Research Highlights

Decision-Making in a D-VUCAD World

Dr Koh Cheng Boon - SID Directors Bulletin

In an increasingly disruptive, volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous, and diverse (D-VUCAD) environment, leaders need to embrace decentralised decision-making.

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Does Board Demographic Diversity Enhance Cognitive Diversity and Monitoring? 

Jun-Koo Kang, Seil Kim & Seungjoon Oh - The Accounting Review

Directors and boards with diverse qualifications enhance board cognitive diversity, which increases firm value by rejecting value-reducing proposals.

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Empathic organizational culture and leadership: conceptualizing the framework

Vishal Arghode, Ann Lathan, Meera Alagaraja, Kumaran Rajaram & Gary N. McLean - European Journal of Training and Development

This paper aims to conceptualize and discuss empathic organizational culture and leadership along with organizational implications.

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Elevate leaders’ operating systems to navigate disruptive conditions 

Kumaran Rajaram & Rayan Gottfredson - Association for Talent Development, United States

This research article demonstrates how one can improve his/her leaders’ ability to navigate disruptive conditions through vertical development.

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