Special Acknowledgement to Lee Foundation

for the Lee Kong Chian Endowment Fund to support the work and outreach of Nobel Laureates so as to inspire and nurture the insights of our students and faculty. The Nobel Laureates and other distinguished visitors of similar standing who visited IAS NTU are appointed as “Lee Kong Chian Distinguished Professors”.

They have been a great source of inspiration for the NTU community and have also helped to raise NTU’s visibility across the globe.

Comments from Guests and Students

Although my stay at NTU was very short, I learned much from the conference about the recent advancement of synthesis and catalysis. Furthermore, the motivation of your younger generation was impressive.

Nobel Laureate Prof Ryoji Noyori (Plenary speaker of the Nanyang Research Conference on Synthetic Chemistry & Catalysis, January 2020)

A high level program, I enjoyed every minute and the discussions with colleagues and students. The Nobel public lecture event with Noyori and myself was also a memorable experience for me personally. Thanks for the honours and the great hospitality at NTU and Singapore.

Nobel Laureate Prof Ben Feringa (Plenary speaker of the Nanyang Research Conference on Synthetic Chemistry & Catalysis, January 2020)

The Synthetic Chemistry and Catalysis Conference was a highly enriching experience. We had the chance to attend lectures about some of the most interesting scientific topics nowadays, and to know different fields within chemistry. The honour to attend the Nobel Laureate lectures of Prof Ben Feringa and Prof Ryoji Noyori, and to interact and talk with them, provided students and staff an extraordinary motivation and drive to keep pushing the border of scientific knowledge.

Dr Felix Leon Garcia (Research Fellow, NTU School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences, Jan 2020)
IAS NTU Richard Feynman Exhibition

It is heartening to see that the ArtScience Museum has been inspired by Feynman’s way of thinking and has creatively paired scientific concepts with contemporary artworks at this exhibition, so that the artworks can help to make his abstract scientific concepts relevant and accessible by the public… I thank the ArtScience Museum, NTU and the Nobel Museum once again for their efforts in organising these events for Singaporeans and the scientific minds among us to benefit from the legacy of this great figure.

Minister Heng Swee Keat (Guest of Honour of the Centennial Feynman Exhibition jointly organised by the ArtScience Museum, IAS NTU and the Nobel Museum, October 2018)

We are impressed by the Feynman centennial exhibition contents that convey concepts about pathways in life. It allows students to reflect and/or align one’s professional path with a meaning goal. At the same time, not forgetting one’s personal life and passion (e.g. music etc). Some of the displays and also the artworks of the artists excite our senses too. Of course, not all of us agreed with how the artists interpreted the topic. I certainly hope the trip give their brains a little boost.

Prof Jesvin Yeo (NTU School of Art, Design and Media, January 2019)

My participation in the Polyelectrolytes workshop was a rewarding experience, not only to my research but also to my academic career. As a third year PhD student, the contact with eminent researchers allowed me to witness the outstanding work developed in their laboratories, and the invaluable exposure and experience to present and discuss my work to the members of the research community. Additionally, I was awarded the second prize for the best student poster.

Rui Goncalves (NTU School of Materials Science and Engineering, March 2018)

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