Research Highlights

Navigating contradictory logics in the field of luxury retailing

Jean-Baptiste Welté, Julien Cayla & Eileen Fischer - Journal of Retailing

hybrid strategy will luxury retailers adapt to a changing luxury market. In this paper, we explore the implications of multiple logics influencing this field, focusing particularly on logics coming into tension with one another.

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The intimacy trap: Navigating the commercial friendships of luxury

Jean-Baptiste Welté, Julien Cayla & Bernard Covac - Journal of Business Research

Commercial friendships in luxury can lead to the intimacy trap – a relationship where customers take advantage of their intimacy with salespeople. In this study, we propose some pathways to help salespeople manage these critical relationships and to avoid the intimacy trap. 

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Spiky sounds sparkling: How voiceless consonants present in the brand name of a beverage are more appropriate in conveying its carbonation strength

Abhishek Pathak, Kosuke Motoki, Monin Techawachiraku & Gemma Anne Calvert - Food Quality and Preference 

This research shows that "spiky" speech sounds embedded in a brand name increase the expected level of carbonation in carbonated soft drinks.

Sizes are gendered: The effect of size cues in brand names on brand stereotyping

Kuangjie Zhang, Shaobo (Kevin) Li & Sharon Ng -  Journal of Consumer Research

This research examines how a brand name size cue (e.g., Xiaomi, Mini Cooper, Giant) evokes gender associations, which subsequently affect consumers’ perception of the brand.

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