Future Mobility Solutions

Singapore, like other city-state nations has some key challenges to overcome for us to achieve a long-term sustainable society. The aging population, manpower constraints, and limited geography are some of these. To keep the momentum of continuous growth and competitiveness, the government is slowly moving towards Electrification, digitalisation, and automation. Two major areas that will have a major impact are public transportation and power grids. Public transport is being revamped through technologies and models directed towards future mobility solutions whereas a comprehensive program that designs the next generation of grids has been launched as well.

ERI@N’s Future Mobility Solutions (FMS) group focuses designing and developing EVs & AVs, Fleet level test-bedding, and System-level that studies and analyses concepts for mass deployment. The team also supports the government’s vision of a car-lite society with the Centre of Excellence for Testing and Research of Autonomous Vehicles (CETRAN). Supported by the Land Transport Authority of Singapore, the CETRAN project addresses the development of technical standards and testing requirements for Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) to enable the deployment of AVs on public roads.

For more information or opportunities for collaboration for AVs & CETRAN, please contact Mr Niels de Boer at [email protected]

For more information or opportunities for collaboration for AVs & Electro-mobility, please contact Dr Anshuman Tripathi at [email protected]