PhD Scholarships

ERI@N a global centre of excellence in advanced research aimed at improving efficiency of current energy systems while maximizing synergistic effects of alternative energy sources. ERI@N develops and maintains world class research programmes that foster a multidisciplinary environment for PhD candidates to make scientific breakthroughs for the future.

ERI@N engages in multi-disciplinary Clean Energy Research projects with focus on translation of research outcomes to industry applications.

The Institute invites outstanding candidate interested in research to apply for our PhD Scholarships.

There are 2 intakes per year (January and August). For January and August admissions, the deadlines for applications are 31st July and 31st January respectively.

You are eligible for this scholarship if you are a local or international student seeking admission as a full-time candidate pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programme by research at NTU.

Scholarship Schemes
Admission Requirements

Application Procedure
To apply via NTU's online portal at:
Under the section "Programme Code/Name", select "[IGPB] Doctor of Philosophy (IGS-Sustainable Earth) ERI@N".
Under the section "Research Scholarship", please select "NTU RESEARCH SCHOLARSHIP".