Faculty Awards

The faculty members of the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering have received the following awards in recognition of their achievement in research, education and services.

International Fellowships and Awards


The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. IEEE Fellow is a distinction reserved for select IEEE members whose extraordinary accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest are deemed fitting of this prestigious grade elevation.
Prof Tan Chuan Seng IEEE Fellow2022
Assoc Prof Jiang XudongIEEE Fellow2021
Prof Wang DanweiIEEE Fellow2021
Prof Hilmi Volkan DemirIEEE Fellow2021

The Optical Society is a scientific society dedicated to advancing the study of light. Fellows of The Optical Society fellows are members who have served with distinction in the advancement of optics and photonics.
Prof Hilmi Volkan DemirThe Optical Society Fellow2020
Prof Wang QijieThe Optical Society Fellow2020

Academy of Engineering Singapore Fellows are elected through a rigorous peer-review process that evaluates individuals on the basis of their stellar leadership and career achievements in the field of engineering across all disciplines.
Prof Liu AiqunAcademy of Engineering Singapore Fellow2022
Prof Xie LihuaAcademy of Engineering Singapore Fellow2020


Assoc Prof Ponnuthurai Nagarathnam Suganthan IEEE CIS Distinguished Lecturer Award2021
Prof Zhang QingIEEE Distinguished Lecturer Award2020

Prof Zhang Yue PingDistinguished Lecturer, IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society 2021

Prof Zhang Yue PingIEEE Antennas and Propagation Society John Kraus Antenna Award (World's Highest Technical Award in the Field of Antennas)2020

The Clarivate Global Highly Cited Researchers Award is an annual list determines the world’s top one per cent of researchers through a comprehensive data analysis, based on the number of highly cited papers researchers produce over an 11-year period.
Prof Wen ChangyunClarivate Global Highly Cited Researchers Award2021
Prof Tang DingyuanClarivate Global Highly Cited Researchers Award2021
Assoc Prof Ponnuthurai Nagarathnam SuganthanClarivate Global Highly Cited Researchers Award2021
Prof Xie LihuaClarivate Global Highly Cited Researchers Award2020

The William D. Ashman - John A. Wagnon Technical Achievement Award is given to a member of the society who has made outstanding technical contributions to the microelectronics packaging industry, while participating and demonstrating support of activities to enhance the profession as a member.
Prof Tan Chuan SengWilliam D. Ashman - John A. Wagnon Technical Achievement Award International Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging Society (IMAPS)2020

Prof Wen ChangyunCo-Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 2020


Nanyang Education Awards

The Nanyang Education Award is the highest honour conferred by the University to faculty members for teaching. The Award recognises the dedication and achievements of faculty members who demonstrate outstanding and innovative teaching and enrich the learning experiences of NTU undergraduates and NIE Trainee Teachers.


Nanyang Education Award (University)

Dr Shao Xuguang MichelleNanyang Education Award (Silver)2020


Nanyang Education Award (College)

Assoc Prof Andy Khong Wai HoongNanyang Education Award


Nanyang Education Award (School)

Assoc Prof Siek LiterNanyang Education Award
Dr Foo Yi Shyh EddySchool of Electrical and Electronic Engineering2020



National Day Awards

The National Day Awards recognise faculty on their contributions to education in Singapore and their dedicated service to the University.
Dr Foo Yi Shyh EddyCommendation Medal2022
Prof Zhang QingLong Service Medal2022
Assoc Prof Chang Chip Hong, Long Service Medal2022
Assoc Prof Wang HongLong Service Medal2022
Assoc Prof RusliLong Service Medal2022
Assoc Prof Chen LihuiLong Service Medal2022
Assoc Prof Chan Pak KwongLong Service Medal2022

College of Engineering Awards

COE Research Award recognises College of Engineering faculty’s trailblazing research in NTU in the past 3 years.
Prof Wang QijieWinner2022

COE Industrial Excellence Award recognises College of Engineering faculty who are successful in building effective and synergistic working collaborations with industry partners.
Assoc Prof Zheng YuanjinSpecial Mention2022

COE Innovator (Entrepreneurship) Award recognises College of Engineering faculty who have achieved exemplary success in their entrepreneurial pursuits.
Prof Joseph ChangRunner-Up2022

COE Research – Young Faculty Award recognises rising stars in the College of Engineering.
Asst Prof Chen Yu-ChengWinner2022

EEE Awards

Prof Er Meng HwaEEE Teaching Excellence Awards2021
Dr Shao Xuguang, MichelleEEE Teaching Excellence Awards2021
Asst Prof Christopher H. T. LeeEEE Teaching Excellence Awards2021
Prof Cheng Tee HiangEEE Teaching Excellence Awards2020
Asst Prof Donguk NamEEE Teaching Excellence Awards2020
Assoc Prof Soh Cheong BoonEEE Teaching Excellence Awards2020

Assoc Prof Teh Kah ChanArea Lead (Teaching) Award, Information and Communication Engineering 2020

Assoc Prof John Chan Chok YouArea Lead (Teaching) Award, Electrical and Control Engineering Award2020

Assoc Prof K. RadhakrishnanArea Lead (Teaching) Award, Electronic Engineering2020

Prof Xie Lihua Exceptional Leadership and Service Contribution Award 2020

Prof Koh Soo NgeeExemplary Leadership and Service Contribution Award2020