NTU EEE 40th Anniversary Celebratory Event

Poster for EEEAA Webinar by Jim Lim Dec21
29 Dec 2021 10.00 AM - 11.00 AM Virtual Alumni
Organised by:
May Lim

With connectivity at the heart of industry transformation, 5G systems have a significant role to play – not just in the evolution of communication but in the revolution of business and society. Its ability to connect more devices and offer real-time feedback is expected to ignite major changes in how we live and work, ushering in new advances like self-driving cars to augmented reality experiences. A whole new innovation ecosystem will grow and benefit businesses, consumers, and entrepreneurs as new large opportunities emerge from 5G.

In this webinar series, jointly organised by the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering and NTU School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering Alumni Association (EEEAA), the speaker will highlight the impact of 5G technology, what are the known use cases, and how it will transform different industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, education, retail, logistics, entertainment, education, and more.

So why wait? Join us at NTU EEE 40th Celebratory Event and register your interest with us by 26 December 2021. We hope to see you soon. 

About the speaker

Jim Lim

Mr Jim Lim Shien Min
EEE/Class of 1999
Founder and CSO, 59stVentures
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About the Moderator

Prof Er Meng Hwa

Prof Er Meng Hwa
Chairman, EEE Alumni Engagement Committee
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