Internship for local institutions

ERI@N regularly hosts students from NTU and local Polytechnics for internships. Students pursuing their Professional Attachment or Internship (a requirement as part of their 3rd year University curriculum) spend up to 6 months at ERI@N and participate in Industry research projects.

Overseas Internships

In addition to a substantial active PhD programme, ERI@N is inviting Master and Engineering students from overseas, Europe in particular for doing research internships. Second year Master students from European Universities or Engineering Schools are being invited to undertake a six to eight months research project in one of ERI@N’s joint research lab or with industry partners under the dual supervision of a NTU’s professor and the faculty, Senior researcher or engineer from the hosting laboratory. Leveraging collaborations with French Universities and Engineering Schools, German and other prominent European Universities, the internship is starting well with already completed internships by half a dozen students on advanced research topics such as smart grids, energy storage, electric mobility and photovoltaics.

To find out more on NTU's internship programmes, please email at [email protected].