof Lynn YAPAssistant Professor of Cardiometabolic Medicine[email protected]
Asst Prof YEW Yik WengAssistant Professor [email protected]
Asst Prof Melvyn ZHANGAssistant Professor [email protected]
Asst Prof Franklin ZHONG Lei ​Nanyang Assistant Professor (NRF)[email protected]
Lecturer, Medical Education
Assistant Lead Clinical Communication
[email protected]
Dr Dimpy GUPTALecturer, Medical Education [email protected]
Dr Fabian LIMSenior Lecturer, Medical Education (Postgraduate Programmes)
Scientist Module Lead, Musculoskeletal System
​​[email protected]
Dr NGAI QianyiSenior Lecturer, Medical Education[email protected]
Dr Vivek PERUMALSenior Lecturer, Anatomy
Dr Preman RAJALINGAMSenior Lecturer, Medical Education[email protected]
Dr Lucy ROSBYAssistant Dean, Years 1 & 2 (MBBS Programme)
Senior Lecturer, Medical Education
[email protected]
​Dr Ranganath VALLABHAJOSYULA​Senior Lecturer, Anatomy[email protected]
Dr HAN Siew PingLecturer, Physiology/Medical Education[email protected]
Dr Lee Zheng WeiLecturer, Medical Education[email protected]
Mr Emmanuel Tan Assistant Dean, Student Wellbeing
Lecturer, Medical Education
[email protected]
             Nanyang Professor of The Practice 
Prof Wong Tien YinNanyang Professor of The Practice (Clinical) 
Joint Courtesy Appointments
Prof Mary CHAN​Professor[email protected]
Prof Joseph CHANGProfessor[email protected]
Prof Annabel CHEN​Professor[email protected]
Prof CHEN PengProfessor[email protected]
Prof CHEN Xiaodong​​Professor[email protected]
Prof DUAN HongweiProfessor[email protected]
Prof Alain FILLOUXProfessor [email protected]
Prof GUAN CuntaiProfessor[email protected]
Prof HO Teck HuaProfessor
Prof Victoria LEONGProfessor[email protected]
Prof LING Xing YiProfessor[email protected]
Prof Joachim LooProfessor [email protected]
Prof May LWIN​Professor[email protected]
Prof Euston QUAH​Professor[email protected]
Prof Stephan C. SCHUSTER​Professor[email protected]
Prof Tao DachengProfessor[email protected]
Prof THENG Yin Leng​Professor[email protected]
Assoc Prof ANG Wei Tech​Associate Professor​​​[email protected]
Assoc Prof CAO BinAssociate Professor[email protected]
Assoc Prof PU KanyiAssociate Professor[email protected]
Assoc Prof SETOH Pei PeiAssociate Professor[email protected] 
Assoc Prof SUN Hsiao-Li Shirley​Associate Professor[email protected]
Assoc Prof XU HongAssociate Professor[email protected]
Asst Prof Shannon ANGAssistant Professor[email protected]
Asst Prof Bertrand CZARNYAssistant Professor[email protected]
Asst Prof Akshar SAXENAAssistant Professor[email protected]
Asst Prof TAN Chin HongAssistant Professor[email protected]
Dr Ritu JAINSenior Lecturer[email protected]
Visiting Appointments
​​Prof Christian 
Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg 
​Prof George CHANDYUniversity of California, Irvine
Prof CHUNG Kian FanImperial College London
Prof Anne FERGUSON-SMITHUniversity of Cambridge 
Prof Gary FROSTImperial College London 
Prof Balazs GULYASHungarian Research Network 
Prof Azra GHANIImperial College London 
Prof Kendall HOUniversity of British Columbia 
​Prof Atsushi IRIKIRIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research 
​Prof Dermot KELLEHERUniversity of British Columbia 
Prof Frank KELLYImperial College London 
Prof Simon KITTOUniversity of Ottawa 
​Prof Darryl KNIGHTUniversity of British Columbia 
Prof Michael NILSSONUniversity of Newcastle, Australia​​
Prof Simon Henry PARSONUniversity of Aberdeen 
​Prof Guy RUTTER​​Imperial College London 
Prof Aziz Ul Haque SHEIKHUniversity of Edinburgh 
Prof John SUCKLINGUniversity of Cambridge 
Prof Walter WAHLI​University of Lausanne
Prof Wisia WEDZICHAImperial College London
Prof James BESTUniversity of Melbourne
Prof Peter SCHULZUniversity of Lugano 
Assoc Prof Owen KOThe Chinese University of Hong Kong 
Assoc Prof Kelvin TSOIThe Chinese University of Hong Kong 
Dr Soren BRAGEUniversity of Cambridge 
Dr Sarah LANGLEYCardiff University 
Dr Koji MATSUHISAHiroshima University
Dr Chris MOKThe Chinese University of Hong Kong 
Dr Dennis SHUNGYale School of Medicine 
Adjunct Appointments (Research)
Prof CHUA Hong ChoonInstitute of Mental Health 
Prof JOHN AbisheganadenTan Tock Seng Hospital 
Prof LEE Tih ShihDuke-NUS Medical School 
Prof Raymond LINNational Centre for Infectious Diseases 
​Prof NG Huck HuiBMRC, A*STAR 
Prof Lisa NGA*STAR 
Prof Benjamin SEETNational Healthcare Group 
Prof Joe SIMNational Healthcare Group 
Prof TAN Eng King​National Neuroscience Institute​​
Prof Kelvin TANMinistry of Health 
Prof Steven THNGNational Skin Centre 
​Assoc Prof DING Yew YoongTan Tock Seng Hospital 
Assoc Prof LOH Yong JooTan Tock Seng Hospital 
Assoc Prof PUAH Ser HonTan Tock Seng Hospital 
Assoc Prof Edwin SEETHesed Surgical Pte Ltd 
Assoc Prof Amit SINGHALID Labs, A*STAR 
Assoc Prof Gladys TANDSO National Lab 
Assoc Prof TAN Kok YangKhoo Teck Puat Hospital 
Assoc Prof Marco VIGNUZZIID Labs, A*STAR 
Assoc Prof ZENG LiNational Neuroscience Institute 
Asst Prof Guillaume CARISSIMOID Labs, A*STAR 
Asst Prof Clement CHIA Luck KhngKhoo Teck Puat Hospital 
Asst Prof Yu FUA*STAR
Asst Prof Max LAMInstitute of Mental Health 
Asst Prof LAU Mai ChanA*STAR 
Asst Prof LIU JunSUTD, Information Systems Technology and Design 
Asst Prof Stefan OEHLERSID Labs, A*STAR 
Asst Prof Clement TSUINational Centre for Infectious Diseases 
 Adjunct Appointments (Clinical Educators) 
Prof ANG Tiing LeongProfessor 
Prof Roy CHAN​Professor 
​Prof CHAY Oh Moh​Professor
​Prof CHEE Yam Cheng​Professor
​Prof CHENG Wai Sam Christopher​Professor
Prof CHIN Jing JihProfessor 
​​Prof Philip CHOO​Professor
Prof FOCK Kwong MingProfessor 
​Prof GOH Chee Leok​Professor 
​Prof Kenneth KWEKProfessor
Prof Fatimah Binte Abdul LATEEFProfessor 
Prof LIM Shih Hui
Prof LIM Swee HanProfessor 
​Prof LO Yew Long​Professor 
​Prof LOW Cheng Hock​Professor​ 
​Prof PHUA Kong Boo​​Professor 
​Prof C Rajasoory​a​Professor 
​​Prof Eugene SOH​Professor 
​​Prof TAN Kok Hian​Professor
​Prof TAN Suat Hoon​Professor
Prof TEO Eng KiongProfessor 
Prof VENKATARAMAN AnantharamanProfessor 
​Prof WONG Wai Keong​Professor
​​Assoc Prof Aaron ANG​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Brenda ANG​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Thaschawee ARKACHAISRI​Associate Professor 
Assoc Prof AU EONG Kah GuanAssociate Professor 
​Assoc Prof AU Wing Lok ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof AW Chen Wee​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Lavina BHARWANI​Associate Professor
​​Assoc Prof Josiah CHAI​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Derrick CHAN​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof CHAN Kwai Lin Daisy​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Madelynn CHAN Tsu-Li​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof CHAN Mei Yoke​​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Suresh CHANDRAN ​Associate Professor​​
​Assoc Prof CHANG Hui Meng​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof CHEOK Cheng Soon Christopher​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Bernard CHERN​​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Daniel CHEW
​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof CHEW Tai Loon Kelvin​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Nicholas CHEW​Associate Professor​​
​Assoc Prof CHIA Pow-Li​Associate Professor  
​Assoc Prof CHIN Ngek Mien​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof CHIN Thaim Wai​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof CHONG Bee Kiang​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof CHONG Chew Thye​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof CHONG Chia Yin​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof CHONG Phui Nah​Associate Professor 
​​Assoc Prof CHONG Yew Lam​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof David CHUA​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof CHUA Sze Hon​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof CHUAH Khoon Leong​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof DING Zee PinAssociate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Mary Daniel​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof George FERNANDEZ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof David FOO​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Daniel FUNG​Associate Professor 
​​​Assoc Prof Julie GEORGE​Associate Professor
​​Assoc Prof Anne GOH​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof GOH Siang Hiong​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Robert HAWKINS​Associate Professor
​​Assoc Prof Kenneth HENG​Associate Professor 
​​Assoc Prof HENG Wee Jin​​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Selina HO​​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof HOWE Hwee Siew​Associate Professor  
​Assoc Prof Allyn HUM​​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Anette JACOBSEN​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Michelle JONG​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof KAW Jon Leng Gregory​Associate Professor  
Assoc Prof KENG Yung Jih FelixAssociate Professor 
Assoc Prof Adrian KOH
​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof KOH Ee Tzun​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof KOH Jean Aan Mark ​Associate Professor  
​Assoc Prof KOH Kwong Fah​​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Mervyn KOH​​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof KOH Nien Yue​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Patrick KOK Hong Kheong​Associate Professor  
​Assoc Prof KOO Wen Hsin ​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof KONG Kok Ooi​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Lalit Kumar Radha KRISHNA​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Ponnudurai KUPERAN​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Angeline LAI​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Augustinus LAUDE​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof LEE Cheng​​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof LEE Cheng Chuan​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof LEE Chun Yue Francis​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof LEE Hwei Yee​Associate Professor 
​​Assoc Prof LEE Keng Thiam​​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Evelyn LEE​​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Ian LEONG​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof LEONG Khai Pang​Associate Professor 
Assoc Prof LEONG Kwok Fai MarkAssociate Professor 
​Assoc Prof LEONG Wai May​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof LEOW Yung Hian​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Thomas LEW​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof LIEU Ping Kong 
​Associate Professor  
​Assoc Prof Albert LIM​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Tchoyoson LIM​​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof ​LIM Hoon Chin​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Kevin LIM​Associate Professor 
Assoc Prof LIM Poh Lian​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof LIM Siew Hua Noelle Louise​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof LIM Wee Chian​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof LIM Yen Loo​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof James LOH​Associate Professor 
​​Assoc Prof LOH Ngai Kun​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof LOH Tsee Foong​​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof David LOKE Kok Teik​​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof LOW Boon Yong​​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof James LOW​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof LOW Tut Choon​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof LOW Yee​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Arjandas MAHADEV​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Kennet​​h MAK​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Prakash Kumar MANHARLAL​Associate Professor 
​​Assoc Prof Kannan NARASIMHAN 
​Associate Professor 
​​Assoc Prof Alan NG​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof NG Foo Cheong​Associate Professor 
​​Assoc Prof NG Kee Chong​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof NG Yong Hong​​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof OH Jean Yi​Associate Professor 
Assoc Prof Helen OH May Lin​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof ONG Biauw Chi ​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof ONG Choo Phaik Caroline ​Associate Professor 
Assoc Prof ONG Kiat HoeAssociate Professor 
Assoc Prof ONG Say HowAssociate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Ratnagopal PAVANNI​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof PEK Wee Yang​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof PHOA Lee Lan​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof R PONAMPALAM​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Amila Clarence Anthony Charles Yudishtira PUNYADASA​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Habeebul RAHMAN​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Victor RAJADURAI​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Inderjeet Singh RIKHRAJ​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Suresh SAHADEVAN​​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof SEE Jee Jian​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof SEE Siew Ju​Associate Professor 
​​Assooc Prof Vishalkumar SHELATAssociate Professor 
​Assoc Prof SIAU Chuin​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof SIM Kang​​Associate Professor 
Assoc Prof SIN Yoong Kong KennyAssociate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Raveen SHAHDADPURI​​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Reyaz SINGAPOREWALLA​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof SIOW Jin Keat​Associate Professor 
Assoc Prof SOH Chai RickAssociate Professor 
Assoc Prof Meena SUNDRAMAssociate Professor 
​Assoc Prof TAI Hwei Yee​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof TAN Ah Moy​Associate Professor 
Assoc Prof Kenneth TAN Chee KiatAssociate Professor 
​Assoc Prof TAN Chi'Loong Benedict​Associate Professor 
​​Assoc Prof Louis TAN​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof TAN Gek Meng Jeffrey​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Glenn TAN​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof TAN Hui Ling​Associate Professor 
Assoc Prof Jackie TAN​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof TAN Choon Hwai Johnson ​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Kevin TAN
​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Nigel TAN​​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof TAN Su-Ming​​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof TAN Teng Hong​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof TAN Thai Lian​Associate Professor 
​​Assoc Prof TAN Wei Meng Lawrence​​Associate Professor  
Assoc Prof TAN Hak KoonAssociate Professor  
Assoc Prof TAN Lay KokAssociate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Terence TANG​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof TANG Wern Ee​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof TAY Jam Chin​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof TAY Seow Yian​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Noel TAY​​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof TEE Kim Huat Augustine​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof John TEE​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof TEOH Lam Chuan​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof TEOH Oon Hoe​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof THAM Lai Peng SharonAssociate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Umapathi THIRUGNANAM​​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Terrence THOMAS​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Bernard THONG​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof THOON Koh Cheng​​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof TIAN Ho Heng Roger​Associate Professor 
Assoc Prof Mohan TIRUCHITTAMPALAMAssociate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Charles VU​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Gervais WANSAICHEONG​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof ​Andrew WONG​​Associate Professor 
Assoc Prof WONG EvelynAssociate Professor 
​Assoc Prof WONG Hon Tym​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Wong Lee Yuen​Associate Professor  
​​Assoc Prof Mary WONG​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof WONG Merng Koon​Associate Professor  
​Assoc Prof WONG Moh Sim​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof WONG Wei Chin​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof WONG Yue Shuen​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof WU Huei Yaw​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof Philip YAM​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof YANG Wei Lyn​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Fabian YAP​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof YAP Lin Kiat PhilipAssociate Professor​ 
Assoc Prof YAP Wai MingAssociate Professor​ 
​Assoc Prof YEO Cheo LianAssociate Professor 
​Assoc Prof YEO Seng Beng​Associate Professor 
​Assoc Prof YIP Chee Chew​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Vernon YONG​Associate Professor  
Assoc Prof YUNG Chee FuAssociate Professor 
​Asst Prof Ranjana ACHARYA​Assistant Professor 
Asst Prof Pratibha Keshav AGARWALAssistant Professor 
Asst Prof ​Ieera Madan AGGARWAL​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof ABDUL HAIUM Abdul Alim​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof ANNITHA Annathurai​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof ANG Hou  ​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof ANG Seng Bin​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof ANG Su Yin Angelina​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof ARIF Tyebally​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Manohar BAIRY​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Vijayendra BARAL​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof BIJU Thomas​Assistant Professor​ 
​Asst Prof BIN Wern HsienAssistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Mark Colin BOXALL​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof CHAN Lai Gwen​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Monica CHAN​Assistant Professor
Asst Prof CHAN Peng Chew MarkAssistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Tommy CHAN​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof CHAN Wai Mon Lester​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof CHANG Chong Ming Benjamin JulianAssistant Professor 
Asst Prof CHANG Pik Eu JasonAssistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Alvin CHANG Shang Ming​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof CHAI Suet Bin​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof CHEAH Soon Min Benjamin​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof CHEONG Ee CherkAssistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Christopher CHIA Tze Wei​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Faith CHIA​​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof CHIA Kok Kiong Jason​Assistant Professor 
Asst Prof CHIA Yew WoonAssistant Professor 
​Asst Prof CHIANG Li Wei​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof CHIO Tze-Wei Martin​​Assistant Professor​ 
​Asst Prof CHIONG Yi​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Adrian CHIOW​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Sylvia CHOO​​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof CHOO Tze Liang Jonathan​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof CHONG Siew Le​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof CHONG Wei Sheng ​​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof CHUA Hoe Chin
​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Melvin CHUA Peng Wei ​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof CHUA Mei Chien​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof CHUA Tjun Huat Ivan Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Molly ENG May Ping​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Prabath Joseph FRANCIS​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof FONG Sing Zern​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof FONG Wee Kim​Assistant Professor
Asst Prof ​FOO Chik Loon​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Sashikumar GANAPATHY​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Indra GANESAN​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Poornima GANGARAM​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof GOH Hern Yee Jerome​Assistant Professor 
Asst Prof GOH Soon KengAssistant Professor 
​Asst Prof GOH Su-Yen​Assistant Professor  
​Asst Prof GOO Tiong Thye Jerry​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Lekha GOPAL​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Richard Roshan GOVEAS​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof GOSAVI Tushar Divakar​Assistant Professor 
Asst Prof Kurugulasigamoney GUNASEGARANAssistant Professor 
​Asst Prof GUO Song​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Bhanu GUPTA​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof HO Kay Woon ​Assistant Professor 
Asst Prof HO Sheun Ling MadelineAssistant Professor 
​Asst Prof HO Vui Kian​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof HO Yong Howe​Assistant Professor 
Asst Prof Thowfique Kadavukarayil IBRAHIM ​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Yasmin IDU JION​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Prasad Ramanakrishnan IYER​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Saumya Shekhar JAMUAR​Assistant Professor 
Asst Prof KAM Juinn HuarAssistant Professor 
​Asst Prof KATHIRVEL Natarajan​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Jeevendra KANAGALINGAM​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Hari Mansha KHEMLANI​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Rochelle Melina KINSON​Assistant Professor​ 
​Asst Prof Kenneth Gerard KOH Wun Wu Assistant Professor​ 
​Asst Prof KOH Li Wearn​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof KOH Meng Kwang Jensen​Assistant Professor 
Asst Prof KOH Fang Yung Angela​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof KHOO Poh Choo​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof KON Yin Chian ​Assistant Professor  
​Asst Prof KONG Juin Yee​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof KOR Ai ChingAssistant Professor ​ 
​Asst Prof KOURA RACHANA Neelum Sukhnandan​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof KUA Ee Chia Joanne​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Gupta Dhanesh KUMAR​Assistant Professor 
Asst Prof KWAN James Wei-YungAssistant Professor 
​Asst Prof LAM Ching Mei Joyce​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof LAM Ming Ai​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof LEE Kuan Ming Llewellyn​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof LEE Liang Tee​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof LEE Siong-See Joyce ​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof LEE Sze Haur​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof LEK Ngee​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Joseph LEONG Jern-Yi​Assistant Professor 
Asst Prof LIM Ang Tee​Assistant Professor 
Asst Prof Lim Chin Ling Beatrice​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof LIM Ivy​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof LIM Kheng Tian​​​Assistant Professor​
​Asst Prof Mandy LIM​​Assistant Professor
Asst Prof LIM Wei-YenAssistant Professor 
​Asst Prof LIU Shuling​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Veena LOGARAJAH​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof LOH Hong Pheng Amos​Assistant Professor​ 
​Asst Prof LOW Tchern Kuang Lambert​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof MAGADI Gopalakrishna Harish​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof MAH Chou Liang​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Mona MANGHANI​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Surendra MANTOO​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Manisha MATHUR​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Nandhakumar NAGARAJAN​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Sadhana NAGARAJAH​Assistant Professor 
​​Asst Prof NEO Han Yee​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof NG Chung Wai MarkAssistant Professor​ 
Asst Prof NG Chong Jin​Assistant Professor 
​​Asst Prof Kelvin NG​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof NG Han Lip Raymond​Assistant Professor 
Asst Prof NG Kok Kit​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Ravichandran NIGILA​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof ONG Yu Ming Caroline​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof ONG Yong-Kwang Gene​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof PANG Wee YangAssistant Professor​ 
​Asst Prof Stephen PHANG Boon Chye​Assistant Professor  
​Asst Prof PHUA Eng Joo​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof POON Woei Bing ​Assistant Professor  
​Asst Prof Ashutosh PRAKASH​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Kalpana PRASADAssistant Professor
​Asst Prof Parvathy PATHY​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof POI Choo Hwee​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof POON Kein Boon​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof QUEK Bin Huey​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Lawrence QUEK​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Kumudhini RAJASEGARAN​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof RAJKUMAR Chandran​Assistant Professor  
​Asst Prof Barathi RAJENDRA ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Rajesh RAJAGOPALAN​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Veena RAJKUMARAssistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Rambha RAI​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Rani RAMASON​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Jai RAO ​Assistant Professor  
​Asst Prof SAJITH Sreedharan Geetha​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Vinay Kumar SAHU​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Venkata SAMPATH​Assistant Professor
Asst Prof SEOW Cherng Jye​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Varsha Atul SHAH​Assistant Professor  
Asst Prof SIU Wing Yin Vivian​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof SOH Shui Yen​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Suzanna SULAIMAN​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof SUNDARARAGHAVAN SreekanthanAssistant Professor 
​Asst Prof SUNG Min​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Shephali TAGORE​Assistant Professor​ 
​Asst Prof TAN Ee Shien​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Endean TAN​Assistant Professor
​Asst TAN Huei Nuo​Assistant Professor 
​​Asst Prof Giles TAN​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof TAN Kok Leong ​Assistant Professor  
​Asst Prof Natalie TAN​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Tracy TAN​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof TAN Pih Lin​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof TAN Shwu ChuinAssistant Professor​ 
Asst Prof TAN Wei Chieh JackAssistant Professor​ 
​Asst Prof TAN Wei Lynn Justina​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof TAY Kay Yaw​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof TEO Li Tserng​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof TEO Li-Ming​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof TEO Wei Wen TimothyAssistant Professor​ 
​Asst Prof Sobhana THANGARAJU​​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof TING Kang Seng SimonAssistant Professor​ 
​Asst Prof TING Teck Wah​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Allison TSO​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Rashida VASANWALA​​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Shawn VASOO​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Kamal VERMA​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Veronique Celine VIARDOT-FOUCAULT​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof WEI Ker-Chiah​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Limin WIJAYA ​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Ramesh WIJAYA​​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof WONG Bak Siew ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof WONG Chin Fong​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof WONG Choong Yi Peter​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Eric WONG​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof WONG Chui Mae​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof YAP Te-Lu​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Sita Padmini YELESWARAPU​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Derrick YEO Chen Kuan​Assistant Professor 
Asst Prof YEO Khung KeongAssistant Professor 
​Asst Prof YEO Kuei Siong Andy​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof YEO See Cheng​​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Sharon YEO​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof YEOH Chai Kheng Ester​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof YIP Chun WaiAssistant Professor​ 
​Asst Prof YIP Wei Leon Leonard​Assistant Professor  
Asst Prof YOONG Kah Choun Jon​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof YU Chun Sing​Assistant Professor  
​Asst Prof Sulaiman YUSOF​Assistant Professor 
​Asst Prof Mohammad Ashik bin ZAINUDDIN​Assistant Professor 
​Dr Hairil Rizal Bin ABDULLAH​Senior Lecturer 
Dr Thofique ADAMJEE​Senior Lecturer 
​Dr Ramaswamy AKHILESWARAN​Senior Lecturer 
Dr Farooq AKRAM​Senior Lecturer 
​Dr Dorai Raj D APPADORAISenior Lecturer 
Dr Atasha Binti ASMATSenior Lecturer 
​Dr Sridhar ARUNACHALAM​​Senior Lecturer 
Dr AUNG Myint Oo @ Ye Jian GuoSenior Lecturer 
Dr Sutapa BASUSenior Lecturer 
​Dr BHARADWAJ Srabani​Senior Lecturer​ 
Dr David CARMODY​Senior Lecturer 
Dr CHAN Meng Fai Joel​Senior Lecturer 
Dr CHAN Wai Ho​Senior Lecturer 
Dr CHARN Tze Choong​Senior Lecturer 
Dr CHEW Aik Phon​Senior Lecturer 
​Dr CHEW Chu Shan Elaine​Senior Lecturer 
Dr CHIA Chi Hock Naville​Senior Lecturer 
​Dr CHIA Siew Chin​Senior Lecturer 
​Dr CHIA Yih Chong Michael​Senior Lecturer 
Dr CHIN Chee Tang​Senior Lecturer 
Dr CHIN Woon Loong Calvin​Senior Lecturer 
Dr CHING Chi KeongSenior Lecturer 
​Dr CHIU Li QiSenior Lecturer 
Dr CHONG Kok WeeSenior Lecturer 
​Dr CHONG Shang YeeSenior Lecturer 
Dr CHONG Thuan Tee DanielSenior Lecturer 
Dr Sonali Prashant CHONKARSenior Lecturer 
​Dr Zackary CHUA Kerk HsiangSenior Lecturer 
​Dr DAW San San ThinnSenior Lecturer 
Dr EWE See HooiSenior Lecturer 
Dr FU Weizhong ErnestSenior Lecturer 
Dr GAN Yi'an NicolaSenior Lecturer 
​Dr GOH Su Mein Senior Lecturer 
Dr GOH Guat Keng YvonneSenior Lecturer 
Dr GOH Mui HengSenior Lecturer 
Dr GOH Pheck Suan JuneSenior Lecturer 
Dr GOH Si HuiSenior Lecturer 
Dr Roshni Sadashiv GOKHALESenior Lecturer 
​Dr GOON Teik Jin AnthonySenior Lecturer 
Dr Benjamin Ho Senior Lecturer 
​Dr HO Boon Hor Senior Lecturer 
​Dr HUANG Wanwei AgnesSenior Lecturer 
Dr HUANG WenjieSenior Lecturer 
Dr Pooja Agarwal JAYAGOBISenior Lecturer 
Dr Joseph Carolin JEYANTHISenior Lecturer 
​Dr Mohamed Zakir KARUVETILSenior Lecturer 
Dr KOH Kim HweeSenior Lecturer 
Dr KOK Mong Thiam Senior Lecturer 
Dr KONG Jing WenSenior Lecturer 
Dr KONG Yu-ChinSenior Lecturer 
Dr LAI Ping Liang, Damien IainSenior Lecturer 
Dr LAU Boon JiaSenior Lecturer 
Dr Alex LAU Koon HinSenior Lecturer 
Dr LEE Chung YinSenior Lecturer 
Dr ​LEE Cia Sin​Senior Lecturer 
Dr LEE Eng KiangSenior Lecturer 
Dr LEE JuneSenior Lecturer 
​Dr LEE Kim Huat JasonSenior Lecturer 
Dr LEE Lui ShiongSenior Lecturer 
Dr LEOW Huimin EstherSenior Lecturer 
Dr Alias LIJOSenior Lecturer 
Dr LIM Su AnnSenior Lecturer 
Dr LIM Boon AngSenior Lecturer 
Dr David LIMSenior Lecturer 
Dr Mary Yuling LIMSenior Lecturer 
Dr LIM Tien Siang EricSenior Lecturer 
Dr LING Chai YiingSenior Lecturer 
Dr LING Simon RobertSenior Lecturer 
Dr Pushpalatha Bangalore LINGEGOWDASenior Lecturer 
Dr LO Wui Foh HaroldSenior Lecturer 
Dr MANAUIS Charmaine MalenabSenior Lecturer 
​Dr Joseph MOLINASenior Lecturer 
​Dr Krithikaa NADARAJANSenior Lecturer 
​Dr NG Chee Chin David Senior Lecturer 
Dr NG Chee Yong Senior Lecturer 
Dr David NGSenior Lecturer 
Dr Pamela NGSenior Lecturer 
Dr NG Peng Soon Senior Lecturer 
Dr NG PriscillaSenior Lecturer 
​​Dr Andrew ONGSenior Lecturer 
Dr OH Han BoonSenior Lecturer 
Dr ONG Joo HawSenior Lecturer 
​Dr ONG Marc WeijieSenior Lecturer 
Dr OON Hwee Boon HazelSenior Lecturer 
Dr PAN Jiun YitSenior Lecturer 
Dr George PAULSenior Lecturer 
Dr POH JulianaSenior Lecturer 
Dr Arun Kumar PUGALENTHISenior Lecturer 
Dr RAO Kailing AdrielSenior Lecturer 
Dr Iris RAWTAERSenior Lecturer 
​Dr SACLOLO Rafael PulidoSenior Lecturer 
Dr Mala SATKUNANANTHAMSenior Lecturer 
Dr SEAH Ee-Jin DarrenSenior Lecturer 
Dr SEE Chai KeatSenior Lecturer  
Dr SEE Keng Kew TerenceSenior Lecturer 
Dr SIEW Jia Xuan Senior Lecturer 
Dr SIM Kheng Leng DavidSenior Lecturer 
Dr SIM Siam WeeSenior Lecturer 
Dr SUN Siyang IraSenior Lecturer 
Dr TAN Boon Kiat KennethSenior Lecturer 
​Dr TAN Choon ChiehSenior Lecturer 
Dr TAN Chuen WenSenior Lecturer 
​Dr TAN Geak PohSenior Lecturer 
Dr TAN Ju LeSenior Lecturer 
​Dr TAN Lean Chin LaurenceSenior Lecturer 
​Dr Marcus TANSenior Lecturer 
Dr TAN Qiao LiSenior Lecturer 
Dr TAN Ru SanSenior Lecturer 
Dr TAN Shian MingSenior Lecturer 
Dr TAN T'zu-JenSenior Lecturer 
Dr TAN Ze Jia, ChrisSenior Lecturer 
Dr TAN Ee Kar EnricaSenior Lecturer 
Dr Ankit Anil TANDONSenior Lecture 
Dr Charmaine TANGSenior Lecturer 
​Dr TANG DilinSenior Lecturer
Dr TANG I-Shing JustinSenior Lecturer 
Dr TEE Shang-IanSenior Lecturer 
​Dr TEO Hai Yi ClarenceSenior Lecturer 
Dr TEO Jin Kiat Senior Lecturer 
Dr Valerie TEOSenior Lecturer 
​Dr THAY Hui Cheng JulianaSenior Lecturer 
​Dr TU Tian Ming Senior Lecturer 
​Dr Raja VELLOO​Senior Lecturer 
Dr Kumaresh VENKATESANSenior Lecturer 
Dr WEE Choon Peng JeremySenior Lecturer 
Dr Cynthia WONGSenior Lecturer 
​Dr Franco WONGSenior Lecturer 
​Dr Kevin WONGSenior Lecturer 
​Dr WONG Pak Leung KennethSenior Lecturer 
Dr WONG Mun Yee SharonSenior Lecturer 
​Dr XU HuiyingSenior Lecturer 
Dr YANG Peilin FrancineSenior Lecturer 
​Dr YAO Fengyuan Senior Lecturer 
Dr YEO ColinSenior Lecturer 
​Dr YEO Kee ThaiSenior Lecturer 
Dr YEO Tong HongSenior Lecturer 
Dr WOO Siew Choo BernardineSenior Lecturer 
Dr Faraz ZARISFISenior Lecturer 
Dr Nur Adila Binte AHMAD HATIBLecturer 
Dr Isabel AHMADLecturer 
Dr Mohammed Rizwan AMANULLAHLecturer 
​Dr Amudha JayanThi ANAND​Lecturer 
​Dr ANG Joo Shiang​Lecturer​ 
​Dr ANG Kexin Mavis​Lecturer 
Dr ANG Yi ShanLecturer 
Dr Stanley ANGKODJOJOLecturer 
Dr Premchand ANTONY XAVIER RexLecturer 
Dr AW Chia HuiLecturer 
Dr Junaidah Binte BADRONLecturer 
Dr Vivek BANSALLecturer 
Dr Hamid Rahmatullah BIN ABD RAZAKLecturer 
Dr Ashwani BHATIALecturer 
Dr BOH Toon LiLecturer 
Dr CAO LingLecturer 
Dr CASTILLO Leodivica TaboyLecturer 
​Dr CHAI Gin Tsen Lecturer  
Dr CHAN Jing JingLecturer 
Dr CHAN Lihua LauraLecturer 
Dr CHAN Shi-En JoannaLecturer 
Dr CHAN Su-Wan BiancaLecturer 
Dr CHIA Keng Yong BrianLecturer 
Dr CHANG Pei Qi PearllyLecturer 
Dr CHANG Su Ying SerenaLecturer  
Dr CHEANG Ka Man​Lecturer  
Dr CHEN Enhan DominicLecturer 
Dr CHEN YongLecturer 
Dr CHEN ZhiyongLecturer 
​Dr CHENG Wei Na Suzanne​Lecturer 
Dr CHENG Zai RuLecturer 
Dr CHEONG Chin Yee (Rachel)Lecturer 
​Dr CHEOW Enquan​Lecturer 
Dr CHER Liu Yuan GabrielLecturer 
​Dr CHIA Hui Yi​Lecturer 
Dr CHIA Shi Yun​Lecturer 
Dr CHIEW Hui JinLecturer 
Dr CHIN XinyiLecturer 
Dr CHIN Chee FangLecturer 
Dr CHING Siok SiongLecturer 
Dr CHONG Shu-LingLecturer 
Dr CHONG Yi Rui TriciaLecturer 
Dr CHONG Rhan ChaenLecturer 
Dr CHOY Chiaw YeeLecturer 
Dr CHUA Chi Ming KelvinLecturer  
​Dr CHUA Mingzhou John​Lecturer 
Dr CHUA Si Yong IvanLecturer 
Dr CHUA Wei-Lin TallieLecturer 
Dr CHUA Yu Cong EugeneLecturer 
Dr CHUA Zi'en, RuthLecturer 
Dr Lena DASLecturer 
Dr Courtney DAVISLecturer 
​Dr Christopher DHEEPA​Lecturer 
Dr Doris Mae Abear DIMATATAC​Lecturer 
​Dr FAN Bingwen Eugene​Lecturer 
Dr FONG Wen Yan NikkiLecturer 
Dr FOO Gen LinLecturer 
Dr FUA Tzay-PingLecturer 
Dr GALLARDO Christian AlediaLecturer 
​Dr Kavitha GARUNA MURTHEE​Lecturer 
Dr Arnab Kumar GHOSHLecturer 
Dr GOH Kai Heng RaymondLecturer 
Dr Lynette GOH Suk-HuiLecturer 
Dr GOH Shih EeLecturer 
​Dr Sandeep GOHAR​Lecturer 
Dr GOPAGONDANAHALLI Krishna RevannaLecturer 
Dr Sivaraj Pillai GOVINDASAMYLecturer 
​Dr ​GUO Xiaoxuan​​Lecturer 
​Dr HEAH Ya Ting Charmain​Lecturer 
Dr HENG Jun KheeLecturer 
​Dr HENG Kang Ee Gregory​Lecturer​ 
Dr HENG Wei Han JeremyLecturer 
​Dr HENG Wei Quan​Lecturer 
Dr HING Jun Xian Jeffrey​Lecturer 
Dr HO Meng Dao JeremyLecturer 
Dr HO Zhen ChongLecturer 
Dr HO Pui Yoong ValerieLecturer 
Dr HO Siyun MichelleLecturer 
Dr Christopher HO Wen WeiLecturer 
Dr HO Weng YanLecturer 
​Dr HONG Qiantai​Lecturer 
Dr HUANG Yilun​Lecturer 
Dr Eugene HUANG YoujinLecturer 
Dr HUANG WeitingLecturer 
Dr HUANG ZijuanLecturer 
Dr Jolie HWEE JingyiLecturer 
Dr Muhammad Bin IDU JIONLecturer 
Dr ISAIS Florante Santos​Lecturer 
Dr ISWAREE DEVI D/O BalakrishnanLecturer 
Dr Ignasius Aditya JAPPARLecturer 
​Dr Shirish JOHARI​Lecturer 
Dr KAM Kai-Qian​Lecturer 
​Dr Gary KANG​Lecturer 
Dr Julian KANG Hean LengLecturer 
Dr KANG Hui MinLecturer 
​Dr KAO Nern Hoong​Lecturer 
Dr KEH Yann ShanLecturer 
Dr KHOO Chun YuanLecturer 
Dr KHOO Su AnnLecturer 
Dr KHOO Zi XeanLecturer 
Dr KHURANA Simrita KaurLecturer 
​Dr KOH Aik Ling​Lecturer 
Dr KOH Choong HouLecturer 
Dr Ian KOH Jan MingLecturer 
Dr KOH Ai LingLecturer 
Dr KOH Pei XuanLecturer 
Dr KOH Shimin JasmineLecturer 
Dr KOH Si Ya NatalieLecturer 
​Dr KOH Yeow Hoay​Lecturer 
Dr KOH Yiwen ClaudiaLecturer 
Dr KOH Zhong Wei JeremyLecturer 
Dr KOTECHA Monika KantilalLecturer 
Dr KUA JieliLecturer 
Dr LAN ZhongzhengLecturer 
Dr LAU Man Chun JeffreyLecturer 
Dr LAU WeidaLecturer 
Dr LEE Chau HungLecturer 
​Dr LEE Chiao Hao​Lecturer 
Dr Jill LEE Cheng SimLecturer 
​Dr Esther LEE Cui Wei​​Lecturer 
Dr Jonathan LEE JieLecturer 
Dr Daniel LEE Jin KeatLecturer 
Dr LEE Kok WeiLecturer 
Dr Steve LEE Yin LamLecturer 
Dr LEE Yu WeiLecturer 
Dr Geraldine LEE Hwee PingLecturer 
Dr LEE May Ping (Samantha)Lecturer 
Dr LEE Meijuan DawnLecturer 
Dr LEE Mun TuckLecturer 
Dr LEE Phong TeckLecturer 
Dr LEE Shan Yin AudryLecturer 
Dr LEE Shu-Yi GabrielleLecturer 
​Dr LEE Wai Ching Deanna​Lecturer 
​Dr LEE Wan Sian​​Lecturer 
Dr LEE Wei FengLecturer 
Dr LEE Yao ZongLecturer 
​Dr LEE York TienLecturer 
​Dr LEE Yue Yen​Lecturer 
​Dr LEE Zhen Xi Joel​Lecturer 
​Dr LEONG Chui Ling Cindy​Lecturer 
Dr LI Weiquan JamesLecturer 
Dr LI WeishanLecturer 
Dr LI Xiangzhen FayLecturer 
​Dr LIANG Fueng Hin Raymond​Lecturer 
​Dr LIANG Weiting Michelle ​Lecturer 
Dr Benjamin LIANG ZhirenLecturer 
Dr LIM Choong Yan (Grace)​Lecturer 
Dr LIM Chun Yih PaulLecturer 
Dr Sheri LIM Ee-LinLecturer 
​Dr LIM Ee Wei​Lecturer 
Dr Vanessa Ziying LIM​Lecturer 
Dr LIM Hwee YingLecturer 
Dr LIM Jia HaoLecturer 
Dr LIM Hua Liang JoelLecturer 
Dr LIM Li Yi AmandaLecturer 
​Dr LIM Shanhui Gillian​Lecturer 
​Dr ​LIM Sze Wern​Lecturer 
Dr LIM Wei KhoonLecturer 
Dr LIN XulingLecturer 
Dr LIN JinlinLecturer 
Dr LIU ChangweiLecturer 
​Dr LIU Huimin​Lecturer 
Dr LIU Wei Yang ChristopherLecturer 
Dr LIEW Jun WenLecturer 
​Dr LOH Cheng Lecturer  
Dr LOH WenyinLecturer 
Dr LOH Xingyuan Julian KenrickLecturer 
Dr LOO Kai Guo BennyLecturer 
Dr LOR Kah Ho KelvinLecturer  
Dr LOW Bao Bei KellyLecturer 
Dr LOW Hsien MinLecturer  
Dr LOW Kang YihLecturer 
Dr Anitha MADAYILecturer 
Dr MAHENDRAN AbiramyLecturer 
Dr Bakthavatsalu MAHESHWARLecturer  
​Dr Vicknesan Jeyan MARIMUTTULecturer 
​Dr Sandra Sylvia MASCARENHAS ​Lecturer 
Dr MOK Chi WeiLecturer 
Dr MUCHELI Sharavan SadasivLecturer 
Dr Gayathri Devi D/O NADARAJANLecturer 
Dr Karen Donceras NADUALecturer 
Dr Valliammai D/O NALLAKARUPPANLecturer 
Dr Kaavya NARASIMHALU Lecturer 
Dr NG Gee JinLecturer 
Dr NG Hui WenLecturer 
​Dr NG Kok Pin​Lecturer 
Dr NG Shao Hui AllanLecturer 
​Dr NG Wei Xiang​Lecturer 
Dr NG Xiao TingLecturer 
Dr Annalisa NG Ya-LynLecturer 
​Dr NGASERIN Ng Hui Na Sabrina​Lecturer 
Dr Alvin NGEOW Jia HaoLecturer 
Dr NIEH Chih MingLecturer 
​Dr ODATTIL Geetha Lecturer  
Dr OUYANG HongyueLecturer  
Dr ONG Boon HeanLecturer 
Dr ONG Jun YanLecturer 
Dr ONG Han LimLecturer 
Dr ONG Li MingLecturer  
Dr ONG Shi WeiLecturer  
Dr ONG Sin HweeLecturer  
Dr ON ToddLecturer  
Dr OON Li KeatLecturer  
Dr Mon Mon OOLecturer 
Dr Sundaram PALANIAPPANLecturer  
Dr PANG Yee HauLecturer 
Dr PANG Yi Kit PhilipLecturer 
Dr PANG Yu ZhiLecturer 
Dr PARK Joon JaeLecturer 
Dr Nimeshi Sanjila PEIRISLecturer 
Dr PANG Yuan Chin AudreyLecturer 
​Dr PENG Wei Zhen Evelyn​Lecturer 
​Dr POON Zhimin​Lecturer 
Dr QI Maili​Lecturer 
Dr QUAH Li Juan JoyLecturer 
​Dr QUAH Yan Ling​Lecturer 
​Dr QUEK Yong Jing Daniel​​Lecturer 
Dr QUEK Zhi HanLecturer 
Dr Rathi D/O RATHA KRISHNANLecturer 
Dr Shilpee RATURILecturer 
Dr Sudipta ROY CHOWDHURYLecturer 
Dr RUAN WenLecturer 
​Dr SALEEM AHMED Abdul Kareen​Lecturer 
Dr Christopher SEET Ying HaoLecturer 
Dr SENG Su-Fern Michaela Lecturer​ 
Dr SEET Meei JiunLecturer​ 
Dr SHAHUL HAMEED Mohamed SirajLecturer 
Dr SHEN Jia YiLecturer 
Dr SHEN YuzengLecturer 
Dr SHI Jia-Yi ClarisLecturer​ 
​Dr SHUM Cheuk FanLecturer 
​Dr SIEW Jo Keow Lecturer  
​Dr SIEW Ching Hsia Caroline​Lecturer 
Dr SIEW Yoi Tye GabrielLecturer 
Dr SIM Sai ZhenLecturer 
​Dr SIM Wenyuan Lecturer  
Dr SIM Wen ShanLecturer  
Dr SIOW Wei MingLecturer  
​Dr SIVARAJ Gunasekaran​Lecturer 
Dr SOH Keng ChuanLecturer 
Dr SREEDHARAN Aravind VenkateshLecturer 
Dr SU PeiqiLecturer 
Dr Su SULecturer 
Dr Sharline D/O SUHUMARANLecturer 
Dr Muhammad Nursuhairi Bin SUMARNILecturer 
​Dr TAN Aik Khien Victor​Lecturer 
Dr TAN Ming Ngan AloysiusLecturer 
​Dr TAN Bo Chuan​Lecturer 
Dr Geoffrey TAN Chern-YeeLecturer 
Dr TAN Dihao KeithLecturer 
​Dr TAN Feng Ling Grace​Lecturer 
Dr TAN Guan HaoLecturer 
Dr TAN Hui Yin JessicaLecturer 
Dr Ilka TANLecturer 
Dr TAN Xiu LingLecturer 
Dr TAN Keng Wein JeanetteLecturer 
Dr TAN Liling Lynette​Lecturer 
Dr TAN Ming Ren RonaldLecturer 
​Dr TAN Ming Yuan​Lecturer 
Dr Joanne TAN Mui Ching​Lecturer 
​Dr TAN Sern Ting Eugene​Lecturer 
​Dr TAN Siyun Lucinda​Lecturer 
Dr TAN Soon Heng TerryLecturer 
​Dr TAN Yee Leng Lecturer​ 
Dr TAN Yi HuaLecturer 
Dr TAN You JiangLecturer 
Dr TAN Voon Shiong, RonnieLecturer 
Dr TAN Xian-Ting ChristelleLecturer 
​Dr TANG Ee Ling SereneLecturer​ 
Dr TANG Jun HanLecturer​ 
Dr TANG Zhi HaoLecturer​ 
Dr Raymond Reinaldo TANUGROHOLecturer​ 
​Dr TAY Ghim Hoon Ellen ​Lecturer 
Dr TEH Kai Liang​Lecturer 
​Dr David TENG​Lecturer 
​Dr TENG Sung Shin​Lecturer 
​Dr TEO Han Jie​​Lecturer 
Dr TEO Loon Yee LouisLecturer 
Dr TEO Tess LinLecturer 
Dr Serene THAIN Pei TingLecturer 
Dr Jeevan Raaj S/O S. THANGAYAHLecturer 
​Dr THAM Huilian Carol Lecturer​ 
Dr THAM Kah YeeLecturer​ 
Dr THAM Yumin Audrey​Lecturer 
Dr THNG Zheng Xian​Lecturer 
Dr TIEN Chih Hui, MelissaLecturer 
Dr Raj Vikesh TIWARILecturer 
​Dr TOH Bin Chet​Lecturer 
Dr TONG Pei YeinLecturer 
Dr TONG Wing YeeLecturer 
Dr TOON Dong HaoLecturer 
​Dr Kabir TOUSIF​Lecturer​ 
Dr Jonathen VENKATACHALAMLecturer​ 
Dr Guadalupe Cara Jimenez VIEGELMANNLecturer 
Dr VORA Shrenik JitendrakumarLecturer 
Dr WAN Paul WengLecturer 
Dr WANG DingyuanLecturer 
Dr WANG JunjieLecturer 
Dr WANG Yi LiangLecturer 
​Dr WANG Zhongkai​Lecturer
Dr WEE Wei Yi LynetteLecturer 
​Dr WENG Yanyi​Lecturer 
Dr WONG Chin JungLecturer 
Dr WONG NingyanLecturer 
​Dr WONG Shi Hui Junice​Lecturer 
Dr WONG Yu Jun EugeneLecturer 
​Dr XU ZheyuLecturer 
Dr YAN LiminLecturer 
​Dr YANG JinghuiLecturer 
Dr YAM Wai LoonLecturer 
Dr YAP Jia Ying CelesteLecturer 
Dr YEE SzemenLecturer 
​Dr YEO Koon Wee Benson​Lecturer
Dr YEO Li FangLecturer 
​Dr YEO Xue Wei Danson​Lecturer
​Dr YEOW SiyingLecturer
Dr YING JiangboLecturer 
​Dr YIP Wai YanLecturer
Dr YIP Swee LinLecturer 
​Dr YONG Kok Pin​Lecturer
Dr YONG Ming HuiLecturer 
Dr YONG EnmingLecturer 
​Dr ZHANG Jia Jia Mandy ​Lecturer 
Dr ZHANG Yuan HelenLecturer 
Dr ZHANG Zhewei DyanLecturer 
Dr ZHAO Yi Jing
Dr ZHAO ZhenruLecturer 
Dr ZHENG ShushanLecturer 
Dr ZHU LingLecturer