Published on 13 Jul 2023

Connected Smart Mobility (COSMO) Showcase 2023


The Connected Smart Mobility (COSMO) Public Showcase took place today at the Research Techno Plaza with the sharing and demonstrations of eight trailblazing projects. The event also featured two opening keynote addresses: Dr. Chin Kian Keong, Advisor of ITS Singapore & Co-Chair of ITS (Standards) Technical Committee spoke on "Connected Mobility and Transport Strategies.” Assoc Prof Tay Wee Peng then gave an overview of the COSMO Programme.


“Our COSMO team, consisting of four R&D tracks with eight work packages, is leading the way in delivering a comprehensive set of technologies, solutions, and best-of-breed use cases for V2X mobility. This event is a valuable opportunity for all participants to learn about the frontiers of our research and the future potential of smart mobility,” said Assoc Prof Tay, who is also Lead Principal Investigator for the COSMO Programme.

Speakers from collab partners PTV Group, Autonomous a2z, CarUX and NI were on hand to share their expertise and others like Black Sesame Technologies and ETTIFOS were present at their booths on site.