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The Institute of Advanced Studies @ NTU (IAS) provides an interactive catalytic platform for scholars in the pursuit of enduring knowledge and research excellence. IAS establishes strong relationships with outstanding international and local academic leaders from diverse backgrounds to facilitate ideas exchange and to forge research collaborations. IAS transcends disciplinary boundaries, catalyses high-impact research, and inspires a new generation of scientists to become leaders in science and technology on the world stage.

Research and Education

Committed to promoting research excellence, the Institute catalyses and communicates cutting-edge and groundbreaking science and mathematics studies by the university research community through the organisation of high level conferences, workshops, seminars and distinguished lecture series etc.  It hosts outstanding international scientists, promising young visiting scholars and postdoc fellows to work with NTU Faculty for collaborative research and scholarly output.

On the education side, IAS@NTU has inspired youths through its activities that allow students to interact face-to-face with eminent scientists and scholars from around the world, so as to develop a better understanding of research, innovation and impact that not only pushes the frontiers of knowledge and discovery, but also creates opportunities that bring benefits to the economy and society. In particular, IAS has co-organised the “Annual International Science Youth Forum (ISYF) With Nobel Laureates and Eminent Scientists” with Hwa Chong Institution since 2009.

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