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Styles of Regulators: Evidence from the SEC's Comment Letters

Truc Do & Huai Zhang - Contemporary Accounting Research
In this paper, we investigate whether individual securities regulators exhibit personal styles in their work, a question of importance to corporate executives and capital market participants. Using the SEC's comment letters as our setting, our findings show that SEC staff members exhibit unique personal styles.

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Supply chain performance with target-oriented firms

Lucy Gongtao Chen & Qinshen Tang - Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

This research finds that a firm, be it a supplier or a retailer, is always hurt by its target-based preference but can benefit from its trading partner’s target-based preference. However, since the target-based preference can be exploited by the trading partner, the firm should adopt the target-oriented decision criterion with caution.

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A Turning Point? After decades of declines, inflation and interest rates may be on the uptrend 

Joseph Cherian & Yougesh Khatri - Asia Asset Management 

This paper considers the prospects for turning or inflexion points in inflation and interest rates after decades of declines. The substantial implications of such turning points for portfolios warrant serious consideration of the investment options open to asset managers. Inflation-protected securities, convertibles, and real estate may fit the bill.

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Shared Cognition, Coordination and Enterprise Architecting Effectiveness

J. Alberto Espinosa, Frank Armour & Boh Wai Fong -  IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
This study investigates how explicit (behavioural) and implicit (cognitive) coordination influence enterprise architecting effectiveness.

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Experiential and active learning handbook for management and organisation

Kumaran Rajaram, Ching Kwock Wing & Richard Chua - McGraw-Hill

The handbook comprises contemporary case-studies and learning activities to enable readers to think critically and apply the learned concepts from a practice-oriented aspect.

Supporting interdependent telework employees: A moderated-mediation model linking daily COVID-19 task setbacks to next-day work withdrawal

Chong Sinhui, Yi Huang, & Chang Chu-Hsiang Daisy - Journal of Applied Psychology

COVID-19 creates daily task setbacks that exhaust work-from-home staff. Companies can offer appropriate telework task support to sustain motivation.

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Growth or profit? Strategic orientations and long-term performance in China

Nan Zhou & Seung Ho Park - Strategic Management Journal

The paper examines this question in emerging markets, where firms could easily find growth opportunities but blindly pursuing growth without sufficient managerial capabilities. The study provides valuable insights on managing these goals for long-term profitable growth.

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