Published on 13 Oct 2023

Institute of Physics Singapore (IPS) Meeting 2023

Pierre Brosseau | PhD student (IGP Collaborative Initiative, NTU)

The Institute of Physics Singapore (IPS) Meeting 2023, was hosted at the National University of Singapore (NUS) in the newly opened Medicine+Science Library, bringing together over 500 researchers and scientists from across Singapore and beyond. This yearly gathering aimed to bring the physics community together for collaboration, sharing knowledge, and networking. It focused on promoting integrity, diversity, and inclusion and featured a variety of engaging activities like plenary talks, technical sessions, poster presentations, and opportunities to connect with exhibitors. 

The IPS Meeting 2023 featured an extensive technical program comprising 24 sessions, with a record-breaking 116 keynote, invited, and contributed talks. Researchers had the opportunity to present their work, share their findings, and engage in discussions on various research topics. The event commenced with an array of insightful plenary talks spanning a diverse array of subjects. These talks featured distinguished scientists who shared their expertise and insights with the audience. Notable highlights included:

  • Prof Giovanni Vignale of the Institute for Functional Intelligent Materials enlightened the audience with his research on "Undergap Currents and the Anomalous Hall Effects," shedding light on the latest research in materials science.
  • Prof Silvija Gradecak, from the Materials Science and Engineering department at NUS, discussed the evolution of nanomaterials from research settings to real-world utility in her talk "Quo Vadis, Nanomaterials".
  • Assoc Prof  David Wilkowski from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) unveiled the concept of artificial gauge fields, showcasing their applications from geometric qubits to Ramsey interferometry.
  • Dr Zhu Di, representing A*STAR, shared insights on "Scalable Single-Photon Technologies for Quantum Information Processing," emphasising the importance of the single-photon detector in the quantum information sector.
  • Asst Prof Nelly Ng of NTU delved into the intersection of catalysis and quantum information theory in her talk "Catalysis in Quantum Information Theory".
  • Prof  Xavier Garbet of NTU shared insights on nuclear fusion, emphasising its promising potential as a future energy reservoir.

[Left] Assoc Prof David Wilkowski discussing ultracold atoms’ platforms as simulators in quantum physics. [Right] Asst Prof Burçin Mutlu-Pakdil during a virtual talk about the search for the faintest galaxies, highlighting outreach programs and fostering diversity in physics.

In the session by EDIphy NUS on promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion within the physics community, renowned astrophysicist Asst Prof Burçin Mutlu-Pakdil from Dartmouth College shared her insights on the importance of fostering diversity in physics.

The poster session, a central component of the event, allowed researchers to showcase their work and interact directly with peers. A special "Rapid Fire Poster Pitch" session enabled presenters to provide concise teasers of their posters to the audience. The session culminated in a networking event with pizza and drinks.

The IPS awards ceremony celebrated outstanding contributions to physics. These awards recognised excellence and innovation within the local physics community, encouraging younger members to strive for success in their physics pursuits. The awards honoured excellent physicists and teachers, as well as best posters presenters.

[Top] Researchers and students presenting their posters, and explaining the intricacies of their work, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration.  

[Bottom Left]  Prof Christian Kurtsiefer (IPS) with Best Poster Award winner Filippo Martinelli (NTU).  [Right] Mrs Elaine Lui (Anglo-Chinese School Independent) was the proud winner of the Outstanding Physics Teacher award.

The success of the IPS Meeting 2023 was made possible through the support of institutional partners, including the Department of Physics and the Department of Materials Sciences at NUS, the School of Physics and Applied Physics at NTU, and various research centers. The event also received support from the Quantum Engineering Programme, the Institute of Advanced Studies at NTU, and A*STAR. The presence of exhibitors like IOP Publishing, Optosigma SEA, World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd, Rhode & Schwarz, and Laser 21 Pte Ltd added significant value to the event, providing attendees with insights into the latest technologies, products, and services relevant to their research.

The IPS Meeting 2023 as a remarkable gathering of physicists, researchers, and scientists. It served as a platform for the exchange of knowledge, the promotion of diversity and inclusion, and the celebration of outstanding achievements in the field of physics. As participants return to their respective institutions and research endeavors, they carry with them new ideas, collaborations, and inspirations, ensuring a successful year of research in physical sciences ahead.