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Digital Multisided Platforms and Women’s Health: An Empirical Analysis of Peer-to-Peer Lending and Abortion Rates 

GT Ozer, Brad Greenwood & Anandasivam Gopal - Information Systems Research
Digital multisided platforms and peer-to-peer marketplaces are increasingly attracting attention from scholars, with a significant amount of work examining their societal implications. We investigate how peer-to-peer lending services help people access healthcare that is otherwise stigmatised and sensitive such as abortions.

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Habit and Automaticity in Medical Alert Override: Cohort Study

Le Wang, Kim Huat Goh, Adrian Yeow, Hermione Poh, Ke Li, Joannas Jie Lin Yeow, Gamaliel Tan & Christina Soh - Journal of Medical Internet Research

Prior literature suggests that alert dismissal in physicians could be linked to habits and automaticity. The evidence for this perspective has been mainly observational data. This study uses log data from an electronic medical records system to empirically validate this perspective and to quantify the association between habit and alert dismissal.

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Machine learning models for debt management

Desi Arisandi, Pearpilai Jutasompakorn, Junaitha Gaffoor & Lim Chu Yeong - ISCA Journal

The authors explain the process of applying machine learning in consumer debt management, to monitor probabilities of debt repayment, and to reduce default rates.

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Investigating electronic word‐of‐mouth on social media: An eye‐tracking approach 

Kang Yang Trevor Yu, Kim Huat Goh & Shota Kawasaki - Human Resource Management

This research investigates how individuals process electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM) information about jobs and employers on social media, providing insights into the cognitive processing of employers’ online profiles, and its implications for job search, recruitment, and employer branding.

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When agile means staying: Examining the relationship between agile development usage and individual IT professional outcomes

Tenace Setor & Damien Joseph - Journal of Computer Information Systems

Agile development methods increase IT job satisfaction, which retains coders within the firm. However, this effect is stronger in smaller firms than in larger firms.

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Negative outcomes of ICT use at work: meta-analytic evidence and the role of job autonomy

Hadi Karimikia, Harminder Singh & Damien Joseph - Internet research

An meta-analysis of 52 studies on the negative impacts of ICT use among individuals unexpectedly finds that job autonomy exacerbates the negative outcomes of ICT use.

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